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what color belt with white jeans

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Wearing belts is not something new to men. It is something they are accustomed to. Many people don’t bother a lot on the type of belt to wear. Sometimes you might have a belt that you prefer most or you’re just alternating between brown and black belts. There is no nay wrong with choosing a preferred belt but we should be very careful to choose one that will match with what you are wearing to flow cohesively with your other outfit. Some other things in your accessories and outfit can significantly affect whether your belt will match. When you wear a mismatched belt it ruins all your ethical fashion and will hurt your efforts to be fashionable with a stylish look. What is the correct belt to wear with your jeans?

what kind of belt to wear with black jeans

Should I wear a belt with jeans?

Some individuals think belts are not necessary when one is wearing jeans. Wearing one can certainly bring in more benefits, no rule states that you must wear a belt with jeans or otherwise. If you want to look classier and add some dynamics to your look, then go ahead and wear one. Also, if your jeans are big enough and won’t stay appropriately on your waist, then you have to use a belt to make sure your jeans are tight in your waist.

Moving around with your pair of jeans is something that makes most of us feel better in whatever event or occasion we are attending. Jeans keep us to be stylish and comfortable at all times, especially when we match them with the right belts. Getting the right belt for your jeans can be time-consuming and confusing as well.  The decision is yours, if you decide to wear a belt or not with your Jeans. Many people prefer to wear a belt with jeans while some do not like it.

What kind of belt to wear with jeans?

Not all belts are suitable for wearing with Jeans; we have some things to look for when selecting such belts. Below are some tips to help you in choosing the best belt to wear with your jeans.

what color belt with white jeans

Your shoes

The first thing is to look at your jeans, in today’s world, people wear jeans at a business or even in offices with casual dress codes, shoes are the ones which are mostly on the side of the old tradition. It is for this reason that when you are choosing the type of belt to wear with your jeans for a casual look, you have to consider your shoes first. If you want to put on leather shoes, then it will automatically mean you will have to wear a leather belt.

Also, when you are in your casual outfit, your shoes need to match with your belt in terms of the material. If it happens, you are wearing leather sneakers; you will have to wear a leather belt. For canvas sneakers, you should also get a canvas belt as well for suede sneakers to get for you a suede belt.

In all cases, your shoes must match with your belt in color. Colors matching can be challenging sometimes; we have to stick to black shoes and belt in most cases to have fewer complications.

Color matching can be a frustrating thing in many cases. Therefore it is essential to go to a fashion-conscious to help you opt for a common color. Wearing casual Jeans, your belt can complement shoes in color.

Watch the width

The width of the best you are going to choose is important; it will determine the kind of trousers you are going to wear.  We have belts in different widths. Generally, belts can be said to be wide when they are 1.5 inches wide or more, and are they are 1¼ inches; they are supposed to be narrow. Wearing wide belts look good, especially with a casual outfit, while narrow belts are best for formal or official fabric and events.

So how does your belt fit in all these two scenarios? Denim is the kind of rare material that will perfectly fit here, at it can be paid with both narrow and wide belts.

You can also gauge the level of formality for the occasion based on the type of shoes you are going to put on. But we have a more straightforward solution for you, dark denim is for the narrow belt, and light denim is for wide belts. Generally, anything that is lighter than dark blue is hard for taking as formal.

The right buckle

A buckle is very important to your belt. It is something that means a lot to your belt. For dressier occasions, a narrow belt works best here as it has a more conservative buckle. While we have other things that come to play, but it highly depends on someone’s preference and taste.

Other things like visible snaps or buttons can also guide you on the type of buckle to choose; you will always want to choose one that marches them. The simple buckle is a symbol of modernity and reason. Having very large and loud buckles, it suggests adventures and more confidence. The important thing here is to find your preferred style and go with it.

In a casual setting, more creativity is allowed; buckles can be used to show a brand and a nice look. This is of concern to some individuals, but it will be essential to choose a buckle that goes with your sense its personality and style better.

If you were wondering if it is right to wear jeans with a belt, I believe this article has enlightened you on the benefits of wearing Jeans with a belt. Don’t hesitate; try it out today, and you will enjoy the whole experience of a nice look.


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