How Long Does It Get A Ring Resized?




How much does it cost to get a ring resized

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Rings are available in various types and colors, it’s up to you to purchase one that catches your eye. However, you should be in a position to choose the right type of ring and one that fits you well.

How Long Does It Get A Ring Resized

How Long Does It Get A Ring Resized?

Your fiance might have surprised you by picking out a beautiful engagement ring, but he didn’t pick the perfect size for your finger, or maybe he picked the right size, but you might have gained or lost some weight, and the ring can’t fit you properly.

You will have to change or resize the ring, it’s not a long process, the amount of time it takes to resize depends on the type of ring and the place you take it for resizing.

Ring resizing can only take a few hours or even weeks, depending on the material, the ring’s value, and the person doing the job. It should take about two weeks or so for resizing to be complete. If you want the service to be fast, consider taking it to a good place, you can take it to a local jeweler as he can do the job more quickly than those in chain jeweler shops.

You should take your ring to a local jeweler because he or she will do the resizing almost immediately. At the same time, a chain jewelry store will have to ship the ring to a jeweler for resizing, and you never know when it will be done.

It might take a week for a ring to be shipped and a few days to be resized and another week for shipping it back, meaning you will have to wait for about three weeks. As for the local jeweler, you can even wait for the rings, and that’s if he has no other customers, but if he has to work on other rings ahead of you, then the maximum time it will take is a week or less.

For a simple ring, it takes less time to resize as compared to a complicated ring, make sure you allow a jeweler to do his job if you want something perfect.

How much does it cost to get a ring resized?

Every ring is different, meaning there is no maximum cost for resizing rings. Sometimes a jeweler you purchase rings from can offer free resizing services. Some places offer resizing services as part of the warranty.

If you are not so sure about your partner’s ring size, you should ask a jeweler about warranty and resizing. A simple resize can cost $20 or $60 depending on the rings material and the location.

If you happen to buy a bigger ring, don’t worry because there are ways of resizing it, it could be expensive, and you can’t afford to throw it away just like that.

Steps to Follow When Resizing Rings

It’s much easier to resize large rings to small size as compared to making them large, it also costs less because no material is added. So when resizing larger rings to small sizes, you should;

  • The band should be cut in the back
  • Remove the amount of metal required
  • Place the two pieces back together
  • Steps to make large rings small
  • The metal should be stretched
  • Cut the band and when rejoining them, use an additional metal

Can I Resize A Ring At Home?

Yes, you can resize a ring at home so long as you know how to do it, resizing a ring is simple and you can do it yourself without the need to involve a jeweler. To resize the ring at home, you need to;

Step 1: Clean the ring

Use a dishwashing soap and hot water, soak the ring in this solution, then brush it with a soft brush. After cleaning, ensure that you dry the ring and don’t use a cleanser with chlorine, bleach or acetone.

Step 2: Apply silicone sealant

The kind of silicone to be used should be clear, the bottom of the ring should be thicker, not unless the ring is loose when worn that’s when you use a small amount of silicone.

Step 3: Smooth the silicone

After applying silicone, use a coffee stir to smoothen the ring, especially the inner part, even if the silicone is against the skin, you still have to smooth it out.

Step 4: Let the silicone cure

Don’t wear the ring immediately as it may ruin the still wet silicone, you should leave it for 24 to 48 hours. Don’t get tempted because you will end up damaging your ring.

How much does it cost to get a ring resized

Does Resizing A Ring Damage It?

Resizing a ring is a good idea, especially if you liked it and do not want to lose it. However, you should keep in mind that resizing can damage your ring, the place that was cut and soldered becomes very weak, and it can break when you try wearing it.

If the jeweler knows his job well, the ring will rarely break, so when planning to enlarge or reduce your ring’s size, consider looking for an experienced jeweler.

Not all jewelers are perfect, some make mistakes when resizing, he might not solder it back well, the joint might break in future. Before leaving with your ring, you should check the joints to ensure they are well fixed.

A well-soldered ring should have no depression on the surface instead, it should be well polished and flat. If you see a dented line at the spot the soldering might break, the right thing to do is ask your jeweler to strengthen it.

If your ring is made of platinum, you will always see the line even if the resizing was done properly, and this is because of the metal properties.

It’s always good to buy rings at a specific place whereby you are allowed to take them back when they do not fit, this is good because you will not have to resize and damage the durability of your ring.

How Tight Should Your Ring Be?

A ring should fit but not too tight to cause injuries, a good ring should be able to snug around the base without leaving any marks on your finger.

If you want to know if the ring is the size fit for you, push it from below and see if it has a little space between your finger and the ring. It is important to understand that there has never been a perfect fit, and if you happen to find one that fits, it will just be for some time.

It can fit well during the morning hours but not in the evening, reason being fingers can change their sizes because of weather. You can still find a good fit but keep in mind that you are not going to find a fitting one.

A well-fitting ring should be able to come on and off without struggle, it’s too tight if you have to use soap or baby oil to remove it.

Generally, a good ring slides easily over your knuckles, if it takes about two to three seconds for your ring to come off, that’s normal, but more than that is a struggle.

Should My Engagement Ring Be A Little Tight?

You have found a life partner, and you are ready for that engagement ring, which means you need a perfect for. Consider getting a comfortable but beautiful ring.

Keep in mind that fingers change their sizes over time, cool temperatures make fingers shrink while hot and humid causes them to swell. It’s not only about climate but also water, salty foods, weight loss, and pregnancy changes in the ring’s size.

No ring should ever be tight, if you want comfort go for a fitting ring. Why would you want to get something that you will get uncomfortable with? It doesn’t matter the event you are attending or celebrating, wear a fitting ring.

If you really want a ring that fits you, don’t let it be too tight not unless you are wearing it for a day if not so, you will be forced to throw away that ring. There are many ways to measure the size of your ring, you can use a measuring tape or a mandrel.

Ribbon Method

This is used at home when you got no other option. If you want to propose to someone, rub a ribbon around their fingers or on one of their fitting rings. Mark the points where the ribbon meets, then use a measuring tape to get the exact size.

Mandrel Method

This is a cone-shaped tool that increases in size over time. You can bring one of your rings to the jeweler and have it measured, or you can do it yourself if that’s possible.

What Is The Average Ring Size For A Woman?

The average ring size for a woman is 6, you can easily guess your partner’s perfect ring size, if you are trying to surprise your girlfriend, start with 4 or 4 ½ sizes.

Surprising your partner is awesome and if you find it hard to find the right fit for her, let her friends and family members help you.

You can use a ring they usually wear by buying the exact size, women ring sizes vary from that of men, theirs are always smaller because they got slim fingers. As for men, size 7 is the best and nearly fits every man.

Finding rings for women can be a little difficult because they are so choosy, anytime you try surprising them, they can let you down. So instead of guessing, you should know what your woman loves before going shopping.

Is It Better To Size A Ring Up Or Down?

It is always better to size it up, it’s easier to resize a ring that is too big, generally, resizing a ring is not a good idea. It’s good to be sure of your size before purchasing, it might cause losses after buying them.

These two methods are both expensive, especially if it is a wedding or engagement ring. Once you find a perfect ring and are not sure about your size, always opt to size it up instead of down.

Resizing a ring is okay only if you find a good jeweler, some people have large knuckles, this no ring fits them perfectly. This is common among those people who got arthritis if you are one of them, buy a ring with an expandable shank to help achieve a comfortable fit.

There is a better way of choosing fitting rings. First, take measurements of your fingers or your other existing rings. Do not look at a ring and buy it because it’s beautiful, you need to see if it fits you, you don’t want to be disappointed.

Some rings can’t be tampered with if your jeweler does not recommend resizing a ring because of some reasons discussed below.

Made of a typical metal

Rings made from stainless steel or base metals are hard to resize, and most jewelers cannot do that job. These metals are fragile, and jewelers would not want to damage your ring since they do not know how this ring reacts to heat.

It cannot be sized

Some designs and materials cannot be resized, for instance, those made from wood, resin, jade and ceramic. It can’t be resized because the material is not flexible, and once you temper with it, it’s the end of it.

Purchasing a fitting ring should not be too hard so long as you know what to in case it doesn’t for you, apart from that, you should know how long it takes to get it resized if it can be resized at home and how long it takes to resize a ring.

To add to that, you should also know how tight a ring shy be, the average ring size for a woman, the cost of resizing, if resizing damages your ring and whether it’s right to size it up or down.

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