How to Make Straight Hair Wavy Permanently




How to Make Straight Hair Wavy Permanently

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It’s beautiful to have your natural hair, but it’s more beautiful when it’s styled in various ways. Everyone should learn several styles of hair, whether beachy waves, curls, or any other style. It would help if you looked different from every day, before looking at the various styles; let’s look at the following things.

How to Make Straight Hair Wavy Permanently

You can naturally make your hair permanently wavy; it is fun to change hairstyles, especially for ladies. It can be difficult to change straight hair to wavy, especially when your hair cannot hold a curl for long. To achieve your desired look of having wavy hair, here is what you need to do.

Apply a heat protectant it a styling lotion on your hair, braid the hair, spray hairspray on your hair, run a flat iron over the braid as if you are straightening hair, set it with a texturizer or hairspray, undo the braid, using your fingers shape the waves and set with a texturizing hair spray.

You’ll definitely get waves that will last for some time but not very permanent; there is no power that one can change his or her hair to something else that is from straight to permanently wavy. This is genetics, and nothing can change the look you are having on your head permanently.

How to Make Straight Hair Wavy Permanently

Can You Make Straight Hair Wavy For Guys?

Yes, of course, getting wavy hair can come naturally for some, but for others, it is achieved by using certain products. Wavy hair is cool, especially on a guy, and to achieve this look, you need to; Use a conditioner, mousse, sleep in braids, use a hairspray, use curling irons with barrels that are medium-sized and learn to use the diffuser.

You are not advised to use large barreled curling because it will not hold waves as it’s required. To come up with wavy hairstyles, you should always curl small chunks at a time, work through the hair, curl the chunks, and continue with the curling and unpinning pinned hair. Do not comb through the curls, use the hairspray to cover your hair, be careful not to overdo it because that will make your hair look crunchy and not wavy.

How Do You Get Beachy Waves?

Beachy waves are a hairstyle that is admired by most women and is suitable for any type of hair can be styled by people of any age and face shapes. To come up with the best beachy waves, you need to use the correct products and tools, styling tricks, and application tips from styling pros that are used to this. When you do it yourself for the first time, you might damage your hair or come up with something wrong.

Beachy waves begin halfway down your hair around the ear level

Here are se steps you need to follow in order to be up with the beachy waves, not only beachy but beautiful beachy waves.

Steps to Get Beachy Waves

Step one is you need to prep your strands, using volatizing mousse prep your wet hair if your hair is short, put a quarter-sized dollop in your hands, and massage the product on the roots of your hair using your fingertips. Give your hair time to dry.

Start from top to bottom

Split hair into sections horizontally starting from top to bottom, pin your hair up as you go by. If you want much finer hair split it into three sections, for much thicker hair, it should be split into four sections. Executing the waves is the most difficult part, and you need to be extra keen when doing it, since the rest of the hair is already pinned, and the bottom hair is down, use a flat iron or a curling iron to create waves on one section of the hair. Style little hair at a time no matter the kind of tool you are using.

The iron should be placed a few inches away from the hair, to get the best waves, don’t start from the scalp. Instead, you should start styling down the hair shaft depending on the hair length. The next step is twisting the hair; hair is twisted around the styling tool as you continue curling, try to alternate the direction you are twisting, you can style a strand clockwise them style the next one counterclockwise.

Give the curls enough time to cool and when they are cool, run your fingers gently through the hair from below, don’t use a comb or a brush because that will ruin everything. Complete the process by spraying the hair using setting the spray to keep the curls in place for long.

Is My Hair Wavy or Straight?

Everyone knows the kind of hair in his or her head, and they are able to determine the kind of hair they have. You need to understand your hair in order to care for it in the right way. To help you understand the kind of hair you have, let’s look at the difference between wavy and straight hair.

Straight hair has a glossy shine, and its straight surface reflects more light, it is very easy to know when you have straight hair because this hair type doesn’t hold curls easily and can often lack volume. So if you try curling your hair and it resists, that is the right indicates that you have straight hair.

Wavy hair has a loose S shape and doesn’t become straight no matter how you try to comb; wavy hair has some similar qualities with straight hair. If you have wavy hair that is more common to straight hair, it’s good to use a volumizing spray to maintain your hairstyle, and if it’s curlier, use the products that will smoothen it because this kind of hair is prone to frizz and dryness.

Is My Hair Curly Or Wavy?

Curly and wavy hair is both two different things, but we tend to confuse the two. The appearance of curly hair is thick coarse in texture bit is actually soft, wavy hair is a type of curly hair that is fine, medium textured, thick, or rugged.

Wavy hair is a lovely hair type that gives you several appearances. This kind of hair is not straight yet not curly, it only has hints of curls, but they appear in a wavy form. The main difference between curly and wavy hair is that wavy hair does not have spirals like curly hair. Wavy hair produces more waves after cleaning and drying out.

Curly hair has tighter curls, and a lot more curly than wavy. Curly hair has swirls that curl while wavy hair has waves that do not curl at all. Furthermore, curly hair has a coarse structure that feels like wool most people with curly hair live in a humid and warm environment.

Even though it has a coarse structure, it’s the texture. It is soft; by now, you have seen the differences between the two types of hair, and you already know the category you are in, whether wavy or curly.

Can Any Hair Type Get Waves?

Some hair types are difficult to form waves, and if it happens to get, it will not last for long. Anyone can get waves so long us the texture of your hair is good and can hold waves for long. Some people have wavy hair naturally while others need to make them; coarse hair wavers usually have a hard time getting waves because the hair has could, and that makes the waves difficult to stand.

There are three types of hair textures; coarse hair, medium hair, and straight hair. People with coarse hair can easily get waves on their hair when compared to those with median and straight hair textures simply because they have smaller curl lengths. To obtain a wavy hair pattern, you need to brush your hair daily at an angle of 360 patterns for an hour each day.

Medium hair is also a hair texture; people with this kind of hair are the happiest because, with this kind of hair, you can come out with any kind of hairstyle you want. Its texture allows one to obtain waves without much struggle, this kind of hair texture tends to curl slowly compared to coarse hair, and therefore you need to use a soft bristle brush.

Lastly is the straight hair that the majority of us have been the hardest hair structure to obtain waves. In order to start forming waves straight hair should be cut to a particular length, it takes a lot of time for straight hair to achieve the wavy style because it does not curl easily. Straight hair wavers should use less thick pomades and oils since this will help I’m holding their hair down.

How Long Do You Wear Durag To Get Waves?

You might be wondering what durag is, especially if you are a first-timer in waving hair. A durag is also called a wave cap, and when worn consistently it gives the effect of waves, they are also worn just for fashion and as a preservation tool, you don’t want to mess up your pillowcase when you sleep after brushing your hair, and that is why you are needed to put on a durag.

It should be left for 30 minutes for it to accelerate the development of waves. They can be worn by both men and women; most people think that it’s only a fashion statement, not knowing that it has several other benefits.

Whenever you want to maintain 360 waves, you should wear a durag; this is the main reason as to why many people wear durags. They help train hair to lie flat on the head and to maintain the wavy pattern; these special cloths are good, especially for hair that is difficult to maintain.

Wearing a durag improves the hair quality, wearing it to bed can help control frizzy and dry hair naturally, it also promotes healthy and shiny hair simply because it locks in moisture and natural oils of your hair. Another benefit is that it improves hair quality, straightens rough hair, maintains braids, and protects hair from sun and pollution.

How Do You Make Straight Hair Wavy Without Heat?

There are several ways of making straight hair naturally wavy through the following ways.

Preparing your hair

Preparing is the entire process of cleaning your hair; you need to wash your hair with the right products, and when you are done, dry and comb your hair to eliminate excess water. Apply a leave-in conditioner and a curl-enhancing product.

Braiding your hair for waves

Divide your hair to different sections and braid one section at a time, secure the braid, braid the remaining hair, dry your hair, undo the braids, and apply hairspray.

There are other natural methods of creating waves naturally i.e., using buns to create waves and using rag curlers. This is the most known methods of making waves without using heat or harsh chemicals on your hair.

How Do You Get Natural Waves?

You can decide to use rah curls since that’s what is used most and is known to provide the best waves. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Cut cloth strips to get small pieces of fabric.
  • Separate a section of your hair
  • Roll one part of the hair
  • Tie the rag on the rolled curl
  • Set the curl
  • Always use foam curls.

You will definitely get wavy hair without having to use harsh products or heat.

If you want to change your hairstyle to wavy or curly you first need to know; how you can make straight hair wavy permanently, whether you can make straight hair wavy for guys, how to get beachy waves if your hair is wavy it straight, how long should a during be worn and how to naturally make straight hair wavy. After understanding all this, that means you are ready to start the entire hair process.

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