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how to fade a beard into a bald head

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Cutting down your beard in and of itself is never sufficient. It is important that you go a step ahead to make your beards look and feel smooth. This is crucial if you have to be assured some smooth and elegant looks on the whole. You may only achieve this by fading your own beard.

In this post, we shall look into just what beard fading is, to begin with. Then, we shall go ahead to examine how to go about the issue. Given that you need to make do with a couple of products to actualize this process, we shall also endeavor to look into those products themselves.

how to fade a beard into a bald head

What is a Beard Fade?

For a start, a beard fade simply refers to the attractive and good looking beard which is deliberately imputed on the face. It is generated by lining the tapered fades with the beards to give rise to some uniquely elegant transitions.

The faded beard is generally pretty attractive, nice looking and put together. It works well for just about every other kind of face out there. Generating it requires some great deal of precision though as the process in and of itself is entirely meticulous. It also incorporates any transition from the short to the long hair and vice versa.

How to Fade a Beard

We now get to the core of the beard fading. This is by far the most significant step in the entire exercise. It is the one that generates the desired ends or not. You have to pay keen attention to the procedures outlined to be certain of the best possible ends.

Step I: Prepare appropriately

Definitely, you will have to start off by preparing appropriately for the job. This you do by collecting the tools of the trade you need for the job. The beard trimmer is by far the most significant machine you will engage in the entire process. Then you will also need the methylated spirit and cotton cloth.

Step II: Determine your desired hair length

Now move on to determine the desired length of beard. Follow this by determining the specific strands of hair that are longer than this desired length. They are the ones that you shall target in the subsequent stages.

Follow this by setting the length of the trimmer precisely to the same length as that of your desired hair length. While at it, be sure that the blades are sharp, properly fixed and in good working conditions. You may use your hands as the testing grounds before proceeding.

Step III: Trim your beard

Now get to the core of the business. It is at this stage that you trim your beard. You are advised to start at the bottom of your beard or neckline. To do this, you will first and foremost have to set your trimmer to either position 3 or 2.

Place the trimmer at your Adam’s apple region and move it gently all the way to the neck at that point that it meets the jawline. Trim the entire beard first and foremost before embarking on the fading thereafter. Exercise great caution to see to it that the resultant hair strands are of uniform length.

Step IV: Work on the outer portions of the beard

Having trimmed the beards to the desired lengths, it is about time to work on the outer portions of your beard. To do this, switch the length of the trimmer settings to either 2 or 1. Pass the trimmer atop your beard to eliminate any strands of hair that is left intact.

Yet again, be sure that you exercise great caution to avoid a situation whereby different hair strands have different kinds of lengths. This is because the success of the final outcomes hinges greatly in the uniformity of the hair strands.

Step IV: Style your beards appropriately

After trimming and leveling the sizes of your beards, go ahead now to style it appropriately. Use some clean razor to do this job. Clean anything that lies below Adam’s apple with the aim of maintaining crisp and clean lines. Proceed to line, style, and align the beard accordingly. Remember, your aim is to come up with the best possible outcomes imaginable.

Step V: Clean up the cheeks

Once you are through with the styling, you now have to clean your cheeks. Before embarking on this procedure, be sure to determine which between the natural fades and the crisp lines you prefer. If you desire the chin strap look, you have to use a razor to incise a tight end in between the cheeks and the beard from one ear to another.

If, on the other hand, you desire the more natural appearance, use the trimmer that has the guard off. Make it eradicate the stragglers to make the region clean. Worry not about maintaining a tight line. Simply cut down the sprouts too far away from the entire herd.

Step VI: Trim your Mustache

Move ahead now to trim your mustache. Cut the mustache hair that is growing over your lips away. Yet again, be mindful of the desired length you will have arrived at earlier. While at it, also try as much as possible to maintain the mustache in the same length as the beard you will have arrived at earlier.

If it so happens that you desire a chinstrap, this is the best opportunity to implement it. You have to maintain your mustache in a tight and neat stature though before proceeding to implement the chinstraps.

Just in case you desire a more natural look, get rid of the guard and check out for any mustache hairs that could be out of place. Make some effort to straighten and align this mustache to rhyme with the rest of the hair strands.

Step VII: Make final touches

As a final step, you are to implement final touches. Use a comb and gently straighten your hair. Get rid of any strands which may have been left behind while trimming. Then apply some beard oil or balm and there you go! The beard is now properly faded.

how to shave a fade beard

Fade Beard Styles

The procedures we have outlined above are too general. It may not always be that you will be able to generate awesome appearances even after adhering to them diligently. That is why we have seen to it that we identify the best and most reliable styles for your consideration.

Kindly note that these are not beard styles in and of themselves. Instead, they are hairstyles which are complemented with some beard styling for a blend of awesome outcomes:

Frosted Tips

This one resembles the real-life frosted tips we used to put on in our teenage boyhood. These tips are generally quite vibrant and showcase some sense of pride and awesome appearance. You need a qualified barber though to be able to implement them. Their care and maintenance are also strenuous.

The V-Shaped Bald Fade with Beard

As the designation implies, this one features a V-shape on an otherwise bald face. It is a good way to show your love and appreciation to a celebrity or sporting course. That is because this style is mostly preferred by teenagers and sports fan alike. You may also wish to add some relevant designs to make it more interesting.

The Hipster Bald Fade

Hipsters were popular with the ladies of yore. In fact, the style was mostly in vogue in the 40s through to the 50s. Though initially loved and adored by ladies, this style has metamorphosed into a unisex style that is embraced by men and women alike. It is gorgeous and comes in the form of a handlebar.

Textured and Messy Bald Fade

Do you use limited products in your hair at all times yet are still desirous of the bald fades? You have this messy and textured kind of style for your own preference. This one is structured in such a manner as to let you run your fingers smoothly in between the hair strands.

The Low Bald Fade

In this style, you trim the beard in such a way as to result in some stylish appearances. The beard grows gradually thereafter in a slow and meticulous manner. This style is mainly great for those gents who are attempting a bald fade or a beard for the very first time.

The Curly Fauxhawk

As the name implies, this is for those who cherish and prefer curly hairs. You simply determine the preferred length of the beard you want. Thereafter, you go ahead to style your hair accordingly. This style is comprehensive as it impacts the beards, hair, and eyebrows jointly.

Iceberg Peaks

Iceberg Peaks draw their inspiration from that tall mountain in the US State of Montana. This is an amalgamation of many shapes and sizes. It is the permutation of these shapes and sizes that ultimately gives rise to the design and appearance of your preference. The style requires great precision to undertake.

The Caesar Bald Fade with Beard

The Caesar bald fade traces its origin to the famous haircut of the Roman emperor Julius Caesar. The style has gained currency and momentum in the later years. It features some curly hair that is blended with bald beards. Some limited strands of hair are left at the chin though.

The Disconnected Bald Fade

It is called ‘disconnected’ because it is actually three styles in one. The hair is left intact while a line separates the hair and the bald sideburns. Lastly, the chin contains plenty of fully grown hair much like the Jewish rabbis or Muslim scholars prefer their beards to be.

Mature Bald Fade with Beard

Lastly comes the Mature Bald Fade with Beard. This is a truly gorgeous way of shaving off a few years. That is because it results in some young and youthful looks after being implemented fully. At its core, it entails leaving all your hair to grow as long and as maturely as they can be. You only comb and oil as need be.

Styling technique in and of itself is quite complicated to understand. That is why it is a haircare technique which is best delegated to a qualified hairstylist. The best way to be assured the best outcomes is to find a style of your own preference and liking first and foremost.

Other than your own unique preference, you may also consider the kind of your hair while selecting the best type of hair fade style. This too requires some consultation with those who have already gone through the entire process of a professional hairstylist.

On the whole, hair fading, though complicated and expensive, is a truly noble thing to do. That is because it is the only guarantee of a great appearance and aids in boosting our own levels of self-confidence. You want to make every attempt to do so within the shortest time possible.

There is never a ‘perfect time’ to do so. Indeed, the earliest you take the first major step towards this, the better for you. Dragging your feet may mean you forfeiting the many awesome benefits that this kind of hair care regimen promises. When do you plan to set out? Let us hear from you!


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