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can you replace shaving cream with conditioner

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Cleanliness is next to Godliness and shaving as a process makes an individual neater. Personal grooming is paramount regardless of your age, gender, religion, race or height. You will only be able to achieve your goals of being smart when you use the right tools and products. Shaving with a conditioner will always ensure that you shave your body properly with less irritation on your skin.

Shaving comes as a blessing especially for those people who were born with extra hair in their bodies. It allows them to minimize sweat and dirt that are normally trapped inside their hair. When shaved properly, they stay healthy and comfortable. This makes them pursue their daily activities well with fewer struggles. Shaving with a conditioner also allows users to eliminate pimples and acne that would otherwise reside on your body. It also enables people to get rid of dead skin cells and debris that could easily make your skin grow or appear old.

Everybody wants to appear great and professional; therefore there is a need for you to maintain neatness. Shaving makes you look sharp, full of confidence and mature. Using the right shaving conditioner will ensure that your needs are accomplished to your satisfaction. It makes your shaving experience lively, fun and also allows one to save more money.

can you replace shaving cream with conditioner

Can You Shave With Conditioner?

The answer to this question is a straight yes. One can comfortably make good use of conditioner to shave his or her hairy body. A hair conditioner has been made in a special way to soften the hair of individuals during the shaving process. As earlier said, shaving conditioner can save you more money because they can act as a perfect replacement (substitute) for either traditional shaving gel or shaving cream. When you run out of gel or cream, you don’t need to get panic, the conditioner will be there to rescue you.

Shaving conditioner helps users to deal with post-shave inflammation and redness. This allows your skin to regain its smooth touch. It fights ingrown hair and enables the hair of users to grow well. Before using it, it is advisable to add antibacterial solutions like babassu oil and aloe juice. These products will reduce irritation on your skin effectively.

It is important to note that, hair conditioners are usually cationic and they can easily coat your hair and provide smoother shave hence leaving your body softer. This product is normally positively charged, your hair is negatively charged and they are therefore attracted to the conditioner. This makes the hair to coat the strands of the machine.

The bottom line is that hair conditioner can do double services for you. They can serve as a substitute for shaving gel or cream and can be used to shave your body, your legs or head. Having a hair conditioner at your disposal is a fantastic investment.

can you shave your legs with conditioner

How to Shave With Conditioner

For you to accomplish your goals of shaving with a conditioner properly you don’t just wake up one morning, pick a machine or conditioner and you begin to shave. You need to understand the prerequisite steps and conditions that will serve as your guidelines as you intend to shave. These procedures will help you shave well and at the end of the process, you will be the most attractive person among your friends or peers.

The ways or means of shaving with hair conditioner can be divided into three parts. These parts or sections are not limited to the following.

  1. You need to hydrate the region that is required to be shaved
  2. The Shaving Process
  3. Rinsing and Cleaning

Part One: Hydrating the place that requires shaving

Here you need to do the following:

  • You need to clean the region that requires shaving

It is critical to eliminate all the grime and dirt that could otherwise inconvenient your razor blade during shaving. Washing is very important at this stage; it allows your machine to glide easily.

  • Hydrate the hair

Your hair needs to absorb more water here. Therefore, you are encouraged to bathe as you give your hair time to achieve this. After this, you are required to rinse the region for shaving and later on place a warm and wet towel for some time. This will help the hair to become weak and wet.

  • Apply the Conditioner

You are required to apply adequate conditioner to the shaving area so that the hair can comfortably acquire enough conditioner so that shaving can be effective. You can then leave your hair for some time to ensure that the product gets into the roots of the hair to allow the conditioner to work well.

  • Rinse your hands

Here you will ensure that you get rid of the dirt of the conditioner. Make sure your razor blade is firm and tight.

Part Two: The Shaving Process

At this stage it is crucial to perform the following tasks:

You will have no otherwise but to ensure that you select an ideal blade to do the shaving for you. This will ensure that you don’t encounter burn and redness on your skin. Ensure the blade is not rusty and dirty. If need be, it is crucial to even change your blade when you realize that they are not working as expected. You are also advised to place your razor blade inside hot water to allow you lubricate the razor blades and to eliminate any leftover hair, dirt, dust or even dust from initial shaves.

  • Begin with the easy part during shaving

Always start shaving from the area where your hair looks thin. This will minimize the chances of your hair to clog on your blade as you shave. The hardest part with coarse hair should always come last so that you will have an easy time after it has absorbed hair conditioner fully.

  • Flow with grain

Always shave towards the direction that your hair develops. Take time as you avoid the cuts, ingrown hairs, and nicks that cud possibly chip in when you shave against your hair.

  • Your strokes should be short

For you to avoid clogging your razor blade, it is important to shave short strokes at a time. You also need to always rinse your blades after every stroke as you eliminate conditioner, gunk, and hairs.

  • Your pressure should be light

Take time and plan on how you can avoid pushing your razor blade hard against your hair and skin. Failure to do this will always increase the rate of burns, bumps, and irritation by the blade. You can always replace your blades when necessary.

  • Apply enough conditioner towards the end

As you approach the end of shaving, you are encouraged to add more conditioner to coarse hair to allow you to finish shaving smoothly and on time. This normally occurs when you realize that the initial conditioner didn’t work well. You can then give your coarse more time to absorb the current conditioner fully.

Part Three: Rinsing and Cleaning

This is the last stage of the shaving process and it includes the following activities.

  • You should rinse your razor blade when complete

Here, you need to eliminate traces of the conditioner and your hair. You also need to flick extra water from the razor blade by shaking. Give it time to air dry. Just ensure you store your blade in a cool dry place, away from water after use.

  • Wash your skin

It is crucial to rinse your skin with warm water after getting rid of shaving traces. You can use body wash ingredients such as witch hazel and tea tree oil so that it can allow your skin to soothe and heal properly.

  • Rinse Your Skin

For your skin pores to fully close, you need to use cool water. You are required to pat dry your skin with a clean towel. Thereafter, you can then apply a conditioner to your skin or aftershave lotion to soothe your skin.

Other Household Items That You Can Use As Alternative To Shaving Cream and Conditioner

While at home, never worry when your conditioner or shaving cream runs out. There exist a wide range of products that can work as a perfect replacement for the two. These household items that can serve as a substitute for conditioner and shaving cream are not limited to the following products.

  • Baby Oil

This product allows you to have a clear view of your skin while shaving. It minimizes chances of razor blade bumps, cuts, nicks plus other side effects of skin irritations. Besides, it provides a slick nature that allows razor blades to glide easily through the skin. You are encouraged to use a small amount of baby oil during shaving.

Other important oils that can do wonders on your skin while shaving includes olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil among others. They ensure that your shaving process is pain-free, simple and smooth. They moisturized your skin and help cure skin-related issues.

  • Shea Butter

This product can be used either as a post-shave or after-shower moisturizer. It boosts shaving because it allows razor blades to eliminate hair smoothly, enabling close shave. Interestingly, you don’t need to use extra aftershave lotion after using Shea butter during shaving.

  • Soap

Regular soap allows individuals to have a close shave when they lack a shaving cream. You only need to lather up so that you can create a smooth surface on your skin. Thereafter the blade will easily shave you to your satisfaction.

  • Raw Honey

It is a natural moisturizer and facilitates the shaving process just like shaving cream or conditioner. Raw honey provides slick protection to your skin every time you shave using a razor blade. You need to ensure that, before applying the product to your skin, it is less sticky.

  • Peanut Butter

The product is creamy and thick and can comfortably slather on an individual skin during shaving. When using peanut butter, you need to undertake thorough cleaning. It can hydrate and make your skin smooth. After using it, its results are ever encouraging.

Other butter that can perform a similar task just like peanut butter is nut butter like almond butter. They minimize razor blade burns, moisturize the skin and provide smooth touch to your skin.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a natural product that has medicinal strengths. It can reduce sunburn pains and also able to cure burns of razor blades. It has a unique cooling effect and can prevent one from scratching and itching during shaving.

  • Body lotion

It usually serves as a moisturizer to the skin of your body. It can be a perfect replacement for shaving cream. It makes your skin smooth hence razor blade can work properly during shaving.

  • Mix and Match

A combination of various ingredients can work well during shaving. A mixture of coconut oil and aloe Vera fluid can work effectively to your skin. These ingredients when mixed properly provide a conducive environment for the shave.

When shaving is done properly and no negative effects are seen afterward, you can always be proud of yourself and the product you have used. Your skin is a very sensitive part of the body, when the wrong product is applied to it, you will experience various challenges on it. It is important to understand how to make good use of a certain product. For instance, if you don’t know how to use a conditioner, it will be hard for you to obtain an efficient shaving process.

Take your time and learn a product well so that you can get better results. Always read the instructions label properly. It is also critical to replace your blades when necessary. Doing so will make you enjoy shaving. Employing the above tips in your shaving experience will be a great blessing.

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