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can you wear socks with boat shoes

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Boat shoes are rapidly gaining popularity and world recognition for their intriguing design, short laces, tight stitching, and rubber soles. The sneaker-like fit of these shoes makes it quite practical to wear, and the outer look makes you look sophisticated and mature.

One of the best things about these shoes is that they’re versatile and you can wear them to reflect numerous different styles. It all depends on your style, but you can smartly mix and match boat shoes to form the kind of appearance that you want. In this post, we are going to look at how you can wear boat shoes and how to make them more comfortable.

Should You Wear Socks With Boat Shoes?

Deck shoes are usually designed to be worn without any socks, and the inner soles of these shoes are designed for contact with your skin, unlike many shoes. Nonetheless, it can take some time to get used to. Since you cannot wear socks with your deck shoes, you can purchase some shoe liners that are not visible from the outside to give you that additional comfort without anyone seeing them.

can you wear socks with boat shoes

The shoe liners will assist in keeping your deck shoes clean and last longer as well. The only drawback is that if your deck shoes become wet when sailing or fishing, then they might take a longer period to dry. Here are the factors you should consider when deciding whether you should wear socks with your boat shoes or not.


Most of the boat shoes you find on the market are true to the original design of boat shoes, utilizing leather construction both outside and inside. Leather is usually breathable, which means it’s more likely to keep both your feet dry and less likely to retain some moisture. That is perfect for all situations where your legs are likely to become wet. Therefore, you can relax by the pool, go for a long walk, or go sailing, without worrying about your boat shoes retaining moisture.

On the other hand, socks are made from many different materials, most of which absorb moisture and also counteract the breathable elements of leather. Wet socks can cause fungus, odors, and cold feet. Therefore, if you are considering wearing your boat shoes with a pair of socks, you should pick a synthetic and breathable pair.

If you experience hotspots or chafing, socks are usually a necessity because they add an extra layer of some padding between the shoe and the foot. Most boat shoes have minimal lining or no lining, which can eventually lead to discomfort for some wearers. Socks are mainly useful for spring and fall because they usually add warmth and also allow you to wear your boat shoes in cool temperatures.


For individuals who prefer a more conventional boat shoe style and would like the comfort of a pair of socks, you should select a no-show sock, especially those that are cut pretty low. If you feel comfortable charting your way, or you prefer making a fashion statement, then you’ve got the choice to be bold using a pair of socks with some patterns. Patterned socks can become a conversation-starter pretty fast when worn with shorts or chinos. If you lie somewhere in between low-key and flashy, you can select a pair of socks with a solid color that matches your entire outfit.

Although people no longer wear boat shoes on sailing expeditions, they can be a perfect option for your daily adventures. Whether you prefer wearing socks with them or not, they are a part of your journey, which means you can go for a walk to an amazing beach nearby, sail, or dive into another incredible opportunity ahead.

Are Boat Shoes Business Casual?

The goal of every company when launching more relaxed dressing codes is to enable their employees to work in comfort in their workplaces. Boat shoes normally qualify as business casual, especially for men. It is a style icon that is cool and classic; casual and laid back; dapper and dressed-up. They effortlessly sail from the office to the streets to the boat with confidence and quiet sophistication. Any well-dressed gentleman knows that his wardrobe is not complete without a pair of a good pair of boat shoes.

Are Boat Shoes Out Of Style?

No, Boat Shoes aren’t out of fashion, but wearers should know when to wear boat shoes and how to wear them. The main reason why people fail to recognize style in these shoes is that they aren’t aware of the current trending fashions. Nowadays, boat Shoes can be used for both informal and formal wear, and you can get easily dapper your outfit with boat shoes. Boat shoes aren’t out of style; you only need to understand the current fashion trends as well as when to wear and how to wear them.

Should Boat Shoes Be Tight Or Loose?

When buying a pair of boat shoes, it is important to select one that fits you properly. Generally, comfort should be a top priority, so ensure that you choose wisely. The shoes have an easy to wear shape, a rubber sole, and a simple design that makes them effortlessly comfortable.

should you wear socks with boat shoes

When deciding on the boat shoes to wear, you should ensure that there’s a space of about a half-inch between the big toe and the top of the shoe when you’re standing. Also, the ball of the foot should fit easily into the widest part of the shoe. You can walk around the shop when wearing the shoes to check for any extra spaces or tightness.

Can I Wear Boat Shoes With Jeans?

The ideal way to wear boat shoes is with a pair of jeans. Jeans are endlessly versatile, but when you pair them with a pair of versatile shoes makes them an excellent match because it creates a variety of nice and new looks. A pair of neutral-colored boat shoes and basic blue jeans is an amazing pair.

You can begin by cuffing the bottom of your jeans to get a more casual and laid back style to the whole outfit. That can work pretty well with denim, especially if you wear it on a flannelled shirt. This combination of outfit helps the boat shoes to appear more casual and, natural and the cuffed jeans draw attention to your feet, helping your boat shoes to show even more.

The other option for wearing your boat shoes with pants is to match them with skinny black or dark wash jeans. The dark and black colors make the look more slick and sharp while the skinny fit pulls everything together to make the look properly fitted. One of the best ways to add your boat shoes into this kind of outfit is by selecting either a colorful or design or an all-black pair to make the entire outfit pop.

Are Boat Shoes Preppy?

Boat shoes are usually ubiquitous. Provided you leave out the d ring belt, surcingle, or Nantucket reds, you will not look prep. When you associate one item with a particular style, it doesn’t engulf you in it all of a sudden. Boat shoes that are incredibly comfortable, flexible, and can work with numerous looks, and you should not worry beyond that.

How Can I Make My Boat Shoes More Comfortable?

  • Buying the right size

Getting the right size of boat shoes is key for enjoying a comfortable fit. You should make sure that your feet are pretty comfortable in your boat shoes and that there is enough space to help your toes wiggle.

  • Go for leather

In most cases, classic leather is usually easier to break in when compared to other synthetic leathers. Go for a pair of leather boat shoes that is unlined because they’ll quickly and more comfortably mold to your feet’s shape.

  • Wear with socks

Whether you should wear socks with boat shoes or not will determine how they mold to the feet. If you experience hotspots or chafing, socks are usually a necessity because they add an extra layer of some padding between the shoe and the foot, keeping you comfortable.

Why Do Boat Shoes Have Laces On The Side?

With many boat shoe styles featuring some short leather laces, sometimes, they can be incredibly difficult to tie in a nice way. Although these laces are mainly there to give aesthetic value, the side lacing is usually useful and fully functional, and it ensures that your feet do not slip out of the shoes when wet.

What Are Boat Shoes Called?

Boat shoes are also called deck shoes. These shoes comprise an upper segment usually made from treated canvas or leather and soft rubber soles. They come in different colors, materials, and designs, and feature short, leather, lacing on the top section with decorative laces all around the sides.

What Can I Wear Instead Of Boat Shoes?

Boat shoes are usually simple, and they rarely look out of place, and its a measurement of successful outfits for many guys. Yet sticking to one pair is so limiting. Besides, wearing boat shoes every day in hot weather can lead to unhealthy results. Here are some boat shoe alternatives that you can try.

  • White sneakers

Every man should own at least one pair of white sneakers. If flexibility is what you are looking for in a boat shoe, buying white sneakers can be a great addition to your wardrobe. These shoes are easily workable into any outfit, and they also provide a good contrast without any distractions from your look.

  • Espadrilles

When you are looking for more support but keep a comfortable and lightweight appeal, the espadrille might provide an ideal solution. They are breathable and versatile, and the rope-braided edges convey a beachy vibe, and you can wear it with many summer outfits. Espadrilles usually come in a wide range of colors, designs, and fabrics.

  • Slip-Ons

A pair of slip-on is another viable option, especially for the summer season. Whether you want the classic checkerboard style or you want something more conservative, slip-ons give a relaxed and sharp look.

  • Loafers

Even though loafers are normally associated with formal outfits, a casual pair of some loafers can give you a sharp look during summer. Similarly, a relaxed and comfortable driving shoe usually enhances a casual outfit. You can try experimenting with different colors and variations.

A pair of leather sandals can add a sophisticated look to most summer attires, and in brown or black, they make another flexible alternative to boat shoes. While some guys might be hesitant to go leather sandals, most shoe brands provide leather sandal options.

Are Boat Shoes Waterproof?

While boat shoes are not technically waterproof, they’re water-friendly, and it is more than fine to get them wet because they were designed for the slippery boat decks. Your boat shoes can easily handle water and eventually dry, but they won’t keep your feet dry.

If the shoes become wet, don’t stress yourself. They usually get better with time as normal wear and saltwater give them a seasoned appearance unique to each wearer. In simple terms, boat shoes are water-friendly, and if you get them wet, you will only add to their appearance.

The boat shoe is one of the remnants from the men’s nautical trend. It is a flexible footwear chameleon that you can dress down or up while sending a sophisticated but comfortable message. It’s a shoe that is commonly spotted among cricket players, although it’s much more flexible than that. Today’s pair of boat shoes is usually more about the style, and due to its versatility, it has become a popular shoe before summer in every guy’s wardrobe. The tips discussed in this article will help you sport your pair of boat shoes according to your style and preferences.

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