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How do you know if a girl is busy or not interested

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Have you ever heard a girl say, ‘I’m busy to you? If you have, then you know how it feels. This article will teach a man what to say when a woman says she is busy. And not only that, but it will lead to other things as well. The lessons in this article are essential to know so you can be successful with women.

How do you know if a girl is busy or not interested

How to Respond When a Girl Says She is Busy 

Here are some ways on how to respond when a girl says she is busy:

1. “Okay, sweetie.” – if you’re going through a breakup and your girlfriend just told you that she’s busy for the next few days, only say this one word. It is enough for you to let her know that you understand she has other plans. Do not overreact, or else you will only make her go away.

2. “No problem.” – also, if she tells you that she cannot hang out with you today because something came up and she’s busy, say this line to show that you don’t mind. She will appreciate it, and she might even ask you again to go out with her once things settle down.

3. “Why?” – if you want to know why she can’t hang out, be straightforward and ask her this question. But keep in mind that asking a girl why she’s busy puts her on the spot, so it is best to ask this question only if she’s your girlfriend.

4. “Why? I’m busy.” – do not be shy to tell her that you also have plans. If she tells you that she is busy and then asks why you’re in a rush when in fact, she wants to spend time with you, tell her the truth. Girls do not like it when guys can’t give her honest answers.

5. “Why don’t we go out some other day?” – if she tells you that she is busy but doesn’t mind hanging out, later on, suggest an alternative date and time which works for both of you.

6. “Okay, let’s meet up another time.” – if she tells you that she cannot hang out today and does not want to make plans for other days since she might get busy again, say this line. This is an excellent way to respond when a girl says she is busy because it implies that you will not wait forever for an opportunity to spend time with her.

7. “Don’t bother.” – this is a good comeback if she tells you that she cannot hang out and then starts offering lame excuses such as having too much homework or something like that. This implies that she doesn’t mean what she says and knows that you won’t buy those things.

What to Text When She is Busy?

First of all, you need to know that there are no rules on texting a girl when she is busy. But here are some guidelines that you can use as references:

• Keep the conversation short. If there’s something important or pressing that you want to discuss with her, drop it for now and wait until she’s free before you talk again.

Chances are, she will tell you to go ahead and text her if there’s something urgent or vital that you need to discuss with her. If the conversation seems like it’s going nowhere, say goodbye for now and wait until she tells you that she is no longer busy before resuming your chat.

• Use emoticons sparingly. Girls love emoticons but sending too many of them can be annoying, especially if she’s busy and you want to grab her attention immediately.

• Limit your texts to two or three at one go. If you’re texting a girl doing something important like studying for an upcoming exam, do not bombard her with messages.

• Be considerate and sensitive to her needs. If she says that she cannot talk right now because she is busy studying for an exam, avoid asking her if the two of you can reschedule your plans for tomorrow or next week.

Keep conversations short and to the point. This will significantly help if you’re trying to contact a girl who lacks time because she’s attending a class, going to work, or is generally busy with her schedule.

• Maintain intense contact if you want to keep the lines of communication open between you and your crush. If you suddenly stop texting or calling for a few days, there’s a big chance that she will pull away from you as well.

how to respond when a girl says she is busy

What Do You Do When a Girl is Always Busy?

What do you do when a girl gets busy and can’t see you because of her tight schedule?

1. Observe how she spends her time and where she goes after class or work. This will give you an idea of which days are less hectic for her so that you can make the most out of your limited time with her.

2. Observe how she behaves while communicating with you via text or phone. Is she rushing to get off the phone? Does she stutter while talking to you because her mind is preoccupied thinking about other things? If your gut tells you that she’s actually not busy but purposely hides it from you, take heed of this.

3. If you have a gut feeling that she’s playing it safe and does not want to see you again, listen. Instead of getting upset about it, be proactive and use these as opportunities to meet new girls who might be available for dates.

4. Limit the time you spend texting or calling her as texting or calling a girl who is not interested in you will only make things uncomfortable for both of you.

5. End the relationship on good terms if she finally tells you that she cannot see you because of her busy schedule. If this happens, do not lash out at her or call her names; it’s high time that you accepted this reality and moved on with your life.

Should I Ask Her Out Again If She Said She Was Busy?

Of course, you should! Do not lose hope even if a girl says that she is busy and cannot go out with you. In most cases, girls who give excuses such as having too much work or being tired from school are just testing their patience. They might find it flattering that a guy wants to spend time with them so bad that he even bothers to ask if they can meet up another day.

If you ask her out again after she told you that she is busy the first time around, give her some space and wait for an appropriate amount of time before asking her out again. It might be three days later, one week, or even a month, but do not think that she will forget about you if the next time that you ask her out, it’s a week after your first attempt to grab her attention.

If she says that she is busy again and even manages to end the conversation earlier than usual, the chances are that she is not interested in seeing you anymore. Instead of asking her out for the third time, think of other ways to move forward with your life.

When trying to attract a girl, always put yourself in her shoes. This way, you will understand that women are not fond of clingy guys or desperate for their attention.

Is Busy an Excuse?

Busy is not an excuse! Of course, women have a hectic schedule, and it’s perfectly normal for them to make up excuses whenever they want to avoid spending time with someone who makes them feel uncomfortable. Whether you’re aware of it or not, your clinginess and desperation for her attention do not sit well with most females; thus, creating the need for her to make up excuses such as having too much work or being tired from school.

What It Means When a Girl Says She Is Busy

She Is Not into You

When a girl is not into you, there’s nothing that you can do regardless of what she says. Whether she tells you that she is busy should no longer be an issue because it will never lead to anything good.

She Is Not Interested in Dating You

If you like her and want to ask her out on a date, ask her instead of making assumptions. Never assume that she is busy because you know that this will only lead to nowhere deep in your heart.

She Is Not Ready for a Relationship Yet

If you genuinely like the girl, make sure that you let her know what it is about her that makes her special and unique. Showing her how amazing she is and letting her know that you see a future with her will make all the difference.

She Wants to Get to Know You Better First

If you’re not familiar with each other, it’s tough for a girl to answer whether she is busy or available for dates because she doesn’t know who you are as a person.

Invite her out for coffee or a walk in the park after school once every week to get to know you better. This allows her to get to know you and gives you time to learn more about her and ask her out again if things progress between the two of you.

She Is Truly Busy

Sometimes, a girl might say that she is busy because she genuinely does not have the time to go out on dates with you. If this is the case, make sure that you ask her politely if other times are more convenient for her to meet up.

She Is Hesitant About Dating You

If you’re trying to ask her out for the third time and she still refuses, the chances are that she is unsure about dating you. If this is the case, make sure to take a couple of steps back and give her some space. Doing so will show her that you respect her decisions and that you’re not desperate for attention from others.

How to Get a Busy Girl to Like You

Don’t Try Too Hard

If you try too hard to get a girl to like you, she might take it as if you’re only after her for sex and will end things at that. If you really like the girl and genuinely care about her thoughts, emotions, and feelings, then don’t ever reveal this during your initial interactions with each other.

Always Be Yourself Around Her

No matter what you do, make sure that you always be yourself around her. If you try too hard to act like someone you’re not, she will eventually find out, which will likely push her away.

Remain Patient Around Her

If the girl says that she is busy but still wants to see you again, never blow up at her! Maintaining your patience by giving her space is the best thing that you can do. This shows her what it’s like to date someone who isn’t clingy or desperate for attention.

Making it Clear that You Are Interested in Dating Her

If you like the girl, make sure that she knows this! Don’t treat her as a random friend of yours, but rather allow her to see that you have more than just an amicable relationship with each other.

Let Her Know How Special She is to You

Making yourself seem unique by letting the girl know precisely why she should be spending time with you instead of being busy will lead to your desired result. Being attractive, fun to be around, and making her feel special are some practical ways of getting a girl to like you.

There is No Better Time Than the Present

Never wait until tomorrow because by then, it might be too late. Get in touch with her today and let her know how badly you want to spend time with someone as sweet and unique as her.

Give Her Some Space

If you’re too assertive or demanding of her time, she might take this as if you’re only after sex. Instead, give the girl space and allow her to make the first move by first getting in touch with you.


If you like the girl, but she says that she is busy, follow these steps to ensure that she gives you some attention. However, if after several tries at asking her out on dates and she still refuses, move on because there are plenty of other people in the world who will want to go on dates with you!

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