How to Confirm a Date Without Sounding Desperate




How to Confirm a Date Without Sounding Desperate

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Do you find yourself confirming dates with your significant other, friends, or family so much that you feel like it is draining the life out of you? Do you wish there was an easier way to confirm plans without making it feel like a chore? If so, then this is the article for you. This is just one of many ways to confirm a date or plan to avoid sounding desperate.

How to Confirm a Date Without Sounding Desperate

How to Confirm a Date with a Girl Without Sounding Desperate

We all know how these encounters go: you ask someone out, and it takes them forever to get back to you. When they finally do, it’s always with a “yes” or an “okay,” but their tone makes it sound like they don’t want to hang out with you. Maybe we’re just projecting our insecurities, and we do sound desperate, but it’s more likely that we don’t need to communicate as much as we think.

If you’re looking for a different way to confirm your plans without the annoyance of having to ask every five minutes, then try this:

Use the straightforward approach.

If you’re constantly asking someone to go out with you, then it probably sounds pretty desperate. If you want the answer to be “yes” more often, then stop asking and tell them what you want to do. You can even avoid the whole monotonous “How about Saturday night?” by telling them specifically when you want to hang out. People will understand that they are invited because you like them, not because you need to make sure they want to be with you constantly.

Confirm plans earlier than usual

The sooner you confirm their presence, the less likely it is that they will flake on you later down the road. It’s not that they’re not interested in seeing you. It’s just that they forget to confirm or are afraid of sounding too eager.

If you act like it’s no big deal, the person will think it’s no big deal and be more inclined to show up.

Don’t go overboard

Please don’t call them every day before the date or send them weekly emails confirming your plans. That shows that you’re not confident in what you’re doing and might even seem controlling. If they like you, then they’ll understand that you’re just excited to spend time with them.

Give yourself enough time to prepare

If the person realizes that they don’t have much time to prepare and still say yes, you can bet that they want to see you just as much as you want to see them.

Use your tone of voice wisely.

Saying the words “I’m coming over” might sound desperate when you’re in a relationship or with a family member. You don’t want someone knowing that you are so eager to see them.

Build the anticipation

If you’re not just confirming a date but also trying to get them excited about seeing you, then build the suspense over time. It’s always better when someone isn’t expecting it, and they suddenly hear from you out of the blue.

Don’t make it evident that you want to hang out by asking in front of other people or constantly asking if they’re going to go somewhere. That is going to sound pretty desperate and turn them off from ever agreeing to anything you ask.

Please don’t keep them waiting for too long though

There is a difference between “building anticipation” and being annoying, so give some indication as to when you plan on seeing each other, so there’s some order to the whole thing.

Don’t panic if they say no.

Your plans can always be changed around, and it’s not a big deal if someone doesn’t want to see you on the exact day that you suggested. If you had been asking them every five minutes, then it’s understandable that they might feel pressured to say yes.

Keep her posted

If you’ve asked someone to hang out and they haven’t gotten back to you, then it’s okay. If she likes you, she’ll make time to see you, and if she doesn’t like you, then it probably wasn’t going to happen anyway.

Don’t push her away with your clinginess.

Even if you’ve been dating a girl for six months, don’t suddenly become needy and overly dependent on her. If she likes you, then she’ll understand that you’re just excited to spend time with her all the time.

Include specifics

Don’t say “I want to see you” or “I think it will be fun.” Tell her exactly what you’d like to do together.

If she asks to reschedule, be graceful

A girl might want to go out with you on a particular day, but she is also busy and has a life of her own. If someone asks if they can do it another time, don’t make them feel bad for asking or try manipulating them into going out with you when it’s convenient for your schedule.

When Should You Text to Confirm a Date?

Texting works well if the date is a couple of days away. It’s not too early, but it also gives you enough time to plan just in case something comes up. If it’s much earlier than that, then it could be seen as clingy and desperate.

If you’re going out to dinner or drinks, then texting is more appropriate. If you’re doing something more casual like seeing a movie, it’s best to call them instead.

It would help if you didn’t sound too clingy or desperate in your text exchange. If your date is okay with texting, use the “hanging out” phase to set up plans, but once you’re more serious, ask if you can call.

If they’re okay with texting, you just want to confirm the time and place you’re meeting. Plus, texting makes it easier because everyone is so busy these days, and sometimes getting a hold of someone without actually talking to them on the phone might be impossible. There’s no point in texting too much, though. There’s no reason to text more than twice unless you promise something special like flowers or a big gift basket.

How long before a date should you confirm

How to Confirm the Day Before Your Date

Texting is the best option here. If you want to call, it’s probably too early, and they will think you are weird for trying to confirm this far in advance.

If you feel like calling, then make sure that there is a specific reason for doing so, such as:

-Telling them to bring an umbrella because it might rain

-Confirming the time that you are meeting

-Asking if they can pick up a bottle of wine beforehand to bring to dinner

-Saying something funny as a way of breaking the ice before your date

## Send a Text on the Morning of Your Date.

Keep it short and to the point.

-Let them know that you’re excited for tonight.

-Confirm the time and place one more time.

-Make a small joke about something related to your date, so they laugh when they see it.

That’s all there is to texting before dates! Of course, this will vary depending on how comfortable you two are with each other. You can go as long as you want as far as texts before the date goes, but if they seem to be getting annoyed at all with your constant texting, then maybe it’s time to stop and lighten up a bit.

How Do You Follow Up on a Date?

Whether you have a great or terrible date, the most important thing is what happens after. If it went well, you want to continue things with them as soon as possible because they are now your new girlfriend/boyfriend!

The only exception is if there were any issues during the date that might last into future dates. For example, if you went to dinner and they didn’t like their food, or you went dancing, they got tired early.

If the date went horribly, then it’s best to leave things alone for a while, at least until the other person contacts you again. If this happens, then whichever one of you gets in touch first can talk about rescheduling.

The best thing to do is have fun. It’s easy to get hung up on the entire experience of a date, but if you’re having fun, it doesn’t matter what happens or where you go, so long as you are together.

How Long in Advance Should You Plan a Date?

You want to plan your date as far in advance as possible. This way, you can find something that works for both of you and even factor in any special requests they might have.

If there is a specific restaurant or bar you know they like, this is the best place for your first date because it gives them comfort and guarantees that they will have fun.

If not, try to aim for about a week in advance, so you don’t forget. If your date was only recently asked out, this might be too soon, so try to find something else that works for now and aim for one week later.

FAQs About How to Confirm a Date Without Sounding Desperate

Can you be to picky when planning dates?

No. If your date is not doing all the work for you, find something that works and go with it! You want to make them happy because if they are impressed with your choices, it will reflect well on you.

If the date was terrible, does this mean it’s not meant to be?

Not at all. It often takes a few dates before you are comfortable enough with someone to know that they are the right person for you or that you should stop seeing them because they suck!

Is there a reason I keep asking my date what they want to do?

Yes. If this is your first date, you want to give them a pleasant experience and show that you are considerate. If your dates keep giving suggestions, they aren’t as interested in getting to know you, or they have no idea what kind of person they are looking for, so asking them about their interests helps keep the conversation going and reveals more.

Is it okay to date a co-worker?

That depends on what kind of job you have and if your workplace is a casual environment or not. Generally, it’s best to avoid dating the people you work with because this causes an awkward work dynamic that most companies frown upon.


As you can see, there are many different ways to text girls, and you don’t always have to be the one who texts first. If you’re worried about what might happen if they don’t reply on time, then change your phone’s settings so that it rings more than vibrates or makes a sound when someone contacts you.

Whether on a first or second date, the most important thing to focus on is having fun and making sure that you’re both enjoying yourselves. The rest will work itself out!

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