Best Lip Balm for Kissing




Best Lip Balm for Kissing

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Do you want to kiss well? You have to apply some lip balms on your lips. These will go a long way in enhancing the softness of your lips and make the same better placed for kissing. These lip balms are hardly known. As such, finding the most suitable one for the job might never be really easy.

We have come here to help you out. Our reviews and buying guide below endeavors to help you to find a good one for you. We shall examine the top lip balms that money can buy at the moment. Following these, are the factors to consider while searching for a suitable balm for your lips.

Best Lip Balm for Kissing

Best Lip Balm for Kissing

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm, Original Beeswax with Vitamin E & Peppermint Oil – 4 Tubes


This is the balm to go for is your lips suffer excess moisture loss. That stems from its highly moisturizing nature and capability. Also of note in this balm is the fact that it contains plenty of wonderful ingredients. The Vitamin E, peppermint oil, and Beeswax are top examples of these.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Excellent Moisturizer

As noted, this balm is an excellent moisturizer. This trait stems from the combination of the peppermint oil, Vitamin, and the Beeswax. These ingredients jointly hydrate and nourish your lips to make the same smoother and softer. When used consistently, they add to the beauty of the lips too!

Smooth Lip Balm

On the whole, the balm is smooth to the texture. With just one swipe, it is possible for the balm to spread smoothly to every corner of your lips. Thanks to this smoothness, the balm is unlikely to leave behind ghastly and unpleasant sticky residues that can compromise your health.

All-Natural Formulation

Only natural ingredients have been used to make the balm up. Thus, the balm is completely devoid of any petrolatum, phthalates, parabens, and other artificial ingredients. For this reason, it is less likely to imperil the health of your lips in any shape or form.


  • Refreshes and renews the health of your skin
  • Imbues some minty fresh fragrances
  • Revitalizes the health and stature of your skin
  • Devoid of any harmful chemicals
  • Unlikely to corrode the skin


  • Its potency lasts a shorter duration of time
  • May not work on rougher skins
  • Has to combine with other substances to work well

eos Natural & Organic Sphere Lip Balm


Do your lips get too dry? Well, you have to choose a balm that has potent hydrating power. Look to no other than this one as it is the one that is better suited for the job. It seals the moisture contents firmly besides merely supplying the same on your lips.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Apricot Flavor

At the top of its most venerable features is the apricot flavor. Thanks to this flavor, the balm tastes much like the sweet sun-ripened apricots that are derived fresh from the farm. The flavor adds some vitality to your life and aura overall. They also instill a sense of self-confidence.

Sustainably-sourced Shea Butter

Next comes the sustainably-sourced Shea butter. This butter comprises all the natural flavors that add some vitality to the balm, overall. Thus, when you kiss someone, you get to enrich her experience as well. What better way than this could possibly enrich your kissing?

Hydrating Coconut

Last comes the hydrating coconut. Going by its designation, the coconut plays the role of adding some moisture on the lips to make the same livelier. The existence of this ingredient also improves the potency of the balm altogether. It makes it deliver longer-lasting impacts.


  • Deeply hydrates and seals in moisture
  • Comprises all-natural ingredients and products
  • Certified by the USDA
  • Hypoallergenic and derma-tested
  • Not tested on animals


  • Too strong for weak lips
  • Demands complex application procedures
  • Leaves behind some sticky residues

Vaseline Lip Therapy Lip Balm Mini Crème Brulee 0.25 oz.


Vaseline is a brand that is respected and renowned for its excellent skin care. Thus, you have this for your taking if you want to similarly enjoy the benefits that the brand has to offer. We recommend that you choose to work with this one. It is more likely to deliver to you the necessary end.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Non-sticky Formulas

Its formula does not stick at all. Instead, it spreads out smoothly and easily when rubbed on the lips. The use of this balm thus brings forth some invitingly soft lips. Moreover, the balm melts and hardens firmly on the lips to leave behind more enduring outcomes.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Crème

Other than softening the lips, the balm also serves to cure a host of lip-related issues and illnesses. Examples of these are the cracking and cleft lips. Thus, you may use it to tackle and reverse the common issues that are bound to inflict and affect the lips.

Original Formula

On the whole, the balm comes in an original formula. Thanks to this originality, it is well able to handle and facilitate a number of benefits that are beyond the scope of the reach of the ordinary balms. These include relief from long-lasting dryness.


  • Locks in moisture for beautiful and healthy lips
  • Gives your lips a natural and glossy shine
  • Manufactured from pure Vaseline Jelly
  • Moisturizes your lips for a longer duration
  • Comes in a variety of styles and fashions


  • Costly to acquire
  • Too potent for a weaker skin
  • May block the pores when used for too long

Chapstick Classic Lip Balm Skin Protectant Bulk, 12 Count, Cherry Flavor, 1 Count (Pack of 12)


Other than merely adding some moisture on your skin, a good balm ought to also tackle a couple of skin issues. This requires that you pick and choose a balm that is specially intended for that very act. We ask you to place your bet on this protectant to have your way.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Campfire Favorite

This balm is for all practical purposes a leading favorite balm. That is due to its possession of all the vital ingredients that a balm of this kind is ordinarily supposed to possess. Then again it delivers maximum impacts on the lips when used exclusively for that job.

Delicious Flavors

A bunch of delicious flavors has been used to make the balm up. These include the Graham cracker, marshmallow, and the milk chocolate respectively. These go a long way in enhancing the flavors of the kisses and makes the same more memorable. Moreover, they give you some choice to pick from.

Comprehensive Outcomes

In all, the balm is able to deliver truly comprehensive outcomes. That is because it softens the lips, adds some flavor, and leaves behind some special fragrances. Thus your pick of the balm is a sure way of enjoying greater returns on your investments. It also sees that you get maximum satisfaction.


  • Protects the lips from all harms
  • Guarantees maximum satisfaction when deployed for the job
  • Backed by a favorable customer care regime
  • Retains its quality for too long
  • Quite fair and gentle on your skin


  • Prolonged kissing may harm you
  • Unsuitable for those with allergies
  • Never use on babies and minors

Blistex Medicated Lip Balm SPF 15, 0.15 Ounce (Pack of 3)


Do you have skin issues like rashes? We ask you to attempt your luck on this one. It is medicated and hence better equipped to handle and deal with many skin issues. To add to that, the balm also comprises a sun protection factor that blocks away from the harmful Ultraviolet radiation.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Adequate Protection

As hinted above, the balm does provide adequate protection from all forms of possible harms. These include rashes, skin problems, and the dreaded sun. The protectants also minimize the dryness and forestall the recurrence of any emergent skin issues. With it in your hands, you may be sure of the utmost peace of mind.

Sun Safety

Owing to its possession of the SPF 15 trait, the balm provides adequate protection from the possibility of sun damage. In particular, it plays a vital role in preventing sunburns and other issues that arise with excessive exposure to the bare sun. This is a great one to choose for your bare beach.

Easy Applications

On the whole, the balm is truly easy to apply as it is smoother and softer than your average balm. It glides comfortably on the skin when opened and rubbed thereon. That way, it also works to add some complete coverage on the body. You won’t struggle hence to have your way.


  • Delivers lasting outcomes and protection
  • Seals all the moisture and dryness
  • Soothes the irritated lips and skin
  • Glides pretty comfortably on your skin to allow for easier engagement
  • Prevents further charring and irritations of the lips


Aquaphor Lip Repair Ointment – Long-Lasting Moisture to Soothe Dry Chapped Lips


Do your lips sustain some pain also? Choose to work with this balm as it goes a long way in soothing the pains that come along ordinarily. It has some potent soothing and calming impacts that tackle the issue altogether. What’s more? It also hydrates the dry lips!

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Exceptional Formulation

The balm features some exceptional formulation indeed. That is due to its possession of nourishing Vitamins, soothing Chamomile essence, and the Shea Butter. They are the ones that combine to yield great outcomes to your skin and lip area. These ingredients are also greatly impacting.

Greatly Therapeutic

Apart from soothing and hydrating your skin, the balm also accords numerous therapeutic outcomes to your skin. It relieves the dryness and also soothes the cracked and chapped lips, all at one go! Your use of this balm is hence a great tool to maintain yourself in perfect health.

Moisture Sealant

Also, the balm does seal in the moisture contents to keep your skin in a perfect state of vitality. This way, it prevents the possibilities of it drying or charring unnecessarily. For this reason, the balm also goes a long way in minimizing the skin issues that the skins do suffer from time to time.


  • Accords some extra shine to the lips
  • Free of any preservatives and fragrances
  • Delivers the necessary outcomes instantly
  • Maintains the skin moisture for a longer duration of time
  • Good enough for the sensitive lips


  • Limited in scope and use
  • Its impacts last a shorter duration of time
  • Complicated to apply on the body

How Do I Choose a Lip Balm for Kissing?

To choose the necessary lip balms, there are some factors you have to look into. Below are some of these factors identified and explained:


The formulation of the balm has to come in first. The balm of choice has to possess natural or organic ingredients. Then again, it should be devoid of any chemical agents that are likely to pose some harm. This is to guarantee your safety and overall wellbeing when in use.

Ease of Applications

You want a balm that is easier to apply. That can only happen if you place your bet on one that spreads easily. Its formulation has to be less viscous while it also ought to be easier to open and spread out. The packaging also has to allow for easier opening and closing.

Skin Conditions

Different balms are optimized for different skin conditions. It is important to match the right balm with the right skin condition for maximum results. Take your time to analyze and find out the nature of your skin. Then, read the labels carefully to find out whether the two, match before purchasing

Environmental Conditions

Just like the balms vary insofar as the skin conditions they are supposed to mitigate are concerned, they are also designed to work well in different environmental conditions. Some are meant for cold weather, while others are for the warm and humid environments and so on. Be sure to match these two also.


Lastly, you have to consider the price of the balm. You want to set a given budget space and make your purchase based solely on that space. That way, you will not really dig too deep in your pocket or suffer untold consequences while going about that business.


You should never gamble at all with your search for the right balm. Any mistake you make may often bring along some undesirable side effects. Instead, you want to take your time and skim the various options that abound to be able to make up your mind.

That is a feat that is achievable only if you read the explanations we have given out above with maximum precision. Therein, are the details that are likely to give you the lead you badly want to make the most informed decision possible. We also recommend that you seek the intervention of past users.

Lastly, be mindful of the skin conditions you might be intent on tackling as this also has a role to play in determining the kind of experience you might obtain overall. Is it not wise and kind of you to share this information far and wide?

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