My EX Girlfriend Is Ignoring Me What Does It Mean?




My EX Girlfriend Is Ignoring me What Does It Mean

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Heartbreak might seem like a slight thing, but it really hurts and tortures people’s minds and to avoid sinking into depression, you need to know a lot about depression, below are some basic things that will help you.

My EX Girlfriend Is Ignoring me What Does It Mean

My Ex-Girlfriend Ignores Me What Does That Mean?

Remember that she is your ex-girlfriend and her ignoring you should not be something to worry about. Reason being, she might have moved on and wants nothing to do with you.

If not so, she might just be trying to fix her life and trying to get over you. So Incase it is happening to you, keep calm she is your ex-girlfriend give her time.

You agreed to break up and you never discussed about remaining in contact and you assumed that calling would be as it was before.

Yes, it can be very discouraging to be ignored by your ex, but there possibly is a good reason as to why she is ignoring you. Below are some of the reasons.

She Could Be Confused

You might have occupied a good space in her heart and getting over you could be hard for her. Yes, you have broken up with her and the age has just realized that your existence has left a mark in her heart and she gets confused and cannot think straight.

When she is in this state, she can ignore you, she needs time to get herself back and this is a very confusing period for her and she could ignore you even when she doesn’t mean to.

She Does Not Want to Get Back Together

She definitely is trying to avoid the possibility of you making up. She might not want to hurt you, but it is the only way to avoid starting the relationship again.

This is one of the main reasons why your ex does not want to speak to you and can even avoid meeting you in any way. She might not have a grudge on you, but she just doesn’t want both of you back together.

She is Hunted by the Past

Your ex could be hunted by the memories that the two of you created together, especially if she is the one that messed things up.

If you tried your best to make the relationship work and she did not care about it could be a major reason why she ignores you.

She can also pretend not to see you when you meet because of guilt, your appearance could make her feel uncomfortable and escape route to act that like she never saw you.

Trying to Find Love Again

This could be another reason she might have decided to get over you and is trying to move on. You could be a distraction from making that happen and she chooses to ignore you.

She is trying to find love and that is what is on her mind at the moment and for her mission to succeed she needs to get rid of any kind of distraction in her life and that could be you.

New Rumors

Rumors could have reached her that you moved on and she is hurt and is trying to avoid everything associated with you.

Your ex-girlfriend could be near your enemies and they feed her with every bad information, especially if they had feelings for you and we’re waiting so hard for you to break up.

What Should I Do If My Ex Is Ignoring Me

What Should I Do If My Ex Is Ignoring Me?

People fear losing their ex forever and that is understandable how you are trying to make things work with your ex again and for sure, no specialized coach can help you get back with your ex.

Apply the no contact rule

This will make her stop ignoring you. This is what she doesn’t expect you to do, she is used to you being present, sending messages and knowing what you feel and what you are doing.

That is why she takes you for granted, take it easy don’t lose your credibility and self-worth because of heartbreak. What you need to do is take a break, do not text or call her for like a month.

Don’t be afraid of the results it is the best move to win her back and find you in the process. She will soon come back because she is worried that you might have found someone better.

It has worked for a lot of people and it will also work for you. Don’t be afraid, take the time to work on yourself, your happiness and your goals and who knows you might even find someone better than her during the process.

The break will remind you who you really and become a better version of yourself. Interact with new people and make friends it is important to heal.

In case you get in touch, don’t talk about the relationship try talking about things you have achieved and your great plans ahead show her that even without her, you are capable.

Is Ignoring Your Ex A Good Idea?

It depends, with some people, it is good because it gives them enough time to heal and get back to their feet again. If you still love him or her, you can figure out what to do instead of ignoring as it hurts you the most.

There is also a good reason to ignore your ex if she doesn’t pick your calls or talk to you. It is advisable that you ignore him or her for a while and this is a rule known as a no contact rule.

The more you follow your ex, she takes you for granted, she knows that you are going nowhere and you can’t do without her.

Prove to her that you are capable by ignoring her, take your time she will come back after a while. She realizes that you might have moved in and will now start reaching you.

If ignoring your ex gives you peace of mind, then do it for the benefit of your health. Heartbreaks hurt and if you find a way of healing, then go for it. It doesn’t matter how so long as you are happy.

Is Ignoring Your Ex the Best Revenge?

Yes, and it is known as the silent treatment, never give your ex more power over you instead of revenging them, don’t give them any reaction that is why ignoring your ex is the best revenge.

Unless your ex was a good person, your ex might just bring unnecessary drama in your life. In addition to that, when you have moved on, it is good to leave your past behind.

The no contact rule is a rule that works and helps you move on, especially for people who can’t deal with heartbreaks.

Don’t show your ex that you are desperate when you are not, its understandable heartbreaks can cause you to do stupid things, but you can avoid all these by ignoring your ex no matter how hard it can be.

How Do You Know If Your Ex Moved On?

Less awkward interactions

This is a clear sign that your ex has moved on and is now ready to just be friends with you, you might even mistake that he wants to get back together, but the truth is she has moved on.

If she still has your contact and complains no more and stops stalking you, then she is over you, if she becomes too friendly and now makes contact and never used to, trust me, she moved on.

Interactions become boring

If you still communicated and flirted sometimes, then all of a sudden, she stops doing so, that means she moved on and his heart is no longer in it.

He is trying to focus on someone else and his attention is directed to his new partner. Exes sometimes indulge in sex and if she stops seeing you on this particular matter, it’s obvious he has someone else and has moved on.

Communication reduces

It’s normal for exes to have longer communication even after breaking up and if not so, one partner tends to cling and not get over it. If you communicate a lot with your ex and then communication sizes or become less fun, then that is it she or he met someone and is over you.

How Do You Tell If Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You?

An ex can pretend to be over you just to show how strong he is, but if you are keen enough, you will know that he is acting and here are the signs.

  • Strong eye contact game
  • Playing the jealousy game
  • If they didn’t take their things
  • They act more than just happy
  • They are very considerate
  • Maintains their schedule
  • They haven’t erased your pictures together
  • Prevents you from taking your belongings from his or her place
  • If they turn his friends into spies

How Do You Move On From Someone Who Ignored You?

It hurts when someone ignores you, but you can talk and see why they are doing to help you know where you went wrong and resolve. But if it’s your ex, then you should just play dumb, don’t talk to them, ignore them and do what makes you happy.

Give them space don’t bother them with calls because the more you seem stressed, the more they enjoy. Don’t lower your dignity simply because someone ignores you. Remember that you are strong you can do without them.

Silence is the best medicine. Be silent until they look for you it won’t be long, focus on yourself, visit friends, hit the gym and get an interesting job it will help you forget people who hurt you.

Being ignored can affect a specific zone in the brain, which, when activated it can physically affect you and you might experience fatigue and insomnia, headaches, diabetes, digestive problems and increased blood pressure.

How Can I Get My Ex To Talk To Me Again?

Don’t let your ex look down upon you, especially if he is the one that messed around let him find you and not you finding him. However, love is between the two of you and if you want to talk to him again, you should reach him.

So before looking for him, try not to be needy and desperate because he might end up blocking or ignoring you. The following steps will help you win back your ex.

  • Don’t panic and don’t push your ex away
  • Understand what pushes your ex away
  • Avoid texting and calling all the time
  • Explaining how much you love her and promising a lot of things
  • Never freak out about his or her rebound
  • Do not call your ex names

Is It A Good Sign If your Ex Responds To Your Texts?

It could be a good sign but do not be so happy about it maybe he or she has just decided to be dry with you and not lovers, so relax and see where the communication is heading to.

It all depends on how he or she responds is it friendly or is she flirting with you or not. After answering this question, you will be able to know why he replies to your texts.

  • If your ex responds quickly, it means a lot. Here are the various reasons.
  • He or she wants to make it hard for you to win her back
  • Your texts do not make sense
  • You text a lot
  • She still feels you have not changed and is replying to the old version of you
  • You are becoming too emotional or too serious on a text
  • She does not want to waste her precious time texting you

Why Do Guys Ignore You After A Breakup?

He might have moved on

He may be trying to move on

Still might be having feelings for you

He might be testing your patience

Feels hurt around you

He needs more time alone

After a breakup, you need to know how to handle it, how to do it and why not do some other things. Knowing the following things will help you in case of heartbreak.

If ignoring your ex good or not, how do you know if your ex moved on? How do you move on after a breakup, how to get your ex to talk to you again and so many other things.

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