What Color Shirt Goes With Navy Blue Pants?




What Color Shirt Goes With Navy Blue Pants

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Every man desires to look his best whenever he is about to step out of the house. For men like this, knowing how complementary colors work can be very useful as it allows them to mix and match their clothes to achieve that desired effect.

One-color combination that has been proven to look good on most men is navy blue pants paired with a white dress shirt. However, men are often curious about what color shirts go with navy blue pants. This is because they are not sure if they are matching their clothes correctly.

The things to consider when pairing clothes of different colors are the hues and shades used for both items. There must also be a balance between the two to make sure that the whole ensemble looks good. As for what color shirt goes with navy blue pants, this article will tackle this question and other helpful tips on mixing and matching these two items.

What Color Shirt Goes With Navy Blue Pants

The Navy Blue Pants

Navy blue is one of those colors that are elegant yet can be worn casually. It has quickly become a favorite for many stylish men as it can be worn almost anywhere.

Elements such as this color make it perfect to be paired with a white shirt and vice versa. This is because both colors are associated with cleanliness and simplicity, which makes them fit well together.

What Color Shirt Goes With Navy Blue Pants?

White Shirt

The first element that every man should consider when pairing different color clothes is the shirt. In this case, a white shirt can be worn with navy blue pants without any problems. This type of ensemble is perfect for casual occasions such as going out with friends on the weekend or at school.

Pink or Light Pink Shirt

Another color that looks good with navy blue pants is pink or light pink. These are colors associated with ‘sweetness’ and are perfect for casual wear as well. However, it is best to avoid wearing two bright hues together as it can be very overwhelming. Instead, men should stick to soft shades such as pastel pink to make the whole ensemble look good.

Gray Shirt

Gray is another color that can be worn with navy blue pants as long as they are not two contrasting shades. Typically, light gray looks good with dark blue colors, especially when paired with white or black shoes and belts. However, men should avoid wearing a white shirt if they wear dark gray pants as it can give off an ‘old man’ look.

Black Shirt

All men should have a black shirt in their wardrobe as it is very versatile and perfect for formal occasions. However, this color does not work well with navy blue pants unless worn by someone with fair skin or dark hair. For men with a light skin tone, wearing a black shirt with navy blue pants can be overwhelming and look too dark. The same thing goes for men who have very dark hair as well.

Light Blue Shirt

Another color that can be paired with navy blue pants is light blue. Men who want to wear this type of ensemble should make sure that both colors are not too bold as they can look too loud and vibrant, which nobody wants.

Which colour shirt suits dark blue pants-

White Checked Shirt

For men who want to look stylish after work, wearing a white checked shirt with navy blue pants can be perfect. The latter is ideal for casual occasions, while the latter is ideal for formal affairs such as attending meetings or working in an office.

Blue Striped Shirt

Neutral colors can also be worn with navy blue pants, such as a light blue striped shirt. However, this color combination is best for men who have a fair skin tone or dark hair as they will make the whole ensemble look less overwhelming and more balanced.

Black Checked Shirt

Casual occasions do not always mean limiting oneself to solid colors as men can also wear checked patterns. For instance, wearing a black checked shirt with navy blue pants will look good, especially if the latter is worn by someone who has dark hair or fair skin tone.

Red Shirt

Men who want to look sexy and edgy can also wear red with navy blue pants. However, this color combination is not suggested for men with dark hair or fair skin as it may make them appear more feminine than manly.

Yellow or Gold Shirt

Men can also wear a yellow or gold shirt with navy blue pants. These colors are perfect if they are two neutral shades that can be worn almost anywhere. Men should avoid wearing too many bold colors together to make the whole ensemble look loud and unappealing.

Purple Shirt

For men who want to add a pop of color to their wardrobe, wearing a purple shirt with navy blue pants is perfect. This ensemble can be worn for informal occasions, especially if the latter is paired with dark brown shoes and belts. Of course, this type of combination will not go well with formal clothing such as suits and ties, so choosing the right outfit is essential.

Factors to Consider When Picking a Shirt for a Navy Blue Pant

The Shape of the Face

Men who have a round face should avoid wearing bold colored shirts such as yellow or purple because they will look even rounder. Instead, they should wear darker colors such as gray and brown. Men with an oblong face can go for any shirt color they want regardless of its hue because this kind of face shape is the most versatile for shirt colors.

Skin Tone 

Another factor that men should consider before pairing their pants with a particular color shirt is their skin tone. For instance, men with dark hair and fair or medium skin tone can wear any shirt as long as they pick the right color for their pants. Wearing a light shirt with these dark pants can make the whole ensemble look overwhelming and unappealing.

The Occasion

Aside from considering the color of their face and skin tone, men should also think about where they will wear the outfit before choosing only one color for their shirt. For example, wearing a gray or blue striped shirt is perfect for casual occasions like hanging out with friends. On the other hand, wearing a checked shirt is better for formal events such as attending a meeting at the office.


There are several ways to wear navy blue pants depending on the occasion and color of one’s shirt. Men should not be limited to wearing bold or dark colors as they can also wear neutral hues, strip patterns, checked patterns, different shades of red, gold, or yellow for a more stylish look.

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