Can You Put Hair Dye on Wet Hair?




can you put hair dye on wet hair

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Hair dye is often a sensitive topic, but it doesn’t have to be! Whether you want to change your hair color or just touch up roots, we have some tips for you. But first: let’s talk about the most important question of all – can you put hair dye on wet hair? The answer is yes and no. It depends on what type of product you’re using. So keep reading!

can you put hair dye on wet hair

Can You Put Hair Dye on Wet Hair?

The likelihood of a hair dye “catching” or being properly deposited is increased when it’s applied to damp hair. So, the answer is yes, you can put dye on your wet hair! However, there are some important considerations.

Depending on the color and the product you’re using, there may be special instructions for applying dye to wet or dry hair. Read the instructions carefully before you begin to apply your color.

It’s important to remember that your comfort level with this or any other procedure is just as important as what a manufacturer suggests. If the product specifies applying it on wet hair, do so! However, if it says “dry,” then this could be a potential problem.

How to Dye Hair While Wet?

The most important consideration is the protection of any surfaces you don’t want dyed. Plastic sheeting or some other form of cover will work for this purpose.

Start by parting your hair in sections and applying the dye to each section’s roots. You may need to massage it in with your fingers, but use care not to rub too roughly as you may see color on your fingertips.

When the dye is applied, be sure to saturate your hair thoroughly. You don’t want any missed areas or dry patches that could result in an uneven application. Once you have it distributed evenly, wrap your hair in plastic and let it rest for the required amount of time.

At the end of the time, you may rinse your hair in cool water. Do not use hot or warm water as this could set the dye prematurely and result in unexpected color. Thoroughly towel-dry your hair to remove excess moisture before applying any kind of styling product.

The Benefits of Dyeing Hair While It is Wet

One of the advantages to dying hair while it’s wet is a reduction in the number of visible roots. This can allow you to stretch the time between colorings, and save you time and money.

Dying your hair while it’s wet may also be gentler on strands overall since they are already saturated with water. Water makes your hair more pliable and also helps to reduce tangles, so this can make the dyeing process easier.

There is also less risk of color transfer or staining your skin if you dye hair while it’s wet. This makes it a safer option for those who don’t want any unexpected changes in their appearance after they’ve completed the coloring process.

What are the Drawbacks of Dyeing Wet Hair?

If you have a sensitive scalp or other skin sensitivities, dyeing hair while it’s wet may be less preferable. This is because wet hair can lose the cuticle layer that acts as a natural barrier to prevent irritants from entering your pores.

When dying your hair while it’s wet, be prepared for the color to take slightly longer to set. This is because water acts as a diluting agent, and the saturation of your strands will require more time for the color to establish itself.

Hair that’s been dyed while it was wet may also have a tendency to fade slightly faster than if it were dry when you wash it. So keep this in mind when committing to this application method.

What are the Drawbacks of Dyeing Wet Hair?

One of the drawbacks to dying hair while it’s wet is that your color may begin to fade as soon as you dry off if you have porous strands. This can make those dark roots more noticeable even before you’ve had a chance to apply your dye.

Hair that has been colored while still soaking wet may also be harder to work with. This is because it will take longer for the dye to set and could result in a mess if you aren’t careful when applying your styling products after.

It’s also possible that hair dyed while wet might not last as long as hair dyed dry. Wet hair swells slightly, which can increase porosity and cause dye to leach out more quickly.

Types of Hair Color That Work Best on Wet Hair

Wet hair can be dyed with pretty much any color you choose, but there are types that will work better than others. Virgin (unprocessed) hair would be excellent for dying on a wet basis because it’s highly absorbent. You should also have long-lasting results with blonde and light red shades, like henna or ash.

Some dark shades can also be applied to wet hair without much issue; however, the color may take a little longer to set than it would if you were using dry hair. So if you’re in a rush, stick with colors that aren’t so bold or saturated. At-home coloring kits are often made for application on wet hair, but just make sure you get one that specifically states this. Otherwise, you could end up with uneven or streaky results if the dye is not designed to be used on wet strands.

Can I put permanent hair color on wet hair

Hair Dyes You Can Use on Wet Hair

A lot of the ordinary drug store products on the market are made to be used with wet hair, and there are also special color kits designed to do so. It is always best to pick a kit that specifies which ones work for application on wet hair; otherwise, you may end up with uneven results or streaks in your coloring.

Please note that some at-home hair dye products are made to work on both wet and dry strands, so keep this in mind.

If you want to use a different type of colorant that isn’t formulated for application with wet hair, it’s best to do your research first. Some natural dyes like henna can be applied without a problem, but working with chemical dyes on wet strands is not advised.

FAQs about  Dyeing Hair When on Wet

Q: My hair usually takes a long time to set, so will dyeing it wet make the color fade faster?

A: Dyeing your hair while it is still wet may cause you to notice fading as soon as you dry off, but this isn’t something that occurs exclusively when using this application method. Hair color will gradually fade no matter how it’s applied or what type of colorant you’re using. The difference in this case is mostly just a matter of time.

Q: Can I dye my hair any color while it’s wet?

A: Yes, provided the product that you’re using says that it can be used on wet strands. Some dyes are only formulated to work on dry hair, so it’s important to check the label first.

Q: Will it be harder to get my dye job even with wet strands?

A: Dying your hair while it is still wet may make it more difficult for you to evenly coat every strand. You might not notice much of a difference if you’re only using temporary colorant. However, if you’re using a long-lasting dye that is designed to penetrate more deeply into the hair shaft, it will be trickier to get even coverage on wet strands. Some colors may also take longer to set when applied to wet hair because of the extra time needed for penetration.


We recommend that you dye your hair on wet hair. This will help the color to stay in and not come out as easily. It is also less damaging for the scalp since it doesn’t need to be dried or styled after dying your hair. However, we always suggest doing a strand test before applying any type of permanent coloring just to make sure there are no allergies!

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