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Which Color Is Best For A Suit

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There are several types of suits and each one of them has been designed differently. To buy a suit, ensure that you have an idea of the best suits and the cost of them all.

Good quality suits are expensive and that is why you should budget before buying one. Buy suits that look good on you and don’t spend a lot.

If you have not been wearing suits, it is time for you to try them. Suits are not only meant for office wear, you can also rock them when attending meetings, weddings and even when going out.

There are various things you should know about suits, how to style them, the best colors and the cost. All of them are discussed below.

Best Color Combination for Suits

Best Color Combination for Suits

Before you start wearing suits, you need to know the color combinations of suits. Don’t put on any suit that doesn’t match with your shirt and even shoes.

If you are wearing a navy jacket, make sure the color of the shirt is pink, white, yellow and blue. The color of the tie should be burgundy, blue, gold, purple, red and yellow. The trouser should be tan on gray and complete the look with brown or black shoes and belt.

A brown jacket matches with blue, ecru, yellow and blue shirts. The ties should be either orange, tan, rust, black, green, red, yellow, gold burgundy and green.

The trouser should be gray and tan, not brown like the jacket, while the shoe should be cordovan or brown. Always match your shoe with the belt.

Olive jacket looks great when worn with gray, white, pale blue and a pale yellow shirt, the tie should be navy, gray, brown and either tan. While the belt and shoes should be either cordovan or brown.

Black jacket is perfect when worn with a yellow, blue, white and light gray shirt. Blue, white, black, olive and grey colored ties together with tan or gray trousers and complete the look with a black belt and shoes.

Which Color Is Best For A Suit?

Medium Grey suits

It is also known as Cambridge grey, it is a professional suit that gives you a great look. You can add many gray suit colors to your wardrobe so that you can have various options to choose from. Grey suit colors can be worn at any time of the year.

Navy Blue

A navy blue suit is what every man should have in their wardrobe, just like a black suit. They can be worn for every occasion, whether you are going to the bar, attending meetings, spending time in the office, or even attending weddings.

Bright Blue

A bright blue suit is fashionable, having a pair is not a bad idea. You can pair the blue suit jacket with a pair of khakis or wool pants. You can wear it as a complete suit at any time of the year and perfect when paired with different colored pants.

Light grey

A light grey suit is one of the most casual colors, you need to remember that when picking a light grey suit. You can pair it with a pastel shirt.

Dark Brown

Apart from light and light blue suits, a dark brown is more casual than the rest of the suits, but you can still consider having it in your closet. Those people who have a dark complexion should go for a dark brown suit.


Most people prefer suits that are not patterned, but they are great, you should at least have a pair of this suit. A patterned suit should have thin lines, a patterned suit can look great on any suit that is colored, but they look much better on a blue or grey suit.


A black suit should not be left out, it is the best suit and can be worn for any occasion. You can add various types of black suits to your wardrobe, you can go for a tuxedo or a black work suit, the two suits should be worn to a black-tie event.


Try a tan suit, a khaki tan suit is great for summer, you can wear the suit to a golf course and other events. If you are planning to wear a tan suit in summer, get one made from linen.

What Is The Most Versatile Suit Color?

When purchasing a suit that you are going to wear regularly, choose a versatile color. This is a color that you match with a variety of accessories and colors.

Grey and blue are the most versatile suits and every guy should at least have these pairs. Gray looks good with any color shoes, shirt and tie. Below is a list of various versatile suits that should never miss in your closet.

Gray Sharkskin Suit

It is a great choice that should always come first into your mind whenever you think of buying a suit. The light grey suit sells a lot and it will be a great choice in your wardrobe.

Charcoal Birdseye Suit

Birdseye suit is a suitable option, especially if you already have several suits, it helps add a modern dimension to your classic suits. Birdseye Suit is not expensive; it is currently $ 399, unlike before when it was $799.

Micro Houndstooth Suit

Just like gray suits, Navy suits are versatile as well. This navy is great with a grey and indigo patterned micro houndstooth.

Midnight Stripe suit

It is a suit that features a tonal stripe and doesn’t look like a costume. You can try the suit, it doesn’t cost much after all.

Which Color Is Best For A Suit

What Color Suit Is Most Professional?

Someone can notice a suit by looking at the proportions, color and the number of buttons. When it comes to picking a suit, what matters more is the color, keep in mind that the first impression is always powerful that is why you need to pick the appropriate color.

Brown suits

Brown is a suit color that every man should have in mind, men look good on brown or earth-tone suits. It is also a great casual option, brown has always been considered a business color, but time has changed. Brown is now appropriate for business, just like navy, gray and black.

Black, Navy Blue and Charcoal Gray suits

These colors are men’s traditional business suits, all the wardrobes should have dark suits because they are appropriate and can be worn for any event.

The colors to choose depend on whoever will wear them, but all men should own black, Navy Blue, and Charcoal Grey colors.

Charcoal gray suits young men or rather youths, it is versatile and very unique. It can be paired with either brown or black, but that depends on the shade of grey.

A black suit is useful as well because it is kind of similar to formal wear. On the other hand, Navy blue suits are a great choice, a lot of men prefer this color.

Should Your Tie Match Your Suit?

Matching a tie with a suit is not a good idea, but instead, your tie should be of the same color as your trousers and jacket. It works with other suits but not lighter suits, be keen when matching a tie to your suit.

Sharp suit is well and good, together with a great shoe game and strong shirt, but the most important thing that sets off a suit is your tie. There are several things to stick to if you want to pick the right tie for each outfit.

When it comes to picking a tie, you should get your colors right. Your tie should be darker than your shirt, it should draw attention and stand out against your chest because there is no need to put on one that fades to the background.

Matching a tie with a suit has always been a problem, but that doesn’t mean you don’t match them. Ensure that your tie is almost the same color as your trousers and jacket.

Are Double-Breasted Suits In Style?

Double-breasted suits were popular from 1930s to 1950s, after then it also became popular from 1980s to 2000s. This suit is appropriate anywhere and is considered more formal.

It has a bold styling, which makes it an excellent choice for warm months, the double-breasted suit is now a great choice.

Tips and tricks of wearing a double-breasted suit

  • Keep it simple
  • Go for six buttons
  • Peak your labels
  • Tailor it
  • Do not button the bottom
  • Put in a pocket square
  • Flair should be added to your trousers
  • Clinch it up
  • A french cuff should be used

Are Three-Button Suits Out Of Style?

Yes, over the years, a three-button suit has disappeared, in the early 90’s it was one of the best suits. But when the slimmer suits were introduced, the three-button suit vanished.

However, it is not wrong to wear a three-button suit. It suits tall men because the buttons of the jacket are placed higher on the chest. It is great for tall guys because the three buttons can be noticed, unlike the two buttons.

Three-button suits go in and out of style over the years. Finding them currently can be challenging that is why you should consider putting on what is in fashion.

Three-button suits can also fit men with athletic body types, if you are tall and feel uncomfortable wearing a two-button suit, then try a three-button suit, it could be best for you.

How Much Should A Good Suit Cost?

A good suit can be a bit pricey because of its quality. That is why you are advised to always spend on an expensive suit rather than opting for a cheaper one, remember that cheap is expensive.

You can find men’s suits that range from $500 to $800 and can still offer you excellent services. By shopping carefully, you can even find them at much lower prices for as low as $300.

Most high-quality suits can cost $500 at retail, if you want to buy second-hand suits, go for the high levels of tailored suits. Knowing the quality is enough for you to set a budget when purchasing suits.

Is It Okay To Wear The Same Suit Every Day?

No, wearing one suit every day is not okay because your suits should air out from the daily wear you give it. Your suit needs a break, or else it will wear and tear within no time.

You can wear it every day if that is your dress code at work, but you can at least buy two pairs so that you can change. However, if you can’t avoid wearing one suit every day, you should follow the below guidelines.

  • Don’t wear a shirt completely
  • Change your shirt
  • Your suit should be dark
  • Pay attention to your accessories
  • Wear them as separates
  • The suit should be made from a perennial fabric
  • Ensure that the suit fits well
  • Minor alterations should always be made

There are several suit fashions that come up over the years, you should know how to rock these suits. Before buying one, learn the best color combination of suits, the best color suit, the most versatile suit color, most professional suit color and all the types of ties to match your suits.

In addition to that, know the types that are still in fashion and those that aren’t, for instance, the button suits and the double-breasted suits. You should know how much a good suit costs and if it is okay to wear the same suit every day.

These things will help guide you when purchasing a suit. It ensures that you buy the right type and one that is not out of style yet. Buy a good quality suit and ensure that it is fitting. Baggy suits will not bring out the desired look.

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