Can You Have More Than One Best Man?




Can you have more than one best man

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Weddings are costly, you need to make a good plan and budget before anything else. Remember that there is life ahead of you, so don’t spend too much on this day.

Can a married man be the best man

Can You Have More Than One Best Man?

Yes, but it’s not OK to have more than one best man, especially at a wedding, but it’s your day, and your decision is the final. But in actual sense, there should always be one best man, not unless the groom is trying to choose between his best friend and brother.

If you find it difficult to choose between two men, have both of them as your best men acceptable and the easiest way to hour two important people in your life without having to make one feel unwanted.

It can be a struggle for a groom to choose between his two brothers or best friends, no rule says one guy should be the best man. When having multiple best men in your wedding, you should keep everything clear from attires to responsibility.

It’s normal for the best man to attend a bachelor’s party and be part of those who plan the pre-wedding activity. If there are two best men, they can choose to work or divide tasks so that each one can participate in the event. One can also be given the role to be the main event organizer.

The main task of the best man during the wedding day is to keep an eye on the timeline while the other men get ready, they also sign the marriage certificate and act as witnesses, giving a toast and carrying the rings. The groom is the one who decides or assigns tasks to the other grooms’ men.

There are some issues that you will have to consider, it’s best to have one best man because some duties are specifically meant for one. It’s not recommended for 3 best men to walk the guest of honor down the line, you can have three of them, but only one should walk you down the aisle.

Can A Married Man Be The Best Man?

Yes, most of the time, a groom’s best man is his closest friend or relative. A best man can either be married or unmarried, some grooms have even gone to the extent of choosing their fathers to be best men. Remember that it’s your day, you need to be happy and have someone you trust by your side.

It’s an honor to be the best man at a relatives or a friend’s wedding, you are like a VIP to the new couple in town, and they trusted you to take the best man’s duties during the entire wedding process.

Best Man Duties before the Wedding Day

Lead the Groomsmen

When the couple is engaged, and you are the best man in this particular event. The first thing you need to know is introduce the groomsmen, but if you know each other it makes the work very simple, if you don’t know each other, it’s your work as a best man to lead them. Organize a day with your colleagues and meet somewhere to catch up on some things about the wedding.

Provide Moral Support During the Ring Selection

Your best friend will likely give you a chance to be his best man and will ask you for help during the selection of an engagement ring. Give an honest opinion about the rings don’t let your buddy purchase a ring that is not worth it.

Serve as Confidant and Counselor

Planning a wedding is very tough, and the groom will depend on his best man to help him make some decisions and solve issues. Friends need each other, you need to support your buddy all through the process, even if you are poor at planning weddings.

Plan the Bachelor Party

A best man should be the one planning for a bachelor’s party with the help of groom’s men. Ask the groom about the kind of party he wishes to have. Does he want it closer to home or far away? Does he want a cool or a wild party? Work on the kind of party that will satisfy the groom, it’s his day, and he deserves to have fun.

Help Guests

Guests may need your help when inquiring about something about the wedding. It doesn’t mean that you need to know everything about the wedding, but you should at least know about the schedule. It’s essential to know the couple’s wedding address to help direct guests who aren’t from within.

Can You Have Two Best Men?

You can have two best men, and there is no big deal about it, this happens mostly when the groom can’t leave out his brother or his best friend. Remember that you do not want to hurt any of them. You should assign both of them duties equally so that no one feels left out.

Groomsmen are great people who are there with you through the entire wedding journey, planning a wedding requires support from family and friends but the best men play a major role in organizing and helping you through a difficult time.

Among these two best men, only one is supposed to walk you down the aisle more than two doesn’t look good. So before the big day comes, ensure that you know the best man that will play that role without hurting anyone’s feeling.

There is nowhere written that only one best man should be there during the wedding or pre-wedding it’s up to the groom’s discussion to decide what he wants and what he doesn’t. Don’t listen to people make a fair decision to your friends and brother.

What Is The Role Of The Best Man?

Keeps things on schedule

As a best man, you should ask the couple to give you a timeline of the events that will take place on that day so that you get prepared. Best man does a major part on this day, for instance, organizing people to take photos without being inappropriate, they try to get things on the right track. Apart from that, you also need to know who the wedding coordinator is so that you can assist whenever possible.

Create a best man emergency kit

You never know what might happen during the day, you need to be prepared, visit a drug store a week before the wedding, and pick up important stuff like tissues, pain relievers, bandages, and spray deodorant. You should not forget to bring, extra pair of tie, pair of socks, a stain remover and a sewing kit.

Stands next to the groom

The best man always stands next to the groom, this is how they show love and support to their friend. He will tell the groom what to do if he tries to mess up things, he will also likely pair with the groom when walking down the aisle only duty the recessional.

Signs marriage license as witness

This is one of the most important things done at this ceremony, it shows that the couple is actually married, sometimes the license is signed before or after the wedding. The best man is always there for the signing to act as a witness for the marriage.

Delivers official payment after the ceremony

The newest couple will be busy after the wedding, so the best man is the one given the task of ensuring that the wedding officiant receives payment as planned. Best man must talk to the couple first to ensure that this task is meant for him.

Can you have more than one best man

Should You Pick Your Brother As The Best Man?

You can choose your brother, and in fact, that is a good idea, this works best for those raised together and can’t be separated, they share all secrets and comfortable with each other.

Your brother is the biggest friend you have, so giving him a chance to be your best man is a good idea, he will stand by you no matter what. He will make sure everything goes well because you are not only friends and brothers that is why he does the best for you.

In some occasions, people choose their dads as their best men so there is no reason why you can’t pick your brother. If you and your brother are not close, chances are he can’t expect you to pick him, and he won’t mind the outcome.

If it’s the opposite, he will know that you are going to pick him so you can’t cut him out. If you think he might feel disappointed for not being given a chance, it’s better to make him your best man or inform him quite early that it won’t be him.

Ways to Include your Brother in your Wedding

If your brother is not going to be your best man, but you want him to be part of your big day, you can give him other roles like;

Ring bearer – He can be a ring bearer so long as he’s reliable not to lose them.

Usher – He can help direct guests to their seats, give out booklets, and make them feel at home.

Speech giver – He can be given a chance to share your stories when you were little kids.

Driver – If he has a car, give him a chance to move you from one place to another.

Handyman – If he’s good in design and decorations, you can allow him to be the one setting up the venue, hanging décor, and making collections.

Who Pays For the Best Man’s Suit?

Best men pay for their suits because the groom has a lot to deal with, and he might not afford to pay for suits. As a best man, you should understand your friend, and more so, showing up to be his best man shows how you value this person.

Some grooms might decide to pay, and that is if he’s willing and capable of doing so, but that doesn’t mean that when someone offers you to be his best man, he has to pay for your suits. This is your part that you need to do to show your friend that he matters and you can do anything for him.

Suits are not too expensive, and of course, a groom looks at his best men’s situation before purchasing expensive suits. You should not make the wedding too expensive, let your colleagues ford or else they might miss your big day.

Does A Wedding Need A Best Man?

Yes, a best man plays major roles at the wedding, the reason why there are best men at a wedding is because they are usually the grooms’ friends or relative who should be appreciated this way. Weddings are hard to plan, and with the support of best men, the groom will be able to pull along without stress.

Best men help the groom with ideas and help them focus during their big day, especially when nervous, it has always happened in several weddings to see the groom getting confused, and he has to get help from the best man.

They stand around the groom and play a lot of roles to make sure the wedding is successful, they should never be taken for granted, and whenever you are planning a wedding, don’t leave out that particular person who has always been there with you.

Does The Best Man Give A Speech?

Yes, the best men give a speech at the reception, so if you yet to be someone’s best man, you need to be prepared, especially if you have a problem talking in public. To prepare a good speech, you as the groom must plan out the best man’s speech earlier so that he can familiarize with it.

The speech must start by expressing gratitude and introduction, the couple’s parents should be thanked for raising such wonderful people, thank friends and guests. This is the best way to start a speech as it will make it easy for you to start talking.

Weddings are great and become successful only if well organized, apart from that, you should know if your brother, married man, or best friend should be the best man.

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