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How to Apply Rogaine on Beards

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Rogaine is a product that has always been there, a lot of people have used it and believe that it is a great effective product.

Rogaine helps you regain your hair back and that is, if it is natural baldness, it doesn’t work on hair that was lost from using other chemicals.

You need to understand everything about this product before using it because every good thing is accompanied by side effects and smash for the case of Rogaine, there are various side effects associated with it.

Once you have learnt and understood, visit a doctor to help you decide if it suits you or not and if you happen to use it, then you need to be patient because the results will take time.

Can I Use Rogaine for My Beard

What Happens When You Stop Using Rogaine?

Rogaine was developed in order to be used as high blood pressure treatment as well as regaining hair loss in men and women.

Rogaine works especially for those people thinning hair problems or those who lose hair at the scalp.

People with patchy hair should or loss of hair caused by other medication should not use Rogaine because it doesn’t work on that, if you stop using Rogaine, it won’t work effectively.

Pros of Rogaine

  • Applied only twice a day
  • You don’t have to see the doctor because it’s available over the counter
  • You only experience side effects where you have applied the medication
  • It is cheap

Cons of Rogaine

Rogaine Pharmacist tips

Rogaine should not be used more than twice a day

Wash your hands before and after using it

If you notice shedding of hair after two weeks of using Rogaine, don’t panic it is a sign that it’s working

Hair regrowth is different for every person

Do You Have To Use Rogaine Forever?

Yes, that is, if you want to keep the new hair, then you have no option but to continue using it.

Once you stop using Rogaine, there is a chance that your new hair will fall out again.

Before thinking of using Rogaine, keep in mind that you might need to use it forever, decide whether you can or not.

Remember that it will cost you since you will have to buy it every time you run out of it.

If it happens you forgot a dose, just wait until your next schedule and ensure you don’t apply extra doses at once because you will not like the outcome.

If you are planning on going swimming, then it’s good to apply it 4 hours before going. After swimming, give your scalp enough time to dry, then apply again.

Another thing you should keep in mind, don’t let your scalp get wet after applying Rogaine, only apply it on a dry scalp.

How to Apply Rogaine on Beards

Can I Use Rogaine for My Beard?

Yes, it can be used on beard hair. There are various growth treatments out there but do not provide good results, but for the case of Rogaine, you won’t be disappointed as it works magic.

Rogaine is used to stimulate hair growth and thickness of hair, it is a perfect choice for growing a beard and it is a very popular brand.

The reason why it works on the beard is because it is in a position to stimulate hair follicles. One can have thin or patchy beard hair because the dormant follicles have left spaces on the active follicles.

If you are experiencing this problem, Rogaine is the best treatment for you, you will notice great changes after using it for a while but use it correctly.

How to Apply Rogaine on Beards

Cleanse your face with a PH balanced cleanser

Apply the recommended amount

Let the skin absorb the applied Rogaine

Wash your face after 4 hours

Moisturize immediately after washing your face

NB: Apply it once In case of irritation if applied twice per day

If irritation goes on more than three days, stop using Rogaine

If there is no change after four weeks of use, consult a physician

What Happens When You Stop Using Rogaine On Your Beard?

Just like on your head, when you stop using Rogaine on your beard, your new hair is obviously going to fall out. You are supposed to use it all the time if you want to have your hair permanently grown.

It is advisable to use Rogaine always if you have decided to use it, you might need to use it permanently or else you will have the same problem.

Rogaine works on beard hair only when used correctly, follow the right process from application up to the removal level. For those people who want it sooner, you are recommended to use a derma roller.

It can take up to 4 weeks before you start seeing changes that is why you need to be patient. Continue using it for over 6 months if you didn’t get the changes you desired.

Is Foam Rogaine Better Than Liquid?

Rogaine comes into forms, the liquid and foam and the concentrations are 2 and 5%. Both of them are good and at the same time, they have their own disadvantages.

The best one is foam because it has a high concentration than the liquid one. There is a study showing that one with a higher concentration is the best and in this case, it is the Rogaine foam that comes fast.

What to look for when choosing Rogaine foam and liquid


Rogaine liquid might make your hair feel greasy and if it happens so consider using foam, it is far much better as it absorbs more quickly.

Sensitivities or Allergies

Some men might get allergies when they use liquid form of Rogaine as it contains chemicals which cause allergic reactions.

On the other, the foam version doesn’t contain glycol that causes allergies. However, foam can still affect some other people.

Ease of use

Foam is easier to apply than liquid Rogaine only on larger areas, liquid Rogaine can be applied easily to the scalp, so it’s up to you to decide which type you want.

If you are going to apply Rogaine on your beards, then go for foam because it’s easy to apply and evaporates faster when applied.

If your skin is sensitive, then foam is a good option for you, it is comfortable and has less or no impact on your skin.

Does Your Hair Become Dependent On Rogaine?

Yes, once you have applied Rogaine on your hair, it becomes Rogaine dependent and if the treatment stops, hair growth stops or even falls out.

Even if Rogaine stimulates hair growth, that doesn’t mean that your hair grows back permanently, once you have used Rogaine on your hair, it becomes Rogaine dependent forever.

If you happen to use Rogaine and it doesn’t work as expected, you can combine it with finasteride, these agents work well when combined than using one.

You need to make a good decision before using Rogaine on your hair because it is a lifetime commitment meaning that you should be very ready to spend a good amount of money on it.

What Are The Side Effects Of Rogaine?

Ensure that you consult a physician before you start using Rogaine to see if you have any health conditions. If you want to use it for a beard, ensure that the label reads for men. Don’t forget to follow the safety measures needed.

Rare side effects

  • Soreness at the roots of hair
  • Face might swell
  • Facial hair growth on places you didn’t apply
  • Increased hair loss
  • Redness of the skin
  • Developed acne on the area applied
  • Side effects of too much absorption
  • Headache
  • Weight gain
  • Causes blurred vision
  • Can cause someone to faint
  • Dizziness
  • Heartbeat becomes irregular
  • Hands and legs might tingle
  • Swelling of feet, face and hands
  • Serious Side Effects
  • Poor eyesight

Rogaine use might change your blood pressure this affecting your eyesight. If you notice blurred eyesight, stop using Rogaine immediately and consult a doctor.

Allergic reactions

You might experience allergic reactions after using Rogaine because of its components. To avoid allergic reactions, ensure that you check the ingredients.

Severe Chest Pain

If you have had no problem with chest pain and then all of a sudden after using Rogaine, you experience an irregular heartbeat and chest pains, stop using the drug.

What Happens When You Stop Using Rogaine

Can Rogaine Cause Weight Gain?

Yes, it can cause weight gain on some people. Your stomach, feet, hands, face and ankles might swell due to salt and water retention caused by taking Rogaine.

What causes weight gain is water retention, so if in case after using Rogaine and you notice you are gaining weight, then stop using it and if you are okay with the weight, go on.

Do not be worried at all because a lot of people have been there and they got used to it after consulting doctors or physicians.

Can I Put Rogaine All Over My Head?

Just use it on the bald places and it is important that you read the instructions carefully and use the medicine as directed by your doctor.

Don’t use too much of it and don’t apply it on places you were not instructed to because it might be absorbed into the skin and end up causing serious health problems.

In addition to that, don’t use other products after applying Rogaine. You can use hair relaxers, permanents and hair coloring during therapy so long as the scalp is washed.

The dose of this medicine is different for everyone you can’t share it with your friends. That is why it is good to follow your doctor’s advice, if you have a different dose, don’t change it unless your doctor says so.

Will Rogaine Make Hair Thicker?

Yes, but you need to be patient because it will take a while before the hair gets thicker and denser. During the process, you might notice your hairs falling out faster than normal and that is okay don’t panic.

After four weeks, you will realize that your hair is growing back thicker and denser than before. It’s then your turn to monitor your hair and continue using Rogaine.

Benefits of Rogaine

Increases hair thickness and density

Apart from stimulating hair growth, Rogaine also increases hair thickness and density, encouraging the strands to grow stronger and fuller.

Stimulates hair growth

This works differently for anyone, hair growth will occur after four weeks or even 2 to 3 months on other people with fewer hairs being lost each time.

Can Rogaine Ruin Your Hair?

Yes, especially if used incorrectly but it will not make your hair loss worse but its effects disappear if not used every day.

Rogaine is considered safe and its side effects are minor the most common side effects everyone can experience after using Rogaine are scalp irritation and growth of hair in adjacent areas.

Rogaine has been proven to be effective only for those people with hereditary form of hair loss at the back and top of the scalp.

Only a few people have had good results and there is a chance that it might not work for you. Always see a doctor before using these products or any other kind.

You should know the following things if you are planning to get rid of baldness and want to use Rogaine.

If it causes weight gain, whether it can ruin your hair if it is used all over your head, the side effects if you can use it on your beard and what happens if you stop using it.

Finally, know whether you will have to use Rogaine forever, know the difference between liquid and foam Rogaine and chose one that suits you, try to know if it ruins your hair or makes it strong and thicker.

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