Are You Supposed to Wear a Belt with Suspenders?




Are You Supposed to Wear a Belt with Suspenders

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Belts have become common these days; it is not easy to see a man without a belt. Recently we have a leather belt which is a new invention. During the old days, before the first wood war, belts were mainly used to decorate uniforms won by military forces and aristocrats and officers.

Traditionally suspenders were the only device used to hold up men’s trousers. Up to these days, suspenders are the first option for holding your trousers.  Men have frequently decided on whether to wear suits with belts or suspenders.  Men have entirely forgotten the procedure or protocol in selecting the method to hold their pants up.

In the last half of the 20th century, belts became common than suspenders leading the way up to this moment. But from retro faux nostalgia, suspenders have become trendy, and men are going back to suspenders as their preferred method of holding their pants up.

The main challenge with the new generation is that they do not wear suspenders, and the most violation is wearing a belt and suspenders.  Is the right to wear both?  Suspenders and belts are both meant to hold your pants up, so why should you wear both, not right at all.

Are You Supposed to Wear a Belt with Suspenders

 Do You have to Wear a Belt with Suspenders?

This is something that brings confusion to many of us, whether to wear suspenders with a belt or not. Seeing someone wear a belt and suspenders is something that is cringing worth. There’s no clear rule that states that it is no to wear them both, but it is a big no to do so. Below are some of the reasons why you should not wear a belt with suspenders.

It is redundant

This is one of the reasons why you should not wear a belt with suspenders. It should be an obvious thing to us, but you will still see some people walking down the street wearing both suspenders and a belt at the same time. Primarily, belts are supposed to hold your pants via cinching in at someone’s hips or waist.  Suspenders are intended to put your pants rightly in place by holding your pants over the shoulder. Suspenders are very uncomfortable; they create a flattering silhouette throughout your day, mainly because it will not force your midsection to be highly squeezed to hold your pants. In the end, it is up to you to decide whether to use a belt or a suspender, but if you feel they can’t hold your pants, then it is your time to see your tailor.

It is unflattering

As we have earlier seen that belts clinch your waist, and in most times, it creates uncomfortable muffin top. You need to add a pair of suspenders that will frame your muffin boom and top.  It is the best way to draw the attention of another person to your gut. It might be only right for those people who have Greek god-like bodies and do not have problems at people gawking at their chiseled like abs. But either way, wearing both is still a big mistake to make.

It is a terrible thing

Yes, wearing a pair of suspenders with a belt is a terrible thing you can ever do in your fashion life. There is no way you will look good by wearing both; it is awkward, gawky, and uncomfortable look to put on; it is just an everyday wrong thing to do. It can be related to just wearing a visor and a baseball hat at the same time. It is just pointless

Bad image

A bad image is what will result from wearing both suspenders and a belt. There’s no way you are going to look good wearing both. Wearing both is an obvious error to make, and it goes further to create 3 sides of squares in the middle of your body, producing your image to be a rectangle. Rectangle image is something none of us want to be associated with, no matter what you believe in. But for those individuals who think rectangle are beautiful images, they should know that wearing suspenders and a belt is a bid no, it is usually a faux pas. People will eventually notice and think less of you as a Person.

From the above observations and tips, it is evident that wearing suspenders with a belt is a very wrong idea to do. Unless you are attending a special event that forces you to wear both or you are performing a certain activity that makes it necessary for you to wear both.


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