How Long Do Quartz Watches Last




How long do quartz watches last

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There are several types of watches in the market, and you can get confused, especially if you are shopping for watches for the first time. There are various things you should look at when buying a watch, one of the main on is durability and accuracy.

Of course, you can’t spend money on fake products that will only waste your money, take time to read and know the various types of watches and their features so that you don’t get confused when shopping.

How long do quartz watches last

How Long Do Quartz Watches Last?

Yes, quartz watches last for a long time, and you can rely on them; you need to adjust their movement. Replacing it could be expensive, but it doesn’t other types when it comes to mechanical movements.

Quartz can last for up to 30 years which is quite a long time; some of its parts might wear out but can be replaced. Those that have LCDs only last for ten years which is still a long period.

The movement of the quartz watch is known to be accurate and is much better than other mechanical watches. However, they can sometimes stop working for various reasons.

Why Quarts Watches Can Stop Working?

Water Damage

In case water drops on your quartz watch, you will realize that it might start to misbehave. Some of the parts will rust and can even go to an extent where they cannot be replaced.


One major reason why it can stop working is if the battery has stopped working. That is, if it uses a battery, keep in mind that some watches don’t use batteries.

Poor Manufacturing

Luxury watches have pieces and cogwheels that ensure your watch is ticking, and sometimes some of its parts might not have been accurately set up, and that makes the watch not work, thus requiring you to fix the issue.

What Lasts Longer, Quartz or Automatic?

Automatic watches last longer than quartz watches; automatic is preferred by many people because of their durability. Quartz uses a battery to function, and without it, then it doesn’t work.

It’s important to understand how these two works before you actually purchase them; knowing them better saves you from regretting later; it as well makes you prepared for the reality. The most important thing to consider when purchasing a watch is reliability and durability.

You should as well be able to know their movements; when it comes to durability, one with a good quality s should come first. Something durable should last longer without getting damaged in between. So when are choosing between quartz and automatic watch, go for an automatic watch. It’s great from various things as follows.

Featured of an Automatic Watch

Quality of Materials

Its materials are of high quality; that is why it is considered to be way much better than quartz. The manufacturers of automatic watches only use materials that have been tested and proven to be of great quality as, of course, its price is a bit high.

Fine Craftsmanship

Automatic watches are designed to be accurate and perfect; manufacturers have put great effort and dedication into coming up with this type of watch that is more advanced. The kind of craftsmanship used is perfect, and that’s what makes this watch unique.

Why quarts watches can stop working

Do Quartz Watches Need Servicing?

Of course, they do; servicing should be done once in a while to ensure that your watch is in a position to last longer. Don’t wait until the watch is completely spoilt so that you can’t try doing repairs; make sure your watch is at least serviced.

Its battery should be changed regularly, either one or two years, depending on the clocks make; however, quartz does not need a lot of services like automatic watches since it has few moving parts.

You can, however, do general servicing just to make sure it’s in good condition; if your watch is expensive, you will want to do anything possible to make sure it lasts longer; if you can’t do it on your own, consider visiting a watchmaker or repair for help.

Services Needed for Quartz Watch

This watch needs servicing just like other items around you; servicing helps the watch work perfectly. The process involves re-oiling its parts and cleaning them every time. Also, make sure that whoever repairs your watch checks its movement and any signs of damage.

So In case, you notice your quartz watch doing the following things, ensure you service it. Some of these things are some functions don’t work, stops suddenly and some of its parts starts falling off for instance hands. Keep in mind that these issues need to be rectified, or else your clock will be completely damaged.

Be keen enough, and in case you notice water vapor make sure it’s repaired by a professional, most of the clocks are made of stainless steel, but they can still rust. Therefore you need to clean and service it to prevent corrosion from occurring.

Do Quartz Watches Lose Value?

Yes, they do lose value after some time because they undergo a mass production process done on automated factories, while on the other hand, automatic watches rarely lose value because of the high-quality materials used to make them.

So if you are wondering whether quartz loses value or not, then yes, they don’t hold their value for long, though some of its type can. If you are thinking of our purchasing a quartz watch that doesn’t lose value, then be ready for disappointment.

However, you can take good care of your watch by ensuring that it’s serviced all the time and immediately repaired in case of damage. This doesn’t stop it from losing value anyway, but since it’s what you can afford, go for it because you can use it for a few years.

Everything loses value at some point, but you will have used it, so there is no loss on your side, quartz watches are awesome, and you can opt for them or automatic watches.

Reasons You Should Choose Quartz Watch


Quartz watches are affordable because of how they are manufactured. However, that doesn’t mean that quartz watches are not good; they are just cheap but last longer than you can even imagine. This type of watch is as well cheap to maintain, unlike mechanical watches, which are expensive to service.

Size of the Watch

Quartz is slimmer and much comfortable than automatic watches, it’s advantageous to those people with slim wrists, and they are slim and can easily slip under sleeves easily.


This kind of watch is very accurate no matter how cheap it might be; they rarely lose seconds as compared to automatic types. This is what makes quartz the most accurate watch.

Why is TAG Heuer Watch So Expensive?

It’s expensive because of the materials used to make it and the kind of movement it uses, it uses a better quartz movement, and that is what makes it too pricey. It uses mechanical movements, and to add to that, its finish and tag are a bit extensive.

If the tag is long on dial, movement, and case, just expects it to be pricey because whoever did so spent a lot of time to complete the task. It could also be expensive because the Tag Heuer watch is seen as one of the most luxurious watches, it’s a mechanical watch, and most people prefer them no matter the cost.

It’s always obvious that an expensive product is of high quality; it’s better you spend much but have something that will last you long; you don’t want to purchase something that will not benefit you in any way.

You can’t opt for a cheaper watch if that’s what you afford but if possible, purchase a high quality that will take you a while before you think of getting a new one. A good quality product saves you money and time because you don’t have to repair it every now and then.

Why is the Omega Quartz Watch So Expensive?

Omega watches are expensive because it is accurate and Swiss-made. The brand is amazing as it makes good products that target celebrities and that make people think that the watches are worth the high prices. Here are some other things that make the omega Quartz Watch so expensive.

Factors that make Omega Watches Pricey

Amazing Craftsmanship

Omega watches have been designed well and are of good quality. The brand ensures that all its watches are unique; it consists of beautiful lines and curves that make it comfortable on someone’s wrist. The design is a bit delicate, which is why Omega has retained its value for many years.

Swiss – Made

The watches are made in Switzerland, making them more expensive and also desirable or loved. Most watch lovers chose swiss-made types and very willing to pay the amount. Omega is among the most recognizable Swiss brands.

Space Heritage

NASA has always preferred omega watches for so many years apart from the moon watch, which has also been there for centuries.

Unique Design

The omega quartz watch is designed in a unique way, with precious materials and accurate movements that is why it’s too expensive. Its automatic movements are among what makes it pricey as well.

Should I Buy a Mechanical or Quartz Watch?

Both are good, but the best depends on what you think is best for you; picking between the two is a personal decision no one decides for you. What you need to know are their differences and similarities; this helps you decide which type you will go for.

Picking between quartz and the mechanical watch is your own decision. However, there are so many factors you need to look at when deciding. Some of them are discussed below.


Maintaining a mechanical watch is not that simple because it should be serviced at least once per three years, and the servicing needs a lot of money. On the other hand, quartz is replaced after two or five years, and this is because it uses a battery and its parts rarely move, thus requiring less maintenance.


None emerges top when it comes to reliability; some say that mechanical is long-lasting and its movement is reliable and can be used for long, while others think that quartz is very accurate, thus making the watch very reliable. Both can handle reliability. That is why choosing between the two is your decision.


When it comes to accuracy, Quartz tends to be better, but that doesn’t mean that Mechanical watches are inaccurate. The reason why quartz takes top here is that it only loses 4 seconds in a month, and on the other hand, mechanical loses five up to 10 seconds in a single day.


Mechanical watches last longer when we take care of them. On the other hand, quartz has a shorter lifespan and can’t last long no matter how good you look after it. This is one main factor you should always consider when buying one of these watches.


Quartz watches are always cheaper than mechanical ones, and this is because of the brand name and caliber; the reason why mechanical are expensive is because of their complicated mechanism.

Deciding what to choose between mechanical and quartz is someone’s decision. After all, both types are purposely meant for one function, to tell time. If you are on a tight budget, pick quartz since its battery can be replaced once a year.

If you are the type that admires or loves craftsmanship, mechanical works for you because its craftsmanship is on another level. It’s great and a unique type of watch you will always want to keep.

It’s hard to pick a watch, but if you want to do the right thing, you should at least know how long quartz watches last, which last longer between automatic and quartz if quartz watches need servicing, why TAG Heuer is expensive, whether quartz loses value over time and if you should opt for quartz or mechanical watches.

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