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list of turn ons for guys

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If you are a guy reading this, don’t worry about being turned off by articles written from the girls’ perspective. This article is just as useful for guys who want to know what it takes to turn on their girl as it is for those curious girls trying to figure out how they can turn on their man!

This guide includes a list of turn-ons for guys that might be useful to the girlfriend or wife who wants to find new ways to surprise and please her guy.

list of biggest turn ons for guys

List of Turn Ons for Guys

Being Touched

We all know that guys are very visual, especially when it comes to what they look at on the Internet or in magazines, but no touch is as good as the touch from their girl. Whether you prefer a gentle caress or a rough rub down, any girl can tease and please her man by playing with his skin.

Sensual Kisses

One of the best things about kisses is that they can be as light or as deep as you want them to be, and guys love both sensations! But not all kisses are on the lips; neck kisses feel just as good, if not better! One kiss can brush their cheek, or another kiss might crash onto their lips.

Being Cleaned Up

Whether you are falling in love or have been together for years, being cleaned up by your guy is fantastic. It doesn’t matter whether he provides a luxurious bubble bath or gives you an old-fashioned sponge bath; either way, it will feel great when he focuses all of his attention on you.

Being Carried

We are all used to it; even guys can get tired after a long day of work and might enjoy the idea of being picked up and carried in their girl’s arms like they were a baby or an infant. Guys know how much girls love to feel small and delicate, so why not give them that experience?

Being Watched

One of the most common turn-ons for girls is being watched, especially when undressing or just getting dressed in front of them. Guys are the same! Of course, they might not be so eager about it because of how shy Japanese guys can usually be, but there’s nothing hotter than seeing your guy unzipping his pants in front of you and growing hard just by looking at you wearing something naughty!

Play hostess during his favorite sports game

The next time his team is playing a game, try to find out what it is and be sure to tell him you are rooting for them, even if you have no idea what that means. He will be surprised at your interest in his passion, and it’s sure to boost his team’s morale! It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about the sport; just being there for your guy while he watches his favorite team will keep him on cloud nine.

Wear something sexy to bed at night

It’s not always easy to get in the mood when we are tired and trying to go to sleep, but there is nothing like slowly removing your clothes and wearing something naughty under your pajamas. If you think about it, it’s no different than getting undressed during foreplay.

Do a little dance for him

He might not be able to dance, but that doesn’t mean he won’t enjoy your sexy moves! You can also leave a sex toy or two near the bed and then take a shower. When you come back, don’t forget to tell him a surprise is waiting for him in bed. Just make sure he won’t find out before the right moment!

Go to a secluded place with him

Have you ever actually thought about going away for a little private vacation with your man? The next time you two have a free weekend, don’t hesitate and make a reservation at a hotel or resort. Let him pick the location and remind him not to book a room with two single beds.

Surprise him with something special for his birthday!

Like any girl, guys enjoy surprises, especially when it comes to gifts and all those nice things we girls like to surprise them with during their birthdays and other special occasions. Don’t forget about these days because we know that they can be total bores with nothing special to enjoy.

Join your guy for a workout

If you are the kind of girl who likes to keep fit, why not surprise your guy by joining him for a workout? It doesn’t have to be anything special; go jogging with him or join him for a basketball game. You can try exercises you aren’t used to if you want; it’s always fun to experience something new!

Cook something for him

One of the most romantic things you can do is to cook your guy his favorite dish. Even if you are not skilled in the kitchen, it’s always good to try and see your man smiling while he eats what you prepared for him. It will also feel great if he helps you during the cooking process.

Show him you care by sending a love letter

This one is as old as time itself, but it never stops to amaze us how much guys love getting their notes with sweet words and songs dedicated to them! If your guy doesn’t receive many postcards in his life, make sure you are the first one to spoil him and surprise him with a love letter.

Get complimented by your man

We girls like to be told we look pretty every once in a while, but this won’t bore guys at all! He will appreciate it if you turn the tables and tell him what you like about his appearance. From the way he dresses to his hair, let him know how much you want it, and he will enjoy telling you what about you makes him go crazy.

Let him choose the movie you will be watching together

The majority of us girls like to watch chick flicks and romantic comedies, but we can live in a world where we occasionally let our men pick the movie we will watch together. Try to surprise your guy by letting him watch whatever he likes and enjoy it with him!

Let him have the last word

It’s only fair if your guy gets to have the last word sometimes, so don’t be afraid of letting him win at any argument. Even if you are right, it doesn’t matter because what matters is that he wins and gets his way! It will also make him feel more confident about himself.

Don’t forget about his friends

We often forget that men also like to feel cared for and loved by their group of friends. Let him invite them around and let them know they always have a place at your place, and don’t forget to show all of you guys a little more affection from time to time!

Change up your look

Even though most girls would not admit it, a subtle change in their looks can do wonders with guys. Whether you go for a new hairstyle, some new makeup, or just a little bit of lip gloss is up to you, but never underestimate the power of a woman who knows how to play with her looks!

Help him relax with an unexpected massage

Guys can be total stress cases, especially during their workdays. That’s why an unexpected massage from the girl they love is a great way to help them relax and recharge those batteries! Guys also tend to have a lot of stress in their lives, so adding some relaxation techniques will bring out the best in him, just as you would expect from a girl you love.

Play around with your guy

There are times when keeping things serious gets tiring, so why not take a break by simply playing around? Even if it’s just for five minutes, every little thing you do together will make your guy feel like he’s in seventh heaven! If you guys are in a playful mood, try taking cute selfies while poking fun at yourself or sending him silly messages.

Make love in an unusual location

Every guy is a little bit of a kinky and risky person deep inside, so giving him precisely what he wants might turn out to be the best thing you can do for him! Even if it’s just at night when the neighborhood is quiet, take your man somewhere. Nobody will hear you scream and let yourselves get carried away in an unusual location!

Surprise him with a great pre-jump photo

If your guy is going skydiving for the first time, be a little creative and make a cute selfie of the two of you before his jump. He’ll love looking at this one as he’s having fun with all the adrenaline flowing through his veins! This will be an excellent reminder of the fun you two had doing something daring.

Take him back to basics with some sexy lingerie

If you want to make your guy’s heartbeat, there’s nothing like putting on the sexiest lingerie you can find and teasing him until he begs for more! There are no doubts about it; men get quickly bored by their usual routine, so throw in some sexy lingerie to help them forget simple things like sleeping and eating!

Send him a sexy text message or picture

We all know that most guys like to send pictures of their junk around, so why not give them a chance and do the same? It is often the simplest things that make us feel good! It doesn’t need to be too explicit; just let them know you think about them with a friendly little text or photo.

list of turn ons for guys

FAQs About Things that are Turn Ons for Guys

Do girls like it when guys are protective?

Yes, most women appreciate it when a guy shows he cares about his girlfriend by being protective. Even if it’s something laughable or embarrassing, you should still respect their opinion! Remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry in the long run.

Does wearing makeup turn guys on?

Yes, most men tend to feel more attracted to women who wear makeup. Even if you are at home and not going anywhere, wearing light makeup can help draw in your guy! It doesn’t matter what color or how much it is; try it once for an entire day and see the results!

Why do guys like girls in short skirts?

This is primarily evolutionary; men seem to be more attracted to women who show off their bodies. This goes back to when our ancestors were hunters and gatherers, so it is a biological development process! If you don’t have the confidence to wear a short skirt, try something a little different and wear some sexy stockings to spice things up!

What activities do guys like girls for?

As you might expect, the activities your man enjoys doing will affect what he likes about you. If he loves sports or exercising, it is usually very encouraging if you are interested in these things too! Even if they are a little unusual, be a good sport and try something new with him. It will make him very happy and he will most likely fall head over heels for you!

Is it good for a man if his girlfriend has different interests?

Yes, this is something that can help you guys get along and understand each other better. It is crucial to respect your boyfriend’s views and opinions; even if they are different from yours, try not to judge them too harshly! This will help you guys grow closer and get to know each other on a new level!

What do guys like about girls who are into sports?

Well, this is also something that can quickly build up your relationship with your man. If you’re the kind of girl who enjoys exercising and staying fit, it will encourage him to take an interest in these things too! Even if he isn’t too fond of these things, try not to judge him; it’s something you can learn to like with time!


We hope you learned a few things about what turns men on! Be sure to share this article with your friends; it will help everyone get their guy, even if they have problems in their relationship!

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