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Every good relationship comes to an end at some point, but the question is will they last forever?

At times you feel like your guy can’t get enough of you, while other times, it seems like he couldn’t care less. But certain psychological tricks are not only tested but have worked wonders in maintaining a long-lasting relationship.

Psychological Tricks That Will Make Him Miss You

Psychological Tricks That Will Make Him Miss You

Be a memorable person

The last thing you want your guy to do is to forget about you, so being a memorable person in his life is the best way to ensure that won’t happen. This can be done by showing up at random times and places when he isn’t expecting it. For instance, if you know that your guy is usually at the gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, you should pop up randomly on those days.

The more memorable moments you have together, the more likely he will want to spend time with you again in the future. This is especially important when your relationship hits a low point or if one of you starts to spend time with someone else. If your guy can clearly remember all the good times you have had together in the past, he will be less likely to start up a new fling because that would mean forgetting about you.

Stop texting him all the time

Many women are guilty of being way too clingy when texting their boyfriends. They send numerous texts during the day, some even early in the morning or late at night, to get a quick response. This habit can drive any guy away because it makes them feel like you don’t have anything better to do than keep checking up on them all day long.

If you constantly need to know what’s going on with your guy, then that means you’re subconsciously trying to control his actions and decisions without him knowing about it. You should stop doing this and only text him if there is an actual reason for communication, such as setting up a date or asking him something important.

Being able to keep secrets

Many women are hesitant about keeping secrets from their boyfriends, but there’s a reason why so many guys love it when girls are good at keeping secrets. It makes them feel more intrigued by the woman, so they want to spend even more time with her. Even if you have known your guy for years, he will still appreciate how well you can keep secrets.

For instance, I once had a friend who met this girl through mutual friends and instantly became captivated by her unique personality. They started talking to each other regularly through text messages and eventually agreed to meet up in person after two weeks of daily communication. Their first date went great and within one month of dating, my friend was hopelessly in love with her.

But just when he thought things couldn’t get any better, she started acting out of character. She would refuse to meet up with him or respond to his messages after they had agreed to do something together.

This only made my friend want her even more because it felt like she was playing hard to get, which every guy wants. But he would have never expected this kind of behavior if their relationship hadn’t gone so well before the “playing hard to get” act began.

Leave him wanting more

One psychological trick that has worked for countless couples is the whole ‘leave them wanting more’ routine. This involves keeping your guy on his toes by making him unsure about where your relationship stands and what you feel for him. If you are constantly changing your emotions, he will have to work even harder to stay by his side.

For instance, when my girlfriend starts acting distant and aloof, I try my best to win her back over by being extra sweet and affectionate towards her. When she senses that I’m putting in this much effort, she immediately becomes interested again because it makes her feel like she has won me all over once more.

If you spend too much time with your guy without giving him any indication of how you feel about him, he will eventually start looking elsewhere for a woman who is more willing to provide them with what they want. Be careful not to confuse your guy or let arguments escalate into something more significant because that will certainly make him want to break up with you.

Give him a sense of mystery

Another psychological trick that has helped many couples is keeping a sense of mystery by not telling your guy everything about yourself. Many women need to reveal every little detail about their lives, including stories from their past and information about their friends and family.

If your guy asks you a question, then do not give him a full-on answer until he has earned it first. For instance, if he asks what your favourite food is, don’t immediately tell him that it’s pizza because this will only decrease the mystery factor of the conversation. Instead, say something like “I think I can figure out my favorite food on my own” or “maybe I’ll give you some hints as time goes on”. By doing this, your guy will become more interested in who you are as a person rather than just trying to discover all of your little quirks at once.

This works better than revealing everything about yourself from the start because guys tend to get disinterested quickly once they think they have figured you out. So even if your guy ends up seeing a different side of you, he will still be attracted to you because he has no idea what it is that makes you tick.

how to make someone miss you psychology

Always be the first one to hang up the phone

This trick will make him eager to call you again the next time because the conversation won’t end unless it’s your choice. You can use this trick to keep a man interested in you by always being the one that ends the conversation first. If he asks you out, then hang up before he does so that he is left wondering what he has to do to have more time with you.

For instance, if I talk to my girlfriend on the phone and she says, “I should go now”, instead of saying goodbye, I say, “oh, alright”. This usually makes her laugh or reply with something like, “are you trying to tell me something?” which lets me know that I have another chance at having more conversation time with her.

By leaving the conversation open in this way, a girl can make a guy more eager to talk with her. This is because no guy likes being the one who always ends the conversation first, and most guys assume that if a woman has to hang up, that means they have been cut off from talking with her. It’s all about making him think that one wrong move on his part could tell he never hears from you again.

Use social media as your weapon

My favorite social network is Twitter because you can connect with your friends and find out what they are up to. If you aren’t on Twitter, I suggest you sign up now because it will make a guy miss you more when he finds out that you have been tweeting about all of the fun things you have been doing without him.

If your guy suddenly gets an urge to talk to you but hasn’t planned, then show him your Twitter feed filled with tweets from friends, pictures from last night’s party, and updates about the exciting new job that you were just given at work. Seeing all of these little reminders about how life is going for you without him might make him regret not being a part of it anymore. Plus, this way, you can update him on how much fun you are having without him so that he gets the hint that it might be best for the two of you to go your separate ways.

Be busy when he asks you out for a date

If you feel uncertain about how much time you want to spend with your guy, then make sure that you are busy whenever he calls to ask if you’re going to hang out. I know that this trick doesn’t work for everyone because some guys might think that by making their girlfriend busy, they will keep trying until she agrees to go out with them. However, there is nothing wrong with being un-available once in a while because most guys understand that sometimes life gets in the way of romance, and it’s all about having him appreciate your time more than expecting it every moment of the day.

When my girlfriend is too busy to come out on short notice, I usually try calling her later to set up an actual date. This is because it makes her want to go out with me more. After all, she knows that I wasn’t just trying to weasel my way in when there was no room in her schedule.

This goes back to the same theory of always ending the conversation first, which forces a guy not to call you and assume that you don’t want to talk or see him again. However, this time you don’t end the conversation; instead, you make yourself unavailable, driving him crazy until he can see you again.

Dress to kill

One of the best things about being a girl is getting to dress up and go out on dates. This means you always have to make sure that you look good whenever he calls so that if he shows up unexpectedly, it doesn’t seem like you were expecting him.

If your guy comes over without calling first, make sure to put away anything that suggests that you are busy doing something else or planning an event for later on in the evening. Instead, try wearing something sexy along with perfume to give off a hint that it might be nice if he took you out somewhere special tonight. This will work most of the time because guys are simple creatures who only care about what they see instead of what they hear or sense about one’s emotional state.

Compliment him on his new accessory

One of the easiest ways to compliment a guy and get their attention is to tell them that they look good in whatever it is they are wearing at the time. This works like magic because you don’t need to wait for some special occasion or holiday; instead, you can say something nice about what he has on whenever the two of you meet up.

For example, if your boyfriend shows up wearing his favorite pair of blue jeans, then you may want to tell him how amazing he looks in them. Of course, this doesn’t have anything to do with fashion because there are no style rules for jeans, but it’s still an excellent way to let him know that you noticed what he was wearing without being too obvious.

Feel free to compliment him every time you see him if that’s what it takes to keep him looking stylish around you. This means you’ll start taking more time out of your evening before leaving the house so that he knows that you’re thinking about how hot he will look when he sees you dressed up for whatever activity the two of you have planned.

Drag things out sometimes

Specific individuals always seem like they need to get something done at a particular time, including men and women. For example, some females may want to schedule an entire day together but refuse to go on multiple dates because there’s too much pressure or work involved with having various outings over a week.

However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with dragging things out in a relationship, including getting together regularly. This means you may want to slow things down and try having him meet up with you later on instead of trying to see him every day from the moment you start hanging out.

Slowing things down can do wonders for any relationship because it gives both people time to think about their feelings before rushing off to make any big commitments or mistakes. Many couples manage to stay together by taking their time and not going overboard, while others split up after trying to pack too much into a short amount of time.

Give only when necessary

A common mistake that women tend to make in relationships is giving too much away for free. This means you should never consider yourself obligated to give up everything without making sure that he will treat you right and do something special soon.

For example, some women will want a guy to take them out and buy them expensive things before they ever let him get near their body or kiss them on the lips. This is because she has been conditioned by society and media to believe that guys only care about what they see instead of knowing her value as a person.

However, if you continue living like this, your man will always look at other girls who are more accessible than you and more willing to put out on the first date. Instead of meeting with him whenever he wants, try taking things at your pace because this will give you more control over the relationship instead of letting him take advantage of you.

Act available while keeping other options open

It’s possible to have a man completely head-over-heels in love with you while still keeping some secrets about yourself hidden away. For example, if he asks where you are going later, don’t be afraid to keep something secret for once instead of telling him everything that’s on your mind.

This may seem impossible, but there are women out there who can get guys interested in them without being too open or transparent during this initial period. This means they may need to let their guy know that they are busy and not free whenever he wants to meet up so that he doesn’t get too clingy right away.

An individual who truly loves you will want to spend as much time with you as possible, but this isn’t always the case for guys who are still learning what they can expect from your personality. You should try letting them know that you’ve taken it without having to admit that it’s a relationship if this is something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

The waiting game

Most guys love the idea of having to wait for things because it gives them a sense of anticipation towards what’s coming next. This is why many men are into video games, gambling, and joining the military even though they may get injured or killed in action.

On the contrary, most women hate waiting for anything because they might miss out on something better that comes along. If you want to drive your guy wild, make him wait for sex until he can’t take it anymore and begs you to sleep with him. Or you could always play hard to get by telling him you won’t start anything serious unless he agrees to be monogamous too; this way, he will have no choice but to keep chasing after you if he ever plans on getting you back.

Show him what he’s getting into

Another technique used by some women is making their men feel like they are constantly trying to impress them rather than just doing things because they want to be with them in general. For example, if your man asks where you want to go later, tell him something specific instead of giving him multiple choices or a general area.

This is a trick that works because men tend to think with their egos, and this means they will go out of their way to do nice things for you if they have the feeling that it will be appreciated in some way. Some guys may take this as their cue to try doing more romantic things only if you make them feel like they don’t deserve your attention half the time.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What if he doesn’t like the fact that I’m not as open and available as other women?

Guys who are used to girls doing whatever they want whenever they want may have trouble adjusting to your behavior because it may seem clingy or overbearing. However, if you continue observing these individuals, you will realize that they are only playing the role of independent people.

How long should I use this trick?

You can use these methods as long as you want and never feel like you need to abandon them entirely. Remember that not every man responds well to psychological tricks and may become insecure since your behavior isn’t natural. If this happens, you will need to use another method or talk things out with your boyfriend.

Isn’t it wrong to play mind games with someone I care about?

There is nothing wrong with what you are doing because you aren’t trying to make him like you by using his feelings against him. You could also be considered manipulative if you were to lie about how you feel to get him back.

What types of things will I need to say?

You can use any excuse as long as it is convincing enough for your man. Try telling him that you have other plans or are doing something with another guy but don’t reveal who it is if you don’t want to hurt his feelings.


If you are ready to learn how to psychologically trick your man into missing you, then use the advice from this guide. Sometimes relationships don’t last because of minor problems that can often be fixed if both parties are willing to compromise.

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