Signs a Woman is Intimidated by Another Woman




signs a woman is intimidated by another woman

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Meeting a woman for the first time is always stressful. It can be even more nerve-wracking if you are meeting someone else’s girlfriend or wife. So, what kind of nonverbal signals does a woman give when she’s intimidated by another woman?

signs a woman is intimidated by another woman

Signs a Woman is Intimidated by Another Woman

Research has suggested that women use more non-verbal cues than men to communicate. Listed below are some of the most common non-verbal signals a woman might display when she is intimidated by another woman:

They Don’t Ask You Any Direct Questions About Yourself 

When a woman is intimidated by another woman, she will most likely not ask direct questions about herself or her life. A confident and assertive person will be interested in the other person and what they have to say.

They Don’t Make Eye Contact

A woman with solid self-esteem will be able to hold eye contact. If the woman you are speaking to is avoiding eye contact, it can mean she doesn’t like herself or feel comfortable around you. It may also mean that she’s not interested in what you have to say.

They Request Anonymity 

Insecure people will avoid committing themselves into any situation where they might be forced out of their comfort zone. If a woman asks to meet you somewhere public but demands that she never be seen with you, it’s a surefire sign she’s insecure and intimidated by your presence.

They Actively Disagree With You

If a person agrees with what you have to say, they will generally nod their head or show signs of agreement. If a woman disagrees with what you have to say, it might signify insecurity and intimidation.

They Acknowledge Their Inferiority

Often, a person who is intimidated by another person can acknowledge their inferiority. This could be displayed by laughing at your jokes, commending you on your achievements, or asking you for advice.

They Use A Lot Of Wrist Or Neck Touching Gestures

It is a typical physiological response to touch yourself when you feel uncomfortable or insecure around someone else. If the person you are speaking with touches her neck or wrist when conversing with you, it can be evidence of self-consciousness and a lack of confidence.

They Put Distance in Between the Two of You 

A woman who is confident and assertive will not be afraid to put herself into her surroundings. If a female you speak with keeps putting space between the two of you, she may feel intimidated by your presence and lack the confidence to stand close to you.

They Are Timid or Quiet Around You

A woman who is intimidated by you will generally display timid or quiet behavior. If you speak to a woman and she looks down or avoids eye contact, it can signify intimidation and insecurity.

They Show Signs Of Lack Of Trust 

If someone does not trust you, they will often avoid direct interaction with you. This could be displayed by someone who only speaks to you when other people are around. This is especially true if the person in question is your girlfriend or spouse’s friend, coworker, etc.

They Display Fear 

A woman may be intimidated by another woman if she displays fear towards them. If your girlfriend or spouse seems afraid to talk about someone else, such as a female friend or coworker, she may be intimidated by that person and not trust them.

They Nervously Fidget or Tap Their Feet 

If someone does not feel comfortable around you, they will often display nervous behaviors such as fidgeting or making small taps with their feet. If a woman seems to be playing with her hair or tapping the floors when in your presence, it may be evidence of insecurity and intimidation.

They Keep Asking Other People About You 

A person intimidated by another member of the opposite sex may be inclined to ask other people questions about you. This could be exhibited by asking your partner what they think of you, what kind of person you are, or if they agree with something you have said.

You Get the Feeling They Are Avoiding You 

A woman who has low self-esteem and feels intimidated by you may try to avoid your contact. If a female seems happy enough to speak with you, but her body language suggests otherwise, she may be trying to avoid speaking with you.

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Why Is Woman Intimidated by Another Woman?

A woman intimidated by another female can be insecure about themselves or afraid that she could be taken away from them. Many women are insecure because they perceive other females as competition, especially if they see you spending time with them. If a female feels threatened by someone else’s presence, it can cause insecurity and low self-esteem, leading to feeling intimidated.

How to Deal with Woman Being Intimidated by Another Woman 

When a woman is intimidated by another female, it could be linked with jealously and insecurity. One of the most common methods for dealing with this issue is building up the other woman’s self-esteem. If the woman in question is your friend or girlfriend’s friend, try to become friends with them so you can have things in common. For example, tell her what you like about her and that she is a great person. Trying to build up her self-esteem, support her, and bring out her strong points may help reduce feelings of intimidation towards herself and other females.

How Can a Woman make Herself Less Intimidating to Other Women? 

Make an effort to be more open and friendly towards people. When speaking with people, try not to bring up negative topics and refrain from gossiping about others. Suppose another person feels somewhat threatened or intimidated by someone. In that case, their intimidation and insecurity can be magnified if they feel like the person is trying to bring them down. If a woman finds that other women tend to feel intimidated by them, there are small things they can do to change the way they come across. By not engaging in negative dialogue and focusing on your positive traits, you may avoid triggering feelings of intimidation in others.


If you find that other people are intimidated by your female friend or spouse, try your best to help them build self-esteem and make their insecurities seem less threatening. If they are already friends with the person who intimidates them, try becoming friends with them so you can all get along better. By supporting the woman who feels insecure and trying to boost their self-esteem, you may help them overcome their feelings of intimidation.

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