How Long Do Automatic Watches Last?




How Do I Know If My Automatic Watch Is Fully Wound

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Automatic watches need proper care and maintenance, for anything to last long, they should be well taken care of. When planning to buy automatic watches, be ready to spend because they are pricey. However, it’s worth the price because of its quality and good service.

How Do I Know If My Automatic Watch Is Fully Wound

How Long Do Automatic Watches Last?

Buying luxurious men’s watch is not difficult, if you buy something of high quality, you will be able to wear it for a long time. Automatic watches are long lasting, to know how long they can last, it’s good to know what automatic watches are, how they work and the difference between low and high-quality types.

An automatic watch that powers itself with the help of kinetic energy generated when swinging your arm. There are three types of watch movements, quartz, manual and automatic.

Automatic watches existed until the late 1970s and were invented to last for a day or a few hours. Currently, these watches can last for weeks without winding. An average automatic watch lasts for 40 to 50 hours. Some other types can last longer than that, but 50 hours is a lot of time for most people.

If you are the kind that wears a watch all the time, 30 hours of wounding up are enough, it should not be more than that. Automatic watches are the best since they are long-lasting and don’t require wounding now and then. When purchasing, ensure that you go for the good quality types.

How Do I Know If My Automatic Watch Is Fully Wound?

An automatic watch makes different sounds when fully wound, for instance, making a small clicking sound. You should not overwind automatic because the rotor will work.

When your watch runs out of power, start it again when wearing it, shake the watch so as to spin the rotor by using the automatic winding mechanism or a winding crown. An automatic watch can run well with little power so long as it’s not fully unwounded.

When shopping for an automatic watch, look for a quality type. Look at the components and materials that the watch is made of, you shy also look at the face and movement of the watch.

It is fine to wind your automatic watch occasionally but don’t do it more often. When winding a watch, it is important the type of watch you are dealing with, not only in automatic watches.

Manual and Automatic watches have mechanical mechanisms that keeps the watch running, they both don’t require batteries but instead rely on main string power. When a watch is wounded, it provides the mainspring with power, this can be done automatically or manually (by hand).

It’s not possible to overwind an automatic because if it has any power, the rotor stops. An automatic watch stops powering the main string when you can’t wound it anymore.

How Do You Fully Wind An Automatic Watch?

There is a first time for almost everything, when you are a first-timer using an Automatic watch, assume the misconception that it no longer requires winding that is wrong, your watch will not wind on its own.

You need to wind your Automatic watch this to prevent it from not getting damaged and also to make sure it stays in perfect shape for long. To wind an automatic watch, you need to be careful because it’s not easy as you may think, if you happen to mess, you can end up damaging your watch.

Ways to Wind Automatic Watches

Automatic watches depend on the wrist movements of the wearer, and wearing means winding it. If you are winding your watch while wearing it, follow these steps.

  • Carefully wear your watch
  • Move your ribs gently and ensure the watch’s hand is moving
  • Make the time and dates necessary for adjustments

Should you wear an automatic watch to bed?

Wearing it to bed doesn’t affect its movement in any, way but you might bang it and cause damage. Someone sleepy in your bed might think it’s awkward. It

It is good not to go to bed with any watch, not only Automatic watches.

Place your watch somewhere safe before sleeping, a certain research shows that those who go to bed with their watches on get less sleep, thus leading to reduced job performance.

The reason why you should not sleep with an automatic watch on is because it restricts blood from flowing well, the strap could be too tight, your wrist may put too much pressure on the crown of the watch because when sleeping, you sometimes put your body into odd angles.

To add to that, you sweat a lot when sleeping, and this may affect the watch strap, especially if it’s made of leather, it might start smelling. Why would you want to sleep with your watch on? Always do what is right if you want your favorite item to last longer.

Apart from tempering with your watch, the most important part is not to sleep with watches that have tight straps, when sleeping, you should not wear anything tight because your blood needs to circulate to all parts of the body.

Is It Bad To Shake An Automatic Watch?

No, it’s not bad because for this watch to function well, you need to shake it to let the rotor spin and generate. You can wind it instead because it works better than shaking to get it started without harming the watch.

An automatic watch can stop working sometimes, and you have to get it started. This happens several times depending on how often you wear your watch. To stop this from happening, wear your watch regularly and don’t let it rest for long, shake it sometimes when it stops.

Automatic watches move automatically, and for it to generate power, wear the watch and shake it, don’t worry because it’s safe. You can wind your watch manually but keep in mind that you might damage the crown, gaskets, and stem over time.

It is not unsafe to wind your automatic watch manually but don’t do it too often if you want it to last longer without having to replace anything, in future, know how to use an automatic watch before purchasing.

How Long Do Automatic Watches Last

Do You Have To Wear An Automatic Watch Every Day?

Some people are addicted to wearing watches every day and that is okay, while others wear them once in a while. It is important to rotate them if you happen to have more than one type, wearing automatic watches every day can make them explode.

Wearing an automatic watch is enjoyable, but when you have more than one, you’ll have to give your favorite watch a break because you can’t wear all of them at once. If an automatic watch is not worn, it stops running when the power reserve is depleted.

To recharge its power reserve, you can either wind it manually or let it wind itself. The idea of wearing your watch daily is not good because even if you let it stop, nothing bad will happen.

If you are not wearing it for a while, make sure you store it in a safe place to keep it from any damage. Not wearing your watch daily might increase its longevity, thus saving some money if you have various types of watches. You don’t have to wear an automatic watch every day, learn to take care of your items.

How to Tell If a Watch is Automatic?

If it’s your first time shopping for an automatic watch, you need to be keen or else buy the wrong watch. There are various types of watches some are automatic while others are manual, you will need to know at least some features of an automatic watch before purchasing one and aside from that, ensure that you look for a quality type.


Watches vary in shape, size, and weight, it’s good to try on several casing styles, pick one that is not too heavy. You will have a lot of options from small to tiny sizes, also look at the shape, try on a type that feels comfortable on your wrist.


Look at the material used to make the watch, if its leather go for it. Be sure you are purchasing something original because you can most likely not differentiate fake watches from original ones.


An expensive watch is good, don’t always go for cheap stuff, and remember that cheap is expensive. If you come across an expensive automatic watch, go for that it’s the best.

How Much Does It Take To Service An Automatic Watch?

An automatic watch should be serviced most of the time, or else you will have to pay a lot when time comes, this is a watch that requires proper care and maintenance. Many people don’t service their watches, and that is why they do not last long, there are so many benefits associated with servicing your watch.

The cost of watch service depends on a few things, the overall labor, brand, damaged parts that need replacement, and number of movement complications. An automatic watch is one of the best watch brands, and that means you will be charged a reasonable amount.

An automatic watch service can cost $35 to $50 and that’s affordable, meaning you can do servicing once in a while. It’s important to do this to your watch on automatic watches and other types of watch.

Signs It’s Time to Service Your Watch

  • Second-hand skips several seconds
  • If there is moisture in the case
  • If you hear rattles inside the case
  • You are about to go on a vacation
  • The watch is fast or slow more than 6 sec per day

How Do You Clean An Automatic Watch?

It can be hard to clean this type of watch, especially if it’s your first time using it. Automatic watches are expensive, and you don’t want to damage them, so to clean this watch, you need to be careful and follow the right procedures as follows.

Wipe it down every night

You have been wearing your watch all day, and its band is exposed to sunscreen, and sweat, it’s recommended that you wipe your watch before you sleep. Use a soft clean cloth when wiping inside the band, gently wipe the back of the case to remove excess lotion and moisture buildup that occurred during the day.

Cleaning process steps

Set up three bowls, one of warm soapy water, one of clean, warm water, and another one with a little amount of antibacterial soap.

Carefully dip the strap into the soapy water for 20 seconds. Ensure to protect the watch case from water.

Take it out and scrub it gently using a damp toothbrush, also clean the crevices.

Rinse in the clean, warm water

Use a soft cloth to dry it

You can also use a hairdryer to dry your watch so long as it’s on a low or no heat setting, don’t wear the watch before the band is completely dry.

This process works for almost everything, but you might need to do it differently as for leather. You can’t soak and dry leather because it cracks and break down.

Leather needs to stay clean and conditioned not, as for leather, you can use products that are allergy tested and does not discolor straps.

If you have no idea how to clean your watch, you better take it to a professional, especially not it also needs servicing.

Automatic watches are great, and everyone wishes to wear the however before going shopping you should know how long this watches last, how to know if it’s fully wound, how to fully wind Automatic watches if they can be worn to bed and if it’s bad to shake this type of watch.

You also need to know if automatic watches can be worn every day, features of automatic watches, the cost of servicing automatic watches, and how to clean them. Knowing this will help you decide whether you are sure of going for automatic watches or not.

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