Best GMT Watch Under 1000




Best GMT Watch Under 1000

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GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time, some of these watches have been designed for travelers because it’s easy to use, especially when switching time zones. In the past, most pilots used these because they were considering various time zones since their travel was constant.

If you plan to purchase this watch, you need to understand how it functions; it consists of a guidebook that helps you know how the watch works. Various brands produce different types of GMT watches, and what you need to know is the kind of brand that is best for you. Below are the various types of GMT watches you can choose from.

Best GMT Watch Under 1000

Best GMT Watch Under 1000

Hamilton Jazzmaster GMT Stainless Steel Watch

It’s is a watch most suitable for men, and its brand name is known as Hamilton. The watch is awesome and has great features. For instance, it consists of a date indicator; its case is 42 mm and has 21 jewels.


  • Fits well
  • It’s resistant to scratches
  • Power deserves 50 hours
  • Hands are made of luminous
  • 25-hour making


  • It doesn’t function perfectly
  • Its water Resistance level is low compared to other watches
  • Poor luminaries at night

Alpine Men’s Seastrong Diving Watch

Alpine is among the best GMT watches that are under 1000 and this is a great choice if you really need a GMT watch. Since the watch is meant for divers, it comes with a special water Resistance feature, and no matter how much you wear it when dividing or swimming, it won’t get damaged.

If you are the type of person who likes spending a lot of time in the water, this watch suits you. The alpine watch has a case diameter of 44, with a perfect date display and four hands.


  • Provides a professional look
  • Perfect for divers as it is a 300 m water resistant
  • The indexes are luminous
  • The turning bezel is unidirectional


  • Heavy in the hand

Frederique Silver GMT Swiss Automatic Watch

Silver GMT is a classic Automatic watch that is now available in the market at a very affordable price of 1000. The hands are made of silver, and the diameter is 42 mm.


  • The dial markers are attractive
  • Sapphire crystal is scratch-resistant


  • Hands are not luminous
  • Watch is not too classy as it looks like
  • The hour hand might stop working sometimes
  • It’s not suitable for divers because it’s now water-resistant

Hamilton Khaki Officer GMT Watch

It’s made by the Hamilton brand, and just like the above-discussed types, its width is 44mm. It’s affordable and easy you use.


  • The straps are made of leather this making the watch look more elegant
  • Its water resistance level is 100 mm
  • The dial window is a synthetic sapphire
  • The closure option is buckle


  • The band is weak hence breaking easily

Tissot Titanium Watch

The watch is beautiful as it’s made of a white dial of silver; the case diameter is 43mm.


  • Lightweight
  • Attractive
  • Hands are luminous
  • Anti-reflective sapphire crystal


  • A loose clasp that gets open easily
  • Its finishing is poor

Baume Clifton Automatic Watch

It’s made by a brand known as Baume Mercier; the straps are made of black leather. Some of its other features are a date window and an anti-glare sapphire crystal.


  • Black, classy leather strap
  • Power reserve of 40 hours


  • It’s a water resistance of 50m which means you can’t dive with it

Hamilton Men’s Khaki Watch

It is specifically designed for men, and the case diameter is 44mm. It also has a date window with a 24-hour inner track.


  • The water resistance is 100m
  • The dial window is a synthetic sapphire
  • It has a buckle closure option
  • The leather strap adds elegance to the watch


  • Its band is weak

Akribos Men’s Multifunction Watch

The manufacturer of this watch is known as Akribos and is actually a well-known brand. This GMT watch has a beautiful golden lining which makes the work look more royal and stylish.


  • Elegant look
  • Reading hands is easy


  • Not perfect for diving as it’s only 50m water resistance

Reveue Thommen Professional Watch

It is a great addition to your collection if you are planning on getting a good GMT watch. The watch has a sapphire crystal and a magnificent date to look at.


  • Looks expensive
  • It has 25 jewels in the movement


  • It goes off and on sometimes

Bolder Globetrotter Wrist Watch

Bolder is a great-looking watch that comes in red and blue colors. It is absolutely one of the perfect options for diving; its case is made of stainless steel, and the diameter casing of 44mm.


  • 24 hour marking on the dial
  • Its coating is anti-reflective
  • Great water resistance


  • The watch strap is of a poor quality

Eternal Black Dial Goldtone Automatic Watch

The watch is cool looking, and its brand name is Eternal. This watch helps pull out that look you’ve always desired to have. The rubber straps are black and durable, while its cashback is transparent.

The golden and black mixed colors add a royal look to the watch; this brand has been there for many years and is known to make quality products.


  • Push-button deployment clasp
  • Water resistance to 100m
  • Luminous markers


  • The quality of the rim is not really good

Luminox Analog Quartz Watch

It’s made from a brand known as luminous; the case diameter is 49mm and has a mineral crystal with a rotating bezel. It is great for divers as its resistance feature is 660 feet, the case material is made of stainless steel, and some of its special features are new tritium tubes.


  • Comfortable leather strap
  • Great physical quality
  • Lightweight
  • Great physical quality
  • Completely luminous dial
  • Cost-effective watch
  • Decent accuracy
  • Scratch-resistant


  • The arm fails to work sometimes
  • Very bulky
  • The bezel needs manual rotation, and that is tiresome

Glycine Men’s Automatic Watch

The dial color is and matches with aesthetic material in the band, the leather material of this watch. Nothing stops you from liking it, especially with its great features the luminous coating; this feature does great even when you are in a dark room or a cinema.

Its movement is automatic, water resistance 30m. It suits those people who are above 30 years. If you are less than 30 and you wish to have this watch, then it’s perfect for adventure.


  • Has Plexiglas superior crystal
  • Has a luminous blue hand
  • Uni-directional rotating bezel


  • It consists of a screw-down crown, and not everyone is an expert at it

Carbon GMT Analog

Carbon watch is among the top best GMT watches; it’s durable and has a comforting rubber. It is recommended for people below the age of 40 years; its time zones can be easily distinguished.


  • The crown has a double-security Gasket
  • Made of stainless steel material
  • It has a bidirectional rotating bezel


  • May not fit small wrists

Bertucci Vintage Watch

Titanium is a material that is unique, and any watch made from this material appears to be unique. However beautiful the design is, this watch is still affordable; this watch is designed to kind of look like a military watch.

In order to purchase the right type of watch, consider looking at the band and dial color. It looks great for young men; however, older men can still go for this watch.


  • The 4 o’clock crown does not affect wrist movement
  • Luminous coating
  • Made of fine quality leather


  • The screw-down crown can be difficult to pull or push

Invicta Men’s Pro Driver

If you need a watch that can’t get damaged in water, then Invicta is a perfect choice. It is a good choice for adventurous people and anyone else who wishes to have it.


  • Easy to read
  • Its casing fits well
  • Pulls and pushes the crown


  • Not everyone loves the fixed bezel

Seiko Analogue Automatic Watch

Seiko is a brand that makes quality products; over the years, the quality of Seiko watch has always been. Don’t just focus on the quality but also look at the design and functionality. The strap of this watch is made of Nylon; this is your watch if you’ve been struggling to find one that does not fit your wrist.


  • Displays both date and day
  • The material is comfortable
  • It’s durable


  • If you want a color contrast, this watch is not suitable for you because the band and dial are of the same color

Victorinox Sport GMT

This watch should be one of your best collections; its band is orange in color and looks awesome with casual dresses. It can match with all-black outfits, a black t-shirt, and brown jeans amongst other clothes.

The quality of the material is high, and it’s suggested that when wearing this watch, you should be confident. The orange band is rare, but you might find it in many places.


  • Windows displays date and time
  • It’s scratch-resistant
  • Numerals and hands are luminous


  • Screwing back the case could be difficult sometimes

By now, you should know how to use a GMT watch and distinguish fake from real. Don’t feel locked in one style just because you can’t try a new one.

What to Look For in a GMT Watch


The display is one of the most important features to look at in a wristwatch; you should be able to easily tell time without taking much longer. If you take time to read your watch, that simply means your dial is not the best.


The quality of the material matters a lot when it comes to buying a watch; remember that you want something long-lasting, and the material determines whether the watch will serve you for long. So when purchasing a GMT watch, make sure it’s made of high-quality material.


Make sure that the watch you buy functions well, and you can easily use it. You don’t want to invest in something that will barely help you.


This is not very important but the design. Matters, watches are small but do tell a lot about someone. You want a watch that is well designed and can for any kind of outfit.


This should come to your mind fast, there are various types of GMT watches, and most of them are good. You should have various options so as to be able to buy one that suits your budget.

FAQs About GMT Watch Under 1000

Q. What is a GMT watch?

A. It is a timepiece perfect for someone that travels a lot as it helps you tell the time in two different time zones. This watch is able to track two time zones within 24 hours.

Q. What does GMT stand for in a watch?

A. It stands for Greenwich Meantime; it is used mostly by pilots and simply refers to a specific time zone.

Q. How does a GMT watch work?

A. This special watch gives the owner or the wearer two time zones at ago; it also allows the wearer to check other time zones around the world.

Q. Is a GMT useful?

A. Yes, it’s great and useful, especially for those people who love traveling or adventure. It helps you know the local time of your destination. These watches are specifically designed for people who travel around the world and are in need of knowing multiple time zones.

Q. What is the best GMT watch?

A. The best GMT watch is the Rolex master, which was released in 1954. It was designed for pilots specifically and had an automatic movement.

Q. What is the best affordable GMT watch?

A. The Lorier Hyperion is one of the most affordable GMT watches, so if you can’t afford the high-quality, expensive ones, this type will suit you.

GMT watches are simply unique and can tell you the time of two different time zones. Who would not want to own such kind? Get a GMT watch for yourself, and you will never regret it.

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