How Do I Evict My Girlfriend Who Refuses to Leave




How Do I Ask My Girlfriend to Move Out

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If you are planning to move in with your partner, you should take time to decide if you want to do it because moving in with someone comes with a lot of challenges. You can still handle it because, at the end of the day, you will still get married and live together, not unless you are not serious about the relationship.

If you happen to move in together and find things hard, don’t find it hard to evict her from your house if she refuses to leave; remember that your happiness matters, and if the relationship is not working and you have tried a lot, just let it go.

How Do I Ask My Girlfriend to Move Out

How Do I Evict My Girlfriend Who Refuses to Leave?

It is hard to send away someone you have spent a lot of time together, but if you are tired and realize that you can’t handle her anymore, it’s good to evict her. However, you should do it in a nice way, remember that you don’t want to create hate between the two of you. So if there is someone worried about how he can send away a girlfriend, here are some tips for you.

Be Prepared for Formal Eviction

If the agreed time to vacate has passed and she showed no signs of moving out, get a lawyer. You can get free consultation through the Employee Assistance Program work. Don’t rush to the police because a lawyer will be much helpful in this case.

If she has been paying part of the rent, follow the right procedures, formal eviction proceedings must be adhered to; you can’t just throw someone out who has been helping you in paying rent. You can choose to give her back some money or allow her to live for a few months before she leaves, don’t be the kind of person who creates grudges through such issues.

Try Talking It Out

Talking is a solution to so many problems, and this is not an exception, have time to talk things out with your girlfriend. Talking to her shows how straightforward and honest a person you are; sit her down and explain everything to her, tell her that things are not working out the way you expected, and it would be nice if she moves out.

When talking things out, consider giving her choices to lower the chances of her getting hurt, but don’t fail to mention that she really needs to move out. If you find it hard, just tell her that you understand how things might be hard for her, but it’s best for the two of you; also, give her a date yourself and ask her if she thinks she can leave on that particular day.

Give her enough time to get a place she can stay and get ready to prepare in good faith. If possible, have witnessed from her side and your side, it is important because, in the future, you might need them.

Don’t Let It Slide

Once you have agreed on a date, ensure that she is making arrangements for getting a new home and getting ready to leave. If she does not pack her staff by the agreed date, consider getting some boxes from the grocery store and offer to help her pack her items, and if possible, it’s good if you can tell her family.

They may be able to convince her to move out, be understanding if she has children, but again, don’t let her use the children as an excuse of not leaving. If the children are yours, make financial support arrangements and make a visitation schedule.

If she tries to connect with you emotionally, just know that it’s not healthy for any of you. If you are not happy, then let her leave, avoid getting physical with her, and don’t push yourself into certain situations that you can avoid.

How Do I Ask My Girlfriend to Move Out?

Once a relationship is doing great, you and your girlfriend might decide to move in together, it’s cheaper to live with your partner, and at the same time, you can spend most of the time together.

Unfortunately, the relationship doesn’t work out sometimes, and you might be forced to tell her to move out; some girls might choose to leave on their own while others cannot, no matter how bad the situation is.

Telling your girlfriend to move out is not something easy because you actually want her to leave, but at the same time, you don’t want to hurt her. But since you are not comfortable around her, there is nothing much you can do but to let her know that she needs to move out. If you find it hard to tell her to leave, then follow the below procedures.

Have a Face to Face Conversation

This should always be the first step; try to work out the solution to your living arrangements by talking to her face to face. Be honest to her about wanting her to move out, don’t hold it back no matter how difficult it seems. If you have issues with your relationship, she won’t be surprised when you tell her to move out. Talk everything with her and try coming to an agreement.

Offer Her Financial Assistance

Moving out has a huge financial burden, and she might need security details on her new apartment, so if you want her to move out quickly, it’s a good idea if you offer her financial support. She might also need a moving truck, and since this was a mutual relationship, it won’t be good if you let her do everything, you can decide to split the financial costs of moving.

Be Willing to Provide Physical Assistance

The process of moving out can be hard to deal with, and she might need you to help her move some bigger items out; for the move to happen, she will need manpower, help her move heavy furniture and items don’t just sit and stare because she is finally moving out.

If she’s moving out, but you are not breaking up, you might ask a few of your friends to help so as to make things less awkward and make the entire process fast, but if you are breaking up, then chances are your physical assistance might not be needed.

Be Direct

If you and your girlfriend are not in a position to come into an agreement, you should then try making it clear that she should leave and she is not welcomed in your home. If you are serious about the idea of her moving out, make it clear and be honest with her.

Pack Her Bags

This gives her a clear picture that you no longer want her with you; this method is harsh and will, of course, upset her, so if you choose to go for this method, pack her stuff nicely and make sure you don’t break anything. If you own things together, you might need to agree on how to share them, and that makes the idea of packing her things hard.

Move Out Yourself

You might be owning the home, and you want her to leave, but she also claims the home as you do, so the best thing to do is move out yourself. Especially if she is not accepting the breakup, moving out yourself is the best solution in this case.

Use Legal Methods

Check your lease agreement; you have the right to make a decision, especially if you are the sole tenant on the lease and you are not formally married to her. If her name is not on the lease, she has no right to stay there, but if both names are there, then she has a tight to remain in that home.

How Do I Evict My Girlfriend Who Refuses to Leave

Can Moving Out Help a Relationship?

Most couples fight because of small issues like differences in cleanliness, cooking, daily habits, and other behaviors, and in times like this moving out might help the couple stay together without quarreling. Moving in together is an obvious thing, especially if you have been dating for a while; living together saves money, and for most couples, it is a testing ground for marriage.

But sometimes, certain things make you realize that maybe it was not a good idea to live together and in that case, living separately is the answer. You can move out but still stay together without having to break up.

So yes, moving out does help a relationship because when you live separately, you don’t find a reason to quarrel about anything with your partner. So if you moved in with someone and find it uncomfortable after a while, just move out to make things simple for you.

Signs You Need to Move Out

You moved in because it made financial sense

Many couples move in together so as to share bills and make life favorable; this arrangement might be good for your wallet but not for your relationship and happiness. It’s normal that when a relationship is new, couples can’t get enough of each other at first, and so they decide to move in, and with time, things change, and quarrels begin, so before moving with someone, consider making your happiness a first priority.

You’re happier in the relationship before the move

Think back on how life was before moving in together, and if it was better than now, then it’s good if you can move out so as to maintain your relationship like before. Living separately gives you a chance to work on your issues easily, always chose what works better for you to save your relationship.

Your social needs and schedule don’t mesh

Moving in with your man might have made you realize that your lifestyle and his lifestyle differ in so many ways. Living separately allows you to live the life you are used to, and you don’t have to deal with his weird schedules.

If your daily routines differ, for instance, if you work from home, but he works at a particular office for night shifts, it could be better if you start in separate apartments so that everyone gets enough time to rest.

If you want to talk about the idea of living separately with your guy, do it sensitively; start by telling him you do t want to break up or take a break. All you want is physical space and the best for your relationship.

Can Living Together Ruin a Relationship?

Living together is not bad for the relationship, but this is the time you learn who your partner really is; you might like him or not, depending on what he or she does. Living together can live or destroy a relationship; if you are the kind of person who doesn’t like doing house chores and your partner does everything, he might get tired of your habits, and quarrels can begin from there.

So yes, living together can either destroy or build a relationship, most couples can live together for a few months then live separately thereafter some even end up breaking up while others maintain the relationship but chose to live separately, so it’s up to you to decide.

For a relationship to work out, both of you should share duties so that no one feels like he’s doing a lot, don’t do something that you know can hurt your other partner; just be mature and make things right whenever you have an issue by taking it out and by doing so, nothing will make you want to move out or break up.

Moving in with a partner is something that requires you to make a wise decision because the results could either be good or bad. However, there will be no problem if you have an idea of how to ask your girlfriend to move out in case things don’t work, how to evict her if she refuses to leave, know if living together can ruin your relationship so that you can avoid and know whether moving out can save your relationship. All the best as you plan to move in with your partner.

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