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why do we wear pajamas to bed

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Clothes are mainly used to improve the appearance of an individual and also make some fashion statements. Nonetheless, the bottom line for each individual will remain the type of comfort that a particular piece of clothing provides. The comfort offered by a pair of pajamas has been recognized in nearly every part of the globe. In this post, we are going to look at why we should wear pajamas to bed, how often we should wash them and how to choose skin-friendly materials when shopping for pajamas.

Why Should You Wear Pajamas To Bed

Your wellness is all about feeling good and taking care of yourself, every night, and every day. It does not just mean exercising and eating right. It also means looking for small and simple ways to take care of you, and feel good about yourselves. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider wearing pajamas to bed.

Wearing a pair of pajamas can help keep you warm. They completely cover your legs without allowing your legs to be subject to cold throughout the night. Pajamas are mainly useful for individuals living in cold climatic conditions or places that have cold weather.

why do we wear pajamas to bed

  • They prevent illnesses

If your legs remain covered throughout the entire night while sleeping, there’s no chance that you can get a cold. It’s usually observed that when individuals contract a common cold, it is mainly because of their legs and feet are getting cold. Wearing pajamas when retiring to bed can completely help to get rid of the possibility of a common cold.

  • They are hygienic

Your skin sheds a couple of layers, particularly at night, and different kinds of bacteria also accompany this excessive shedding of dead skin. Even if you take a shower every evening before going to bed and regularly change your bed sheet, your body will still shed dead skin cells as you sleep.

If your body is not covered fully, it will accumulate on your bedsheets. Therefore, it is hygienic to put on pajamas when going to bed so that all the wastes from your skin can remain in them. This method can only be quite hygienic, especially if you are in the habit of washing and changing your pajamas regularly. Besides, it also creates a cleaner and more comfortable sleeping atmosphere.

  • They provide comfort

There’s no denying the fact the pajamas usually define comfort. Not only can you sleep in pajamas, but you can also run, jog, and gym in them too. They are excellent for overnight camps, and especially if you are planning to sleep outdoors. It also protects you against plant-related rashes and insect bites as well.

  • They preserve dignity

People who sleep in awkward positions or move about quite a lot in their sleep are advised to wear pajamas when going to bed. It will help preserve your dignity because it covers you fully, without the opportunity of slipping or even revealing unnecessary body show.

Should You Sleep In Pajamas?

No. Getting good sleep needs more than scheduling a constant bedtime. But creating a good sleep environment considering temperature, light, and other things can be the main difference between a full night of sleep and fitful dozing. The other important element is what you wear when going to bed. Selecting pajamas to support good slumber is surprisingly simple, but all people don’t like pajamas.

You don’t have to sleep in pajamas only, but you can wear any other light clothing you prefer as long as it keeps you comfortable throughout the night. You should make sure that your clothes are thin and loose, but not very baggy to prevent them from tangling you up as you sleep.

why should you wear pajamas to bed

What Is The Purpose Of Pajamas?

Pajamas are worn by women, men, and children alike. It is a nightly ritual for many people to wear their pajamas before heading off to bed. But they are mainly worn for comfort both during the day and night. Whether it is for a cold winter evening mostly in the northern regions calling for comfortable flannel pajamas or sweltering summer nights in the south where light cotton sleepwear is the most preferred nighttime attire, everybody has at least one preferred pair of pajamas.

Is It Bad To Sleep With Your Clothes On?

Keeping the body cool is vital to enjoying a full night of uninterrupted slumber. When you bring a pair of pajamas into the picture, your body will have more external factors to handle that can eventually affect your temperature. That is especially true if your pair of pajamas keep you too warm, leading to uncomfortable sweats during the night that interferes with your night sleep and even wakes you up. However, some people prefer sleeping naked. Apart from helping you to sleep better, sleeping bed naked offers other numerous benefits. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved genital health

Airing your private parts while you sleep is important for both women and men. Wearing underwear usually trap in moisture, which allows bacteria to thrive and maybe cause jock strap itching for men and vaginal infections in women.

  • Better relationships

Apart from genital health, sleeping without clothes is also good for intimacy. According to research, individuals who sleep naked having happier and relationships when compared to those who go to bed in pajamas or other types of clothing.

  • Beauty sleep

Beauty sleep is usually a real thing, and going to bed without clothes might have something to do with it. Sleeping naked releases enough HGH to repair tissues, build muscle, and burn fast when you are asleep.

  • Reduced appetite

Going to bed naked can also reduce your appetite and also help you lose some weight. When you sleep in pajamas or any other sleepwear, your levels of cortisol can be a bit high in the morning, which means you are more likely to overeat and also indulge in fatty or overly sugary foods.

  • Better focus

The best night’s sleep is the uninterrupted one. If you wake up in the night because of getting too hot, your deep sleep can be interrupted. The less sleepwear you put on, the cooler you will be, allowing the body to sleep faster and properly, leading to better focus.

Do You Wear The Same Pajamas Every Night?

Pajamas get dirty pretty fast. You should be changing your nightwear every day. Most individuals carry a certain amount of staph microbe on their skin. It is a common bacteria that you pick up on your skin, in your noses, and your mouth, usually without consequences.

But if you wear the same pair of pajamas over and over again, the staph microbe will begin collecting in your pajamas and thrive. With time, these growing groups of staph bacteria can get inside your skin through cuts, ingrown hairs, or any other break in the natural defense system of your body. Changing and washing pajamas frequently can help kill staph microbe, and also prevent potentially life-threatening and painful infections.

What Is The Softest Material For Pajamas?

According to statistics, we usually spend a third of our lives sleeping. Therefore, when it comes down to sleep, pajamas do matter. Selecting the right kind of pajamas can be pretty challenging with the many different fabrics, colors, and styles available on the market. Some pajama materials are lightweight and made for warm temperatures, while others have thick materials that are ideal for winter temperatures.

Supima cotton is one of the softest and coolest fabrics for pajamas. These pajamas provide you a lightweight feel making it extra breathable. The material itself feels smooth and cool, like a second skin. Generally, Supima cotton is ideal for warm temperatures, but it’s gentle to the touch and extra lightweight. However, you can also layer it under some robes for extra warmth.

Also, pajamas made from Supima cotton are usually form-fitting and make body-hugging sleepwear that’s perfect for adults. Supima cotton pajamas are available in all colors and designs, have a stretch to them, and also provide a comfortable and silky sleep. They are usually available in more revealing shorts, cami sets, and in full-coverage pajamas.

What Material Is Best For Pajamas?

Throughout the year, the temperatures will regularly change, making it difficult to sleep in the evening sometimes. The best fabric for a good pair of pajamas is mainly dependent on the current temperatures you are exposed to and what you normally feel comfortable in as well. Here are some of the best materials for lightweight and breathable pajamas.

  • Silk

Silk is a versatile fabric and can be ideal throughout year-round for a wide range of clothing pieces and nightwear. Because silk is a good temperature regulator, it assists in keeping you cool during the summer season but also warm during winter. Although silk is lightweight, most fabric makers can make heavy silks as well. Different silk weaves will contribute to the total weight of the silk.

  • Cotton

Cotton is a natural fiber and a great selection for your summer sleepwear. It will not only prevent heat from getting trapped against the skin, but it also comes with very low maintenance. Besides, the fabric does not retain odors like most oil-based fabrics, which means you won’t have to clean your pajamas as often. There are no specific requirements when it does come to washing cotton, so it is always safe to use the washing machine as usual.

  • Linen

Linen is popularly known for being a pretty staple material for the summer season. However, it is a lightweight but durable selection for pajamas. Since it’s 2 to 3 times stronger than standard cotton, linen supports optimum breathability. According to research, it is a perfect material to sleep in because you can sweat 15 times less when compared to sleeping in silk or cotton.

Are Cotton Pajamas Warm?

Lightweight cotton is usually the go-to option for some matching pajamas, especially when sleeping in warm temperatures. Cotton material is breathable and soft to the touch. However, it remains incredibly cool against the skin, making for sound sleep. Besides, lightweight cotton pajamas are also a good option for children because the material is durable and soft with some stretch that allows for easy movement. Lightweight cotton pajamas are also comfortable for adults, especially for snoozing and lounging around the house. They also make for the ideal sleepwear for warm nights. Select from some full-body matching pajamas and a lightweight cotton t-shirt.

What Do Girls Wear For Pajamas?

Most of the ladies wear sleepwear and intimates when going to bed. Around 60% of the girls wear pretty loose, comfortable sleepwear. Others prefer wearing a bra and panties when going to bed. Around 10% of the girls sleep naked, which is the most comfortable where your dreams are concerned. Experts suggest girls put on comfortable lingerie and sleepwear dresses which are specifically designed to offer utmost comfort, yet look appealing and gorgeous to satisfy your marital needs and demands.

How Many Times Wear Pajamas Before Washing?

Most people assume that a pair of pajamas does not get dirty because you only wear them when sleeping and not outside. However, that is not the case. In addition to the accumulation of overnight sweat, your skin is always shedding. The dead skin cells and the germs build-up from daily activities are usually transferred to the pajamas. Pajamas must be washed after three or four wears, especially if you shower before going to bed. But if you don’t shower before bed, you should consider using a clean set of pajamas every evening.

Getting good sleep requires more than scheduling a constant bedtime. To create the best sleeping environment, you should consider light and temperature to enjoy a long night of sleep. The other important element is what you wear when going to bed. However, personal comfort reigns ultimate when selecting the right nightwear for you. Whether you prefer a silk chemise, a stretchy sleep shirt, classic cotton pajamas, or nothing at all, the sleepwear tips covered in this article will help you make a good decision.

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