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10 day stubble length mm

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Stubble usually strikes a perfect balance between a clean shave and a beard, but that balance is pretty delicate. This kind of beard cannot be too long or too short, and the look it gives is currently becoming a signature style for most men. The benefits of stubble are quite obvious: It can soothe your facial skin by providing you with a less irritating option especially if you are prone to cuts and nicks from the daily razor cut and you can get a rugged appearance without the effort of a long-grown beard.

Stubble is suitable for guys who refrain from growing a full beard but would like to get rid of the babyface. This style creates the preferred texture that can highlight a man’s features, such as a beard. Besides, it structures the jawline and can also create an angular shadow around the cheeks of a man. Nevertheless, there is a wrong way and a right way to wear stubble. In today’s article, we have put together some crucial tips to assist you in keeping that fresh, shadow look. You will find everything you should know about wearing and maintaining stubble in this in post.

10 day stubble length mm

Is Stubble a Beard?

While some people might argue otherwise, stubble is generally a type of beard like any other. It generally refers to a particular kind of facial hair that has been shaved and has grown a little bit again after a couple of days. And just like any other type of beard, it takes a little effort and works to maintain a perfect stubble beard look. Therefore, it looks pretty natural but not frowzy. Maintaining a perfect stubble style usually depends on knowing the right length of stubble that will go your face. In most cases, a stubble length of 3mm to 5 mm works pretty well. Any shorter and it looks like your shaving machine does not cut close enough while a much longer one looks like you have a full baby beard.

Deciding If Stubble Is Right for You

When you are aiming for a perfect stable look, understanding the shape of your face is crucial because it can make or break the results. Although stubble will suit most of the face shapes, it also comes with warnings to take into considerations their unique requirements. To a great extent, it can be utilized to redistribute the proportions of the face. However, its primary strength derives from the way it can harden, soften, or even emphasize your facial features. In general, there are many types of face shapes. Here are the common types you will find:

Ideal Face Shapes for Stubble

  • Oblong Face Shapes

This type of face can enjoy the numerous benefits of a pretty light coat to add emphasis to the jawline and provide texture as well. However, you can use heavier stubble to reduce the length of the face by trimming short right below your jawline. Even though this might require some testing to get right, it can provide some width and dramatically reduce the face length.

  • Heart Face Shapes

People with heart face shapes usually suffer a lot from baby face features, but a perfect stubble style creates maturity. The outcome is a layer of good texture that signifies experience while still retaining the features of your youthful complexion.

  • Oval Face Shapes

If you have an oval face shape, you can experiment with both heavy and light stubble with the least limitation since it’s unlikely that it’ll affect your facial proportions. However, you should avoid quite soft finishes and also aim for angular contours to make your face appear a bit squarer.

  • Triangle Face Shapes

A triangle face shape is ideal with a light stubble style. The added texture usually retains its angularity and enhances the strong jawlines without any exaggerations. However, if you prefer a heavier growth, keep the cheeks tidy and straight to avoid exaggerating your jaw.

  • Square Face Shapes

A square face shape goes well with light stubble. This style fills all your notable features without any overemphasis. You can also use a longer growth to soften your face, but you should keep the finishes neat to avoid exaggerating the features.

Acceptable face shapes for stubble

  • Round Face Shapes

Stubble can be complicated for round face shapes. Even though a light style can be used to break away the monotony of the missing features, the style doesn’t do a lot to redistribute structure. However, you should keep your stubble in check because the hair contours will eventually fade and soften your features when growing.

  • Diamond Face Shapes

A diamond face can struggle in appreciating the stubble look. The short hair growth might risk significantly exaggerating its angular features and also appears scruffy pretty fast. A short stubble style can make your chin appear pointed, and the cheeks appear hollow. Heavy stubble can be more effective, but it might be even more effective to maintain a fuller beard instead.

how to maintain facial hair stubble

The Best Length for Stubble

Maintaining that perfect stubble style will significantly depend on knowing what the right length stubble for your face shape is. Most often, a stubble length of 3mm to 5 mm works pretty well for many men. If it’s longer, you will have a baby-grown beard while a shorter one looks like your shaving machine does not cut close enough. Here are some simple tips to help you maintain the best stubble length ideal for your face type.

With your natural beard cleaned and then dried, carefully trim down the hair volume in small increments. Try to pick a length depending on the density of your hair, color, and the ruggedness preferred as well. Do not hesitate to vary the facial hair length to create some gradients. 2 mm or 1/16th of an inch extra length on your cheeks can give you a better density and also hide any patchier areas.

Trim the facial hair in multiple passes when you reach the desired length to catch missed spots and also ensure consistency. Utilize a razor to contour your neckline and cheek. As a general rule of the thumb, you should shave below your Adam’s Apple. Include a Fade to your neckline if you prefer one. You can do this by decreasing your guard number towards your Adam’s Apple and from the jawline. Alternatively, slowly add some pressure when trimming facial hair towards your Adam’s Apple.

In French, stubble is appropriately known as the three-day beard or “la barbe de trois jours.” Perfectly unkempt stubble is around 3mm or 1/8th of an inch in length. That usually represents 4 or 3 days of the average guy’s hair growth. Heavier stubble can represent one week of facial hair growth, but after that duration, it can quickly turn into a boxed beard style.

Most men with fast and thick facial hair growth might consider oscillating between stubble style and a clean shave. Nevertheless, clippers with at least a number 1 guard or beard trimmers are vital when it comes to stubble management. To get perfectly-shaped stubble, you should consider growing your beard for one week at least to allow all the patchier areas on your face to fill out.

How to Style Your Stubble

The stubble beard is a good beard style for any occasion, any man, and any face shape. This beard style can also add maturity and masculinity to a youthful face. Regardless of how effortless this beard style is, it’s vital to achieve a clean and natural look, instead of appearing like you forgot to shave and that’s where styling comes in. Therefore, if you want a smart and hassle-free stubble style, here’s what you should know to have it.

  • Choose your preferred stubble beard length

To get started, attach the 1mm -10 mm comb and utilize the precision wheel on your beard trimmer to select your desired length of stubble. If you aren’t sure of the ideal length for your face type, begin on a longer set of around 3 mm and trim your mustache down slowly. Stepping down in stages of 0.5 mm will help you make the beard is at your preferred length. However, you must pay attention to the length you choose because it should be consistent throughout the entire part of your beard.

After selecting your preferred beard length, you should go ahead and even out your beard across the face to achieve a clean-looking stubble style. Trim your entire beard using a beard trimmer and then comb against your grain. Also double-check from time to time, to ensure that you have covered every inch on your face. Do not worry about achieving that perfectly cut style yet because this phase is all about attaining the right length, which is consistent across the face. Ensure that both sides of the beard are even, and there aren’t any patches of hair left at different lengths.

  • Shape your stubble

Since your stubble beard is now even, it is time to tidy up your neck region. Start by removing the comb from the beard trimmer and slowly trim from the lower part of the neck upwards. You can end the hairline somewhere between the bottom and top of Adam’s apple to get a perfect look. Utilize careful, slow, and continuous strokes when outlining. Trimming away from your hairline will assist in preventing you from accidentally shaving into the beard shape and attains a pretty straight clean line, which is ideal for the areas below your jawline and chin.

At this stage, you should clean-shave all around the stubble beard. Prepare your facial skin by splashing some warm water on it and then apply your shaving cream. Shave against your hair growth utilizing single, and continuous strokes until the facial skin outside your mustache area is completely hair-free and smooth. Double-check the difficult to reach parts below your chin, where the jaw meets your neck and beneath the bottom lip, making sure that the areas along the line design of your stubble are completely hair-free.

  • Moisturize and also maintain your stubble

Now that you have achieved your desired stubble beard, you should trim your stubble style every three or two days to maintain a tight and well-designed stubble style.  Also, remember to moisturize after every trimming and shaving session. To prevent your skin from drying out after trimming, you should utilize an alcohol-free moisturizer.

How to Get the Perfect Stubble

Every man’s facial hair grows at different thickness and rate, so your genetics will eventually determine how thick and fast your stubble beard will grow. To know your perfect stubble length, begin by growing a relatively short beard and then gradually shorten your facial hair length until you attain your desired look.

  • Trim the neckline

You should carefully trim your facial hair to create a clear line under the chin. Keep the neck tidy and nice below the line. Also, trim the part of your beard underneath your cheekbones, slowly creating a downward oval shape. You can also form a straight diagonal line right from the start of the sideburn to the edge of the mustache instead. After that ensure you tidy up the part beneath your mouth neatly.

  • Create your stubble

To create your stubble, start by setting your trimmer between 1 cm and 3 cm and then trim the rest of your facial hair evenly. To know the length that will suit you best, begin with a longer set, and then move down to a short set to find the best stopping point. When you get there, tidy up the hair under your chin using a shaving machine.

  • Maintain your stubble

Shave and trim your facial hair regularly to maintain your desired length and also keep the edges of the stubble beard neat. Ensure that you use a shorter setting on your trimmer when you’re trimming the edges of the stubble beard to form a natural fade to the bare skin. Utilize facial cleanser every day and stubble softener or beard oil regularly for itch-free and soft facial hair.

Nowadays, a clean shave is no longer the only shaving method that can give you a clean-cut look. Stubble might still have a rugged appearance, but instead of sloppy and scruffy, it’s currently considered stylish and sophisticated. When done the right way, a stubble style can define your jawline, enhance your features, and also create a masculine and mature appearance. Apart from that, stubble can also make you look more handsome and get rid of the baby-face look. While a stubble style can be a good excuse to skip your shaving routine every morning and save you time during your mornings, it usually involves a lot of work and effort.

Without proper maintenance and care, your well-kept facial hair can end up looking unkempt pretty fast. Therefore, if you would like to grow perfect stubble and wear it to the office with a lot of pride, it’s essential to know how to attain that perfect look. The tips outlined in this post will enlighten you on how to grow perfect stubble, how to know the ideal length according to the shape of your face, as well as how to maintain a well-polished stubble style.

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