Different Types of Cardigans




Different Types of Cardigans

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What is Cardigan Clothing

Cardigans are a piece of clothing that buttons or zips can open. It originated from the traditional Welsh jacket called “Ceredigion Gwar,” later abbreviated as a cardigan. This modern version is open at the front and offers more freedom for movement, making them a comfortable choice for casual wear.

Different Types of Cardigans

Different Types of Cardigans

Open Cardigan 

The most common type, having front openings either in the form of buttons or zips. They are available in both long-length as well as cropped versions. Open cardigans are perfect for casual wear and may be worn over t-shirts, shirts, or blouses. They can also be worn as nightwear or pajamas.

Cardigan Sweaters 

These cardigans have a zipped closure and are considered to be more formal than open-fronted types. Therefore, they are suitable for workwear, especially in colder climates, where they can be worn as outerwear during the day and then indoors over a dress shirt and necktie. Cardigan sweaters may also be worn as innerwear under a suit jacket or overcoat.

Long Cardigan 

These cardigans cover the legs to an extent and offer warmth and comfort during cold weather conditions. They may be worn as outerwear with trousers or jeans, especially in colder regions like Scandinavia. Long cardigans are also ideal for wearing over pajamas as nightwear.

Belted Cardigan

As the name suggests, a belted cardigan has a belt tied at the waist, closed with a button or zip. One of its sides hangs loose, and it is often longer than other types. Belted cardigans are perfect for wearing outerwear during the fall and winter seasons as they offer protection from cold winds.

Cardigan Vest

Cardigan vests are very similar to cardigan sweaters, except that they lack sleeves. Instead, they have a collar that is usually ribbed for extra warmth and protection against the cold. They may be worn on their own or beneath other outerwear like coats or jackets.

What are the different types of cardigans

Waist-length Cardigan

A waist-length cardigan is perfect for wearing indoors, over a shirt or blouse. It can be worn with both formal and casual wear equally well.

Layered Cardigan

Layered cardigans are exactly what they sound like – cardigans are divided into different parts, each layer fastened by buttons/zips. The upper part of the cardigan is fastened while the lower part, which is often long and loose, remains unfastened. Layered cardigans are ideal for sleepwear because they keep the body warm and add to the aesthetic appeal of such clothing.

3/4-length Cardigan

A three quarter length cardigan or a cropped sweater looks perfect when worn over a long dress or skirt. Women may also wear them over jeans to give an interesting look.

Knit Cardigan

Knitted cardigans are made up of knitted yarn, often in different patterns and designs depending on the wearer’s choice. They are perfect for casual outings or outdoor events like picnics because they offer sufficient warmth to keep the wearer warm even in chilly weather conditions.

Cropped Cardigan

A cropped cardigan is a type of cardigan which covers the waist area. It is shorter in length than other types and can be worn both indoors and outdoors.

Hooded Cardigan

Another common cardigan type is a hooded one, with a hood attached at the back, or it may hang loosely from the top. Hooded cardigans are perfect for casual wear and add to the aesthetic appeal, especially if they are of elegant design and covered in a smooth fabric.

Poncho Cardigan

A poncho cardigan is a combination of both a sweater and a scarf. It has an opening at the front, which allows it to be easily slipped on and off, while the upper part hangs loosely to cover the shoulders. Poncho cardigans are perfect for cold weather conditions because they offer protection from wind as well as cold.

Batwing Cardigan

A batwing cardigan has wide sleeves which are generally angular in shape. These sweaters look good when paired over dresses or skirts and add a sense of style to the outfit.


A shrug is another variety of cardigan which provides warmth during colder weather conditions. The sleeves are very wide and loose, almost like those in a lab coat worn by scientists, while the upper part of the body remains uncovered. These types of sweaters may be worn over other types of clothing, like dresses and blouses. They are perfect for casual wear as well as evening wear.

Cable-knit Cardigan

A cable knit cardigan is made up of multicolored yarn, creating a pattern like interlocking cables on its surface. These patterns make this sweater ideal for wearing over formal outfits because they look elegant and stylish.

Kimono Cardigan

A kimono cardigan is a cardigan with a wide collar opening at the front made from a single piece. It is fastened with a belt, creating an interesting two-piece look, making it perfect for casual outings and formal occasions.

Bat Sleeves Cardigan

Bat sleeves are designed with extra-wide sleeves, which create the shape of bat wings at the ends. These types of sweaters may be worn over other clothing to create an elegant look, and they are perfect for casual wear and evening wear due to their eye-catching appearance.

Tunic Cardigan

A cardigan pulled over the head to cover the upper part of the body is called a tunic-style sweater. Tunic sweaters are generally long enough to cover the entire body, and they are perfect for casual wear and indoor use during colder weather conditions.

Hooded Cardigan with Attached Scarf

This cardigan has an attached scarf at the back, which hangs down to cover the upper body area. The sleeves are very long and narrow, so they can be folded or pushed up at the elbows to create a different look.

Zipped Cardigan

As the name suggests, this type of cardigan has a zipper running down the front which can be used to open and close it. Usually worn by women, zipped sweaters are comfortable and easy to wear because they do not require buttons or pins for closure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used to create cardigans?

A. Cardigans generally have a woolen base, making them perfect for use during cold weather conditions. In addition, they may be made from cotton and synthetic materials, which keep the wearer warm and comfortable without making them sweat too much. The choice of material depends on the person who will wear the sweater and their personal preferences regarding comfort and health.

How many types of cardigans are there?

A. There is a wide range of cardigans, including different categories like hooded sweaters, poncho sweaters, batwing sweaters, shrugs, cable-knit sweaters, tunic sweaters, and many more.

How is a cardigan different from a jacket?

A. Cardigans and jackets resemble each other because they are both worn on the upper part of the body to provide warmth during cold weather conditions. However, unlike jackets, cardigans do not have full sleeves, and they may be closed with buttons or other types of fasteners. On the other hand, Jackets are worn over other clothing like T-shirts and may be opened in the front to expose more area.

What is the difference between a cardigan and a pullover sweater?

A. Pullover sweaters are generally one-piece construction, which does not require a zipper or buttons to fasten it. On the other hand, Cardigans have two-piece construction, which makes them ideal for casual wear as well as formal occasions, depending upon how they are worn.


As can be seen, different types of cardigans are available for use depending upon the occasion and wearer’s preferences. These versatile pieces of clothing make it easier for people to look stylish and elegant even during cold weather conditions.

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