Why Would a Guy Hide His Girlfriend




Why Would a Guy Hide His Girlfriend

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Relationships are beautiful, but they are also full of obstacles. We have seen many movies in which a guy hides his girlfriend from his parents or family, and there might be various reasons why he would hide her.

Why Would a Guy Hide His Girlfriend

Why Would a Guy Hide His Girlfriend

He Wants to Wait till It Gets More Solid

The guy might want to wait for some more time before bringing his girlfriend in front of his family. This might be because he wants to know where the relationship stands. After all, he doesn’t know what his parents think about her. So, he hides her until he knows how long the relationship will continue.

He Wants to Keep His Options Open

Often, there are many things in a relationship that remain unsaid. One of the reasons a guy might hide his girlfriend from others is that he doesn’t want to have any restrictions when talking about her. He might not want his parents or friends to know about her, and that’s why he keeps her hidden until she has become a part of his life.

He Wants to Avoid Straining His Relationship with His Parents

Many guys in this world don’t want the strain their relationship with their parents for any reason. Maybe he thinks bringing his girlfriend home will create unnecessary tension in the family, leading to an unpleasant situation. That’s why he hides her until he is entirely sure that his family will be lovely to her.

He Might Have Some Security Issues

Some couples might have security issues. If this guy feels that his girlfriend might bring some problems in the future, then it is possible that he doesn’t want to keep her around his family. So, he keeps her hidden until the security situation is fine.

She Might be a Secret Girlfriend

Some guys lie about their girlfriends because their relationship is not official yet. It might be that they want to date her, but she doesn’t want them to tell anyone. That’s why he keeps her hidden until the situation changes for good.

She Might be a Casual Girlfriend

Maybe this girl might be his casual girlfriend and not the one he wants to spend his life with. He might feel that there is no need of bringing her in front of his family as it will only create trouble for himself. So, he keeps her hidden until she has become an integral part of his life.

She Might be a Cheater

There might be cases where the girl cheats on him and creates problems. This is one of the main reasons guys don’t want to introduce their girlfriends to their friends or family, as it would hurt the guy and make things difficult for his family. So, he keeps her hidden until he is sure that she won’t do this again.

Why does he hide me from his girlfriend

He Might be Joking Around

It might also be possible that the guy is just joking around with his friends and family members by saying she is his girlfriend. This often happens when the guy doesn’t have plans to date anyone. So, it is prevalent for the guy to say that she is his girlfriend until he genuinely has one.

She Might be a Secret Crush of His

There are also some cases where the girl might crush the guy and nothing else. He might feel embarrassed to talk about her with his friends or family, and that’s why he keeps this relationship hidden.

She Might be a Relative

It is also possible that this girl might be his relative. Maybe he likes her but doesn’t feel comfortable telling anyone about it because she is his brother’s fiancée or something like that. So, it is pervasive for the guy to hide their relationship unless they are entirely sure about it.

He Might be Thinking About His Future with Her

In some cases, the guy might have a genuine reason for hiding his girlfriend from his family. Maybe he likes her and is trying to get an idea of whether the relationship will last long enough for him to bring her home or not. Perhaps he thinks they are too young to take this step and don’t want to get too serious with her. Maybe he is still looking for a girl with better characteristics than this one. This is why the guy might not want to introduce her until he knows she won’t be a part of his life after a certain point in time.

What is “Pocketing” in a Relationship?

“Pocketing” means something like “keeping” in your pocket. It’s like when you’re not ready to fully commit to someone, but you still want to keep them around. You could be dating or in a relationship with this person without committing 100%. Sometimes people keep others around because they want the best of both worlds – having someone who is always there for them and having the freedom to do their own thing.

How Do You Stop “Pocketing” a Girlfriend?

It’s hard to say what might help when you’re “pocketing” your girlfriend. But, you can do a few things to figure out if this is what you want or not. If you like someone and care about them, make sure they know that too. Be honest with yourself and your partner about how you feel. You should also think about why you haven’t introduced your girlfriend to your friends or family. Do you think they will judge you? Do you not want them to know because it’s something serious, but you’re afraid of getting hurt? Are you scared of what other people might think about her?

If the only reason is that she isn’t someone who would introduce her to their parents, then it may be best to leave her and look out for someone else. You don’t want to be too serious with someone who doesn’t make you feel comfortable about sharing everything with them.

Can “Pocketing” Still Happen If Your Partner Isn’t on Social Media?

If your partner is hiding you from their family and friends, it’s important to find out why. If they don’t use social media as much as you do, this could be one of the reasons why they haven’t introduced you yet. But if this isn’t your reason for not meeting their family and friends, then maybe there is another reason. You need to find out why you’re not being introduced yet and see if this is what you want or not.

What Should a Person Do If Their Partner “Pocketed” Them for a Long Time?

It may not be easy, but it could be worth it in the end. If you think that their family is vital to them, you should try it. Ask your partner why they haven’t introduced you yet. Then, take things from there and see if their excuse is valid or not.

If this is your only reason for staying in the relationship with someone who “pocketed” you without letting anyone know about it, then it may be best to leave them. You want someone proud of your relationship and shows you off, even if they are a little old-fashioned about it.


If the reason your partner is hiding you from their parents and friends is that they aren’t serious about you, then it may be best to look for someone else. They may have an excellent reason why they haven’t introduced you yet, but there could be another valid reason as well.

So guys, if you want to hide your girlfriend from your parents or friends, you can say it is to avoid any problems in future because family background checks will be done before marriage. So if they find out something terrible about her, there will be no problem in the future.

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