Is Pomade Bad For Hair?




is petroleum pomade bad for hair

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Pomade is a substance used to style hair; it is waxy and greasy in texture. It gives the users hair a shiny appearance. Compared to other hair care products, this one has long durability and is often required multiple washes to remove altogether. The original pomade is made up of; lard beeswax and petroleum jelly. You can use it to come out with several hairstyles; it is trendy because of its long-lasting moisturizing contents. It has a tough feel that breaks down after some push. And when you start rubbing it turns into butter. I mean melted butter. it has the right amount of wax in it, but it doesn’t turn into cream. Once melted in the hands, it feels like lightweight but starts gaining hold and getting a little tougher to apply. It has a beautiful shine apart from the natural hair shine; it is not excessively shiny but shiny enough to see that you have a product in your hair.

How Bad Is Pomade Bad for Hair?

The soft and flexible quality of the hair makes it very easy and possible to make hair styling an art, but choosing your cleaning and shining products is as crucially as washing your hair. Pomade is not harmful to the hair and is of two types namely oil and water-based, there is a myth in existence, saying that it is bad for hair and causes hair loss. This myth has no evidence, although you can apply a few common hair loss treatments. When a new product is used to any part of the body, for example, when pomade is applied to the hair for the first time, the hair and scalp take their time to adjust to the addition of a new product. For the first time, the scalp may become greasier than before; the hair becomes oily for everyone with normal/ dry skin. This only occurs in the period when the body is adapting to chemicals of the applied pomade. Barbers also claim that pomade dries out the scalp causing dandruff, itching and hair fall. All it takes to try out new styling products is patience.

is oil based pomade bad for hair

Does Pomade Have A Strong Hold?

Yes, it has a stronghold depending on the type of hair and the type of pomade you are using. For strong hold pomade, I can advise you to go for the water-based since it provides a very tight and stronghold. They work well on thick and curly hair that sometimes could be hard to style using other types of products, use hold pomade for the thick or unruly curly hair. There are two kinds of water-based pomades, the gel pomades and the wax/clay-based pomades. For hot and tropical climates, use the clay-based pomades, but even the oil-based pomade such as Lockhart heavy will give you a much better hold. The gel pomades do not hold will not hold as well as the clay-based pomade in hot environments.

Should I Use Pomade or Gel

You can use any of them since it depends on the type of hairstyle you want. Gel is good for some hairstyles like spikes and other complex styles like the duck tail. Gel is recommended to guys with thin or beautiful hair as it increases lots of texture and thickness. But here is a warning, the finer/thinner your hair, the lighter the hold you should use to prevent the gel from making your hair fall. Therefore it is recommended for small/beautiful hair and also for the thick or curly hair. Pomade is of two types; the water-based and the oil-based, the water-based is soluble in water, meaning that they can be washed out easily with water, while oil-based is made of greasy ingredients like the petroleum, beeswax and lanolin. Pomade is recommended for people with thick curly /hair.

Is Pomade Better Than Wax?

The two don’t have a lot of differences, water-based pomades are classified as wax-based on their ingredients, but for marketing purposes, they are labeled as pomade. Wax doesn’t stiffen or harden your hair at all. It is thicker than gel, but it doesn’t feel sticky to the touch pomade is more robust but doesn’t look natural. And as for me, I can say that both are good according to the type of someone’s hairstyle, but the best of them all is wax since it’s useful for making the individual expression and can also be used to give a spiky look. In general, the wax is an excellent product if you are always in a rush in the morning. Styling your hair is usually followed by a quick cleanup process, and with wax, it is straightforward to wash out of your hands, unlike pomade.

Should I Use Pomade Every Day?

No, you should not use it every day, if you use it too much, you can block the pores on your forehead and scalp, causing them to break out and this condition is called pomade acne. Start a very little amount when styling with pomade. All pomades can be used daily when applying focus on hair while avoiding the scalp, where it can cause build-up and grease. For some people, oil-based cosmetics can last for several days. Shampooing hair does not remove all oil-based pomades, so you should use fewer products for touch-ups. Hair may be healthier with a break from oil-based pomades, so you should take a day off if you can.

What Does Pomade Do To Your Hair?

It is used to style hair; they add a medium hold generally with a more matte finish, they can add texture, and they don’t get crunchy. It provides an excellent hair hold, delivers great moisture; you can restyle throughout the day. They suit just about every hairstyle; they hold your style in place while keeps your hair looks healthy. They add moisture and shine to dry and frizzy hair. Pomade is very easy to use, put a small amount on the palm of your hands and rub them together to heat the product. Run your hands through your hair and style how you wish. You can slick hair down or tame frizz at the ends with pomade. It tends to keep a wet look with shine; there are several options of consistency and hold—the thicker the product, the higher the hold.

Is It Okay To Sleep With Pomade In Your Hair?

The answer is no, you can’t at all sleep with pomade in your hair, if you think that skipping you pre-bedtime shower and sleeping with pomade in your hair is not a big deal, then you should think about it. Don’t be fooled you are not doing your hair any favor leaving pomade overnight especially if it’s an oil-based product reason being sleeping with it causes hair loss, and no one would want that to happen to their hair this means you should scrub out all products before bed each night so that your pores can breathe in your sleep and grow healthy hair. Due to its stickiness, they easily stick to anything that comes in contact with it. If you sleep with it in your hair, you may find greasy marks everywhere, sleeping with it can also cause acne because you rest on the oil-covered pillow; the grease easily clogs your pores leaving you with acne.

is petroleum pomade bad for hair

Does Pomade Make Your Hair Soft?

It doesn’t make your hair soft it is majorly used for hairstyling. It only provides more shine but less holds, giving the flexibility to reshape thought the day. It doesn’t dry out and won’t harden on your head; it holds your style in place, but your hair remains supple, they are suitable for thick or curly hair. They range from light-medium to light hard hold and are used for slicking, defining, chunking anything from wave to straight hair.

They are used to style hair, add a medium hold and add texture; they don’t get crunchy/flaky. It does not make your hair soft, but it maintains the natural feel throughout the day, it features extra firm hold, which allows you to achieve various hairstyles and shape. It is generally good for styling hair; it makes hair shine. If you have never used pomade, you would know that the shine and lustre that it lends to the hair is unparalleled. It makes the hair a bit greasy, thus the right choice for all men who have dry hair. From its ingredients, it gets it’s moisturizing, nourishing and hair care qualities. They don’t dry out or harden your hair, provide a stronghold and characteristic

Is Suavecito Pomade Bad For Your Hair?

It is water-based and does not have any chemicals, it’s ingredients do not cause acne on your forehead, and in fact, it is one of the best and popular hair product for men. It is suitable for any of those styles that require a stronghold with shine. This product is recognized as one of the best in the market. It comes in two varieties, the original and the fortress, depending on your styling needs, had a smooth and creamy consistency. With the fact that they are water-based, they’ll never feel your hair greasy or sticky and can be easily washed with water. They allow girls to fix your style throughout the day easily. This product lasts you all day without needing any restyling since it has medium and robust strength hold this pomade is unique and worth buying, has a high-quality finish that won’t leave your hair feeling hard.

From this article you can know that pomade is a right product it has a lot of positives than negatives before you use pomade you should be able to know a lot of things. You should be able to distinguish between wax, gel and pomade; you should be able to understand the reasons why you shouldn’t sleep with pomade. Know if pomade is terrible for your hair, know if it’s good to use pomade every day, know the difference between pomade and wax if it makes your hair soft and many other featured associated with it.


This post can assure you that pomade is perfect, especially for hair styling. Every gentleman wishes to look his best and hair is one of those parts that he wants to look astonishing. However, hair products for men are increasingly becoming popular nowadays, although they’ve been around for quite a long time. And pomade is merely one of the many different options available on the market today. You should be aware that’s not necessarily by the name pomade, so before buying. Also, ensure you check the ingredient list to get to know what the pomade comprises of; does it have wax, cream, paste or based product.

For anyone who would want to style their hair and they have never tried, try pomade it’s the best. Pomade can make your hair look smoother and shinier, that’s why it’s always ad isable to buy the best. High quality can enable you to style your hair as you desire, therefore if you are looking for pomade that will help you turn out your hair exactly as you imagined, try the water-soluble skilled barber pomade is an excellent choice for you. It is good quality pomade. You should try it!

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