How To Stop Shoe Heels From Wearing Down?




Why Do Heels Of My Shoe Wear Down

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Shoes need protection, whether heel or flats, when you take care of your shoes, they will last longer. The most important thing is to cover the bottom of your shoe and avoid wearing a single pair of shoes all the time.

If you love wearing heels, learn to balance, wear flat shoes sometimes to avoid harming yourself, especially your back. Your shoes should also be kept clean and safe from water.

Heels do wear out and if it happens to your shoe, worry less because heels can be replaced, lowered and even raised to your desired height.

As for ladies who love flat shoes, try raising them sometimes to a moderate height. You might love them, who knows, heeled shoes are great and makes you look attractive.

How To Stop Shoe Heels From Wearing Down

How To Stop Shoe Heels From Wearing Down?

You can easily get tired when your heels wear out within a short period of time. But the best part is you can make your heels last longer by stopping them from wearing down easily.

Heels normally wear down, in case your heels wear down, don’t panic because it’s normal, but good heels should not wear down at an alarming rate.

Friction is what causes heels to wear down, however, it’s good to have shoes that can serve you for a long period of time. Ensure to invest in quality shoes and to do this you should look for the following types of shoes.

To stop heels from wearing down, you should do the following things, they help your shoe last longer. Some of the things you need to know about heels and flats are all discussed here, after going through this article, you won’t be having a lot of problems with the two types of shoes.

Buy sole protectors

It is one of the easiest ways to stop your heels from wearing down quickly. They can fit any kind of shoe because you simply cut to fit the shape of your shoe. The best thing is you can fix it easily without any need of hiring a professional.

Rotate your shoes

If you want to stop your shoes from wearing out, consider rotating them, don’t wear one shoe over and over again. Even if you love the pair of shoes, you have no option but to rotate them, avoid wearing shoes for two days in a row.

Put rubber taps on your shoes

You can put rubber taps yourself or take them to show repairers to help you. Heel tops are used to cover your shoes, thus protecting them from wearing out easily.

Why Do Heels Of My Shoe Wear Down?

Your heels can wear out because of so many reasons that are discussed below. If you happen to heels that wear out easily, you should avoid doing some things for them to last longer. Below are some of the reasons why your heels wear out faster.

Walking style

The way you walk can affect your shoes and in that case, what matters is how your foot hits the ground. Some people have a balanced foot strike when walking, while others are not.

Those who do not have a balanced strike tend to put too much pressure from the inside when walking and this is known as pronation. Others put too much pressure outwards and it’s known as supination.

If you realize that most of your heels wear faster, it could be because of the too much pressure exerted on the outside. For your shoe heel to last longer, learn to walk with more inward pressure rather than outward.

How Do I Protect The Bottom Of My Shoe?

Most of the shoe heels wear out quickly because you wear them regularly, you do not take good care of them, or your walking style could be the cause. However, you can protect the bottom of your shoes from wearing out through the following ways.

Use heel guards

Heel guards are meant to protect shoe heels from wear and tear, if you notice scratches at the bottom of your shoes, consider buying a protector and wrap it well around the shoe heel to help keep your heel safe from damage.

Use protectant sprays

Protectant sprays are good and safe for any pair of new shoes, spray your shoe with a stain repellant and water. This is mostly used on suede and leather shoes, the major role that a protectant spray plays is it ensures that your shoe is clean and free from damage of water.

Heel caps can be added

If you are planning to stroll outside, make sure that your shoe doesn’t sink into grass because it can get dirty or scratched by sand. If the original caps that come with the heels wear out faster, you can replace them with new ones.

Stuff with charcoal pouches

People living in humid areas need this because the place is wet and your shoe can start smelling. Place Charcoal pouches inside your shoes to prevent any moisture from being absorbed.

Fix sole guards

Some guards protect your heel from wearing out, if your shoe is colored iris a leather type, you should fix a sole guard before spinning them.

Why Do Heels Of My Shoe Wear Down

Can You Add A Heel To Flat Shoes?

It all depends on how the shoe looks like, raising a flat shoe is a bad idea because of the way it is designed.

Before adding a heel to your flat shoe, keep in mind that every shoe has a balance built on how it was designed. Most shoes can be lowered or raised to 0.5 inches, while some can be raised to 3/4 inches.

The shoe balance is what determines how low or high the shoe should be. So before lowering or raising your shoe, you need to think twice you could be lucky to come out with a good show or one that is already damaged. To be on the safe side, don’t raise/ add heels to a flat shoe.

How Can I Fix My Boot Heels At Home?

A bit heel can be fixed easily without the need of a professional, but most people do not know how to do it. Worry no more because you are going to learn how to do it so that in case your heel wears out, you can fix it without any problem.

Step 1: Reinserting heels

There is a possibility that a shoe heel can be inserted back to the boot when it’s broken. To do so, sit somewhere comfortable so as to examine the broken heel and some of its pieces that came out.

Look at how the nails were aligned and try to reinsert the heel. If you can’t do it, inquire from someone or get a professional to help you. Make sure you use less force to avoid causing more damage to the heel.

Step 2: Use flu to Re-attach

Glue is one of the things needed when fixing a broken heel, do not use any glue. The best one to use is super glue, or any other type specifically meant for shoes.

Wood glue does well on heels made of wood and nails. To start the process, clean the shoe and roughen it up and when applying glue, use good pressure and ensure to keep the applied side dry.

Step 3: Replacing the sole

If your boots heel is thin, replacement is the best option. A heel sole can be bought online or on local stores be keen to make sure that the old heel and the new one are equal and fit your boot well.

How Often Should You Replace Everyday Shoes?

Shoes can be replaced any day and they do not have to be worn out. Most people replace shoes only when they wear out, if shoes are not replaced regularly, they won’t last long because they don’t not rest and all the friction causes wear and tear of the shoe.

Don’t wear one shoe repeatedly, research shows that the best time to replace your shoe is about 300 to 400 miles. Your shoe needs replacement when it has lost cushioning and has reached the end of the lifespan.

It’s understandable that you can have a comfortable pair that you don’t wish to replace, but there is no option because walking and running shoes have a limited lifespan.

Can I Change The Heel On My Shoe?

Yes, a cobbler can do the job better. A cobbler can raise or lower a heel, can change a wide heel to a stiletto and so many other things. It is also okay if you can do the job yourself since it can save you some cash.

You find that one of your favorite shoe heels is broken and you would want to still wear them, so the best thing to do in such case is to change the heel, find one that suits your shoe and change the heel.

How Do You Re-Attach A Boot Sole?

Re-attaching a boot sole is a very simple process that doesn’t require a lot of things the following are some of the steps to help you during the process.


Can I Make My Heels Shorter?

High heels can make you taller and more attractive than flat or low-heeled shoes. Sometimes high heeled shoes can be a disadvantage to some people who can’t walk for long with the heeled shoes and that is why they opt to make them shorter.

Heels can be made shorter, but to do so, you need to be keen and know the right steps to follow so that you don’t shorten heels in a wrong way and end up getting one that is shorter than the other one.

Can You Add Height To A Heel?

Yes, you can increase the heel height to your desired length, whether on your pumps, boots and even loafers.

To do so, you simply add a booster in between the heel and the shoe body. It might be hard to make the color that matches your shoe and if you can’t find it, a solid color will be the best at the moment.

Your heel should not be too high than the usual height because it might hurt your back and cause other injuries. If you can’t do it yourself, look for someone who does it well.

To make a heel lift, you should have a foam core. Get it from shoe repair stores. With the top of your dislodged heel, trace its outline with chalk.

The material should be cut to the exact shape of what you traced, then hold it between the body of the shoe and heel to ensure that it suits perfectly.

Anyone reading this article should at least have an idea on how to add heels to flat shoes should be in a position to take good care of their shoes to prevent wear and tear know why their shoe heels wear out and how to stop it.

To add to that, you should know how to fix heels at home, if you can add a heel to flat shoes, when and how to replace everyday shoes and how to a boot sole.

It is important to know these things so that you can have an easy task when purchasing shoes, you don’t want to purchase shoes that will wear out easily without having to be repaired.

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