Best German Watches Under 500




Best German Watches Under 500

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German watches are currently on-trend; if you are a watch lover, you can try the military watches; there is nothing bad with sticking historically inspired timepieces. German watches are not modern, but they bring you that time-traveling feeling.

Vintage watch lovers should try those from German brands, they are not expensive. Some of the best German watches under 500 include;

Best German Watches Under 500

Best German Watches Under 500

Junkers Bauhaus 6086-2

It’s an eye-catching watch that has a legible dial and an awesome contrast in between the color of the dials. Other features of this timepiece include well lunes hands, black and white pairs that promote contrast, and the hesalite crystal, which adds vintage to the watcher’s vibe.

Junkers come with a simple-looking timepiece and a quartz chronograph movement. This watch seems a bit minimalistic but, it does have great features. The only disadvantage about Junkers Bauhaus is that its hesalite crystal can be easily scratched than other materials, but it’s never a big deal because hesalite crystal can be easily polished.


  • Classy vintage design
  • Stopwatch functions
  • The dial is legible


  • The crystal can be easily scratched

Junkers Bauhaus – 6070 – 5

You may notice that the sizes are a bit small and may not be able to fit some wrists. However, that should not be a problem, especially for those whose wrists are thin. Do not be disappointed; it simply looks small but in real since it’s bigger than it appears to be.

The most impressive thing of all is the domed and raised hesalite crystal; it’s unique and scratch resistant compared to other materials. This crystal makes the depth of the watch appear beautiful, and not all timepieces will keep up with it.

Another worth mentioning feature is the Swiss Ronda Quartz which has an accurate movement; it is reliable in day-to-day at keeping time. Another great feature is the soft dark brown leather band which fits comfortably around the wrist and enhances the vintage look of this watch.


  • Its movement is accurate
  • Its vintage design is classy
  • Has a domed hesalite crystal which enhances a vintage vibe


  • The hesatile crystal does not resist scratch

Laco Valencia

It’s made from a well-known brand from the past years; there is no way you can go wrong with this timepiece. The watch features black hands with an off–white dial and black hour markers. The case has a matte finish, easy to grip crown these making adjustments easy.

For those who love exhibition case backs, this watch suits you best. With this Laco Valencia, you are able to look at the inner working of the watch any time you wish to.


  • Its movement is accurate
  • It’s simply flawless


  • It can’t resist water for long
  • Its limit is 160ft

Laco Augsburg

The product is from the Laco pilot watch’s line; it has a striking appearance as compared to Laco Aachen. Its dial is unadorned and minimalistic, and they are meant to facilitate easy and quick read.

Laco Augsburg consists of a certain feature that helps add brightness to the watch this making it easier to read even in the dark. Unlike other watch types, Laco has a lume on every single number.

Some features like movement and crown are kind of similar to those of Laco Aachen, so if you prefer a more simple but classy one, then this is best for you.


  • It’s a classic watch design from World War 2
  • Well lunes hands and numbers
  • It has a legible dial


  • The straps lack the craftsmanship

Laco Aachen

The Laco brand has been creating awesome men’s watches whose features are similar to those of brands pilot watches. It’s influenced by Luftwaffe watches, and you can simply identify that from the dials. Laco Aachen’s dials are slightly grey-black, some people might not like this feature, but in general, the watch is super cool.

This timepiece does not use the onion crown, it is convenient to grip with a glove’s hand, but it’s of no use for today’s use. This is why Laco has to come up with another design, a dome-shaped crown that can be used with bare hands.


  • Its strap is durable
  • It has a legible dial
  • The design is from world war
  • Easy to grip crown


  • The movement might be loud times
  • The straps lack the craftsmanship
  • Its level of resisting water is very low

Junkers G38

This watch has been made in memory of a particular plane (Junker G38 plane). It was the largest plane during those times, and the watch was designed by Hugo Junker.

The unique thing about this watch is that it’s not only a masterpiece but also a piece of history. As a pilot, you might need a special type of watch because you cross borders most of the time.

With Junkers G38, you might not experience any problem with time because it’s easy to use. It has one feature that is similar to that of Laco type A and this feature is all numbers are volume.

This watch has a domed mineral crystal, and this is a unique detail. A dome crystal will always have some crystals and glare, the flat ones might not be clear and not readable sometimes, but that depends on your viewing angle.


  • Domed crystal
  • Attractive dial design
  • Dial is legible
  • Well lunes hands and numbers
  • Dual time functions


  • It has many reflections and glare that might not impress other people

GPW GMT Titanium

This is a German Military Watch that was inspired by timepieces made for German KRK. This watch is filled with various features for the German army; some of the features are; Military time, German Utilitarian Design, and strong sapphire crystal.

This watch is a multi-purpose type, and that means it can be used for both aviation and maritime purposes. As a military use product, the sapphire crystal is coated to avoid reflection. This timepiece and all its combinations are very durable and scratch-free.


  • Dual – time functions
  • Legible dial
  • Titanium Case
  • Well-lumed hands and numbers
  • Anti-reflective sapphire


  • The rugged appearance may not impress everyone

GPW Titanium Field Watch

This watch is a bit similar to the above-discussed type in terms of German military design, titanium case, and durable sapphire crystal. The only difference between the two is that the Titanium Field Watch takes away some details like additional Arabic numbers, dual time, and the distinctive red-lined hand.

The dials are designed in a very simple case, and the leather strap being a great effect which makes it highly versatile. It’s great when worn to formal events and can still look great in casual outfits.


  • Anti-reflective sapphire
  • Formal and versatile design
  • Legible dial


  • The rugged design does not suit everyone

Graf Zeppelin Dual Time Date Watch

It is one of the best big date watches, especially if you need an affordable type. There are no major differences between Zeppelin German watches; the only difference is in the details. This watch is mainly designed for both men and women; it emphasizes mostly date functions and dual time.


  • Perfect for traveling
  • Cheap
  • Chronograph style
  • Comfortable for your hand


  • Not so durable
  • Not scratch resistant
  • Some of its materials are not specific

What to Consider When Purchasing German Watches Under 500

When you are looking for a great German watch, the last thing you should consider is the company or brand. Of course, some way, he’s are expensive, and that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best. Some people find the value of the watch important when choosing the best.

You should be careful when it comes to choosing the right type of watch. However, it should not be too hard. Just consider looking at the basic tips, and you will be fine. Most people fail because they assume that expensive watches are good.

Consider checking the brand and how long it has been there when shopping for a German watch; what matters more is the brand. There are various German watch brands that only deal with aviation watches, and some focus on dress watches. It’s up to you to decide the kind of brand you are going for depending on the kind of watch you need.


When you want to purchase the best German watch, then the price is the number one factor. German watchmakers produce a lot of watches whose value and price are different. It is hard to find a German watch that is below $ 100. That is why setting your budget is important and should be the first step.


Another thing to consider is the material, the type of material used determines the durability and quality yours. If you want a leather watch, make sure it’s high-quality authentic leather. While if the material is stainless steel, make sure the grade is 316aL and above; this kind of stainless steel assures you that the material is corrosion-resistant.

FAQs About German Watches Under 500

Q. Are German watches reliable?

A. Yes, German watches are reliable because the technology used is modern, and the movements used in these watches are very accurate and precise when it comes to timekeeping. Some brands also have in-house components in their watches, so that answers your question of whether German watches are reliable.

Q. Which one is better between Swiss and German?

A. In terms of looks, German watches have a simple and straightforward design, while Swiss watches are more detailed and luxurious. On the technical side, German takes the top position, and so the technical power is high in German than on Swiss watches.

Q. What is the best German Watch Brand for the money?

A. The Graf Zeppelin is a good German brand, not only considering the price but the overall value as well. This watch is worth the price because of its premium feel and craftsmanship.

Q. What is the best German Watch?

A. The German Military Titanium is the best German watch; what makes it best are some of its features like durable body, Swiss quartz movement, and durable body. The people who use this watch are mostly marines and pilots.

Q. Is Junghans a Luxury Brand?

A. Yes, it’s considered to be a luxury brand, although it’s not advertised widely like Rolex. Unique timepiece enthusiasts and watch collectors collect watches from Junghans because it has a lot of attractive classic designs.

German watches are reliable, and they are worth the investment. All of the German watches under 500 are great and are made using high-quality materials. They come with various features, that is why you should explore and pick the best German watch for you.

All German watches are simply good. It doesn’t matter the price because the only difference is quality. You need to purchase something that is worth your budget, of course, you can’t strain to buy something expensive, yet you can settle for a cheaper one; after all, it performs the same function.

You should be keen when purchasing German watches; some are fake while others are real. That is why you should be in a position to distinguish. Visit the German watches website and have a look at the various types of watches together with their prices.

Keep in mind that most expensive watches are of high quality; you should never regret them in case you buy an expensive watch. It is worth the price and will serve you for long periods.

This article helps you understand what German watches are, the best types under 500 and how to choose them. By now, you should be having an idea of what your next German watch is, and if you’ve never had one before, then it’s time you try this German watch because it’s amazing and you don’t want to miss out.

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