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If you’ve recently tied the knot, you noticed a change in your weight after marriage. You’re not alone! Many newlyweds struggle to maintain their pre-marriage level of physical wellness while navigating the new challenges of married life. Whether it’s due to increased stress levels or emotional eating, putting on extra pounds can impact your health and make getting back into shape seem insurmountable.

gaining weight after marriage

Reasons For Gaining Weight After Marriage for Women

Boredom Eating

Women in long-term marriages often find themselves dealing with boredom leading to unplanned eating, resulting in increases in their overall weight. As distractions and routines change after marriage, women may look for something to do every once in a while, which can lead to hours spent rummaging through the refrigerator and cabinets without an actual plan to eat. Without conscious eating habits and portion control, this boredom eating can quickly lead to weight gain.

Comfort Eating

Comfort eating is a common practice for women who have recently gotten married. After a stressful wedding, many brides find solace in indulging in their favorite deep-fried and sugary treats. However, this behavior can have detrimental effects as it often leads to weight gain in the aftermath of marriage.

Rather than binging on calories, brides need to seek alternative sources of comfort such as exercise, interacting with friends and family, or relaxing alone. With proper management and discipline, women who have just been married can avoid gaining additional weight due to comfort eating.

Cooking Together

For newly married women, one of the common causes for gaining weight is cooking with their partner. Sitting down for meals is essential to creating intimacy in a relationship; sure enough, partners often frequent the kitchen after marriage to make delicious meals. However, this can quickly become an issue if these tasty creations are too rich in fats and sugars. Women should be aware of how their food choices affect their health as they enjoy a more intimate relationship with their husbands.

Fortunately, there are many ways couples can still cook together without gaining excessive weight; by taking time to prepare healthy meals as a couple that adheres to current dietary standards, both partners can prevent any extra pounds from forming on the waistline.

Stress Eating

Stress eating is a prevalent issue for many women after getting married. Marriage has the potential to bring immense joy and fulfillment but also stress and worry as women must adjust to their new roles. To cope with the expectations of marriage and all responsibility that comes with it, some women turn to food as an outlet.

This unhealthy coping mechanism leads to increased weight gain, putting them at risk of developing various health conditions over time. Newly married women need to take care of their mental health by engaging in conversations or activities that reduce stress instead of reaching for a bag of chips whenever they get overwhelmed.

Late Night Binge Eating

Late night binge eating can majorly affect a woman’s weight after getting married. As married life often brings increased stress, late-night comfort eating can quickly become an unhealthy habit and lead to unintentional weight gain.

This often happens when women are under too much pressure, and they turn to food as an outlet for their emotional state. Such late-night snacks can disrupt the metabolism in the long run and make it difficult for women to maintain a healthy weight after marriage. Therefore, newly married couples must focus on finding other outlets for their feelings and practice mindful eating habits to prevent unwanted weight increases.

Snacking Mindlessly

Women often find themselves snacking mindlessly after marriage, leading to increased weight gain. They may reach into the pantry for a snack without thinking about what they consume or whether they are hungry.

Unfortunately, in some cases, they refuse to take responsibility and view the change in their bodies as a natural consequence of marriage. But this unhealthy eating habit can be reversed if women commit to mindful snacking – understanding when and why they are eating and making healthier choices that will benefit their waistline and overall health.

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is another common issue for women after getting married. With the heightened emotions that come with marriage, some women may turn to food to deal with stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, this can lead to unhealthy habits and weight gain over time.

Women need to take time out of their day to attend to their emotional well-being to prevent this from happening. This can be done through talking to a therapist, engaging in physical activity that gets the endorphins going, or simply taking a moment for themselves every day to acknowledge and process any emotions they may be feeling. By recognizing their feelings and dedicating time to self-care, women can prevent emotional eating from taking over their lives.

Not Exercising Enough

Many newly married women may find themselves needing to exercise more. Marriage can be incredibly busy for both partners, and there is only sometimes enough time to fit in regular exercise routines. This lack of physical activity can lead to weight gain over time, as the body no longer burns calories at the same rate as it once did before marriage.

To combat this, married couples should make exercise a priority in their lives. Working out together can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, not to mention it’s great for physical health and mental well-being. Even committing to thirty minutes of daily activity can make all the difference in maintaining a healthy weight after marriage. Overall, married couples need to be mindful of their health and understand the importance of healthy habits. With dedication and perseverance, maintaining a healthy weight after marriage can be achieved.

Changes In Social Behavior

Changes in social behavior can lead to weight gain after marriage. Newly married couples often go out more and engage in activities they hadn’t done before. This may include frequenting restaurants, bars, and nightclubs or having large gatherings with friends and family.

Although this kind of social interaction is healthy and enjoyable, it can lead to increased calorie intake and subsequent weight gain over time if it is not monitored. To prevent this from happening, newly married couples should be aware of their eating habits in social situations and make mindful decisions about what they are consuming. Additionally, engaging in physical activity during these events can offset any potential weight gain.

Relying On Unhealthy Food Options

Another cause of weight gain after marriage is the reliance on unhealthy food options. When time is short, and high-stress, newly married couples may turn to fast food or other convenience meals packed with fat and calories.

Unfortunately, these foods can lead to weight gain if consumed too often. To prevent this from happening, married couples should meal plan ahead of time and cook meals at home whenever possible. This can help ensure that they consume nutritious and healthy options, keeping them on track with their weight loss goals. Additionally, making healthier choices when eating out is vital for maintaining a balanced diet.

Indulging In Too Many Sweets And Treats 

A cause of weight gain after marriage is indulging in too many sweets and treats. Newly married couples may want to celebrate any milestone, big or small, with a sweet treat. Something always warrants a celebratory dessert, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just having a good day.

Unfortunately, these indulgences can quickly add up and lead to weight gain over time. To combat this, couples should practice moderation regarding sweets and treats. Instead of having a large piece of cake or multiple servings of ice cream, they should aim for smaller portions or choose healthier alternatives such as fresh fruit. By exercising self-control when it comes to sweets, married couples can help keep their weight in check.

Vacation Eating

After marriage, many women have started to put on extra pounds and often point the finger at their favorite guilty pleasure – vacation eating. This phenomenon is a common cause of weight gain after marriage as newlyweds commit to eagerly eating out on their trips, savoring all of the rich, indulgent local dishes.

Although trying only some delightful delicacies can be challenging, if one doesn’t wish those meals to be reflected in their waistline, it’s important to moderate their portion sizes and eat healthfully when possible.

Is it normal to gain weight after marriage

Poor Sleep Habits 

Women who get married may experience an unexpected change in their weight due to poor sleep habits. This can occur when women become sleep-deprived, a common problem for many newlyweds. Not getting enough restful sleep can lead to increased irritability and cause certain hormones and metabolic processes to be out of balance, leading to higher levels of hunger and cravings for sugary or fatty foods.

Additionally, fatigue can lead to laziness and a lack of motivation to exercise regularly or maintain healthy eating habits. Poor sleep habits can significantly affect a woman’s ability to manage her weight.


If you and your partner are both on the same page about trying to gain weight, it can be a fun and fulfilling experience. You’ll get to eat all the foods you love without feeling guilty and will likely be closer to your partner. Just ensure you’re doing it for the right reasons (i.e., because you want to, not because you feel like you have to), and don’t put too much pressure on yourself or your spouse. With patience and perseverance, gaining weight after marriage is a great way to improve your relationship and boost your confidence.

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