Do Men Go To A Baby Shower?




What Is The Male Version Of A Baby Shower

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In the past, men were not involved in so many things like they are now, nowadays men play a big role in making sure that the baby arrives safely by implementing a perfect plan. They make good parents before and even after birth, but the big question is, are men allowed to attend baby showers?

Do Men Go To A Baby Shower

Do Men Go To A Baby Shower?

Traditionally men do not attend baby showers, only the wife and her female friends attend this event, but as for nowadays, men can attend baby showers, and if not so they can host a different party, one known as wipes party. The decision is made by both parents about what party is supposed to attend.

So it’s men’s decision to decide whether they can attend a baby shower or not, but keep in mind that the decision you make is okay so long as the mother is happy. Baby shower is a celebration for a woman who is yet to give birth, in this event, family and friends gather around, eat and drink and also give the mother gifts.

The gifts can either belong to the mother or baby depending on where you live, baby showers are hosted by female relatives and not men, they were only men for women until recently when men were allowed to attend. Traditional hosts might decide not to invite men, and that could be because attendees want to be comfortable.

Baby showers are great but also have disadvantages, so when hosting one gets ready, it can be stressful because you might be forced to play games, talk with people and spend the rest of the weekend unpacking gifts. Here are some pros and cons of holding a baby shower.

Pros of Holding a Baby Shower

You receive items to help you prepare for the baby

Babies are expensive and receiving gifts in a baby shower helps cut costs of buying some other things. As a first-time mum, things can be hard for you so getting presents from friends and relatives makes you ready to care for the baby. Apart from that, receiving gifts is fun, especially those things you might not be able to buy on your own.

You get to see your friends and relatives

A traditional baby shower involves relatives and friends either from within or far, so if you haven’t seen your friends and relatives for long, it’s time you see them during your baby shower, it’s a good thing as it brings people together. It is amazing to spend time with people you love, especially when waiting for a new baby.

Cons of Holding a Baby Shower

You might spend time with people you barely know

People invited to baby showers are female because they need a space to talk about the process of having a kid as well as coming together to support the new mother. In this event, you might meet people you don’t know because your female friends invite other friends you don’t know.

You will get stuff you don’t need

You might think that baby showers are all about gifting your baby clothes, diapers, and wipes, but the truth is someone might give you what you don’t need. They might give you too many toys, and you might have a small space to store them.

What Is The Male Version Of A Baby Shower?

A male version of baby shower is known as Dad-chelor or Manshower, it kind of resembles a female version of baby shower, but man showers only involve friends that have always been friends. They just drink and eat as they congratulate their friend.

As for men’s baby showers, things are a bit different because they might not do some things that women do, they might play games using a ball made of diapers or beer in a drinking bottle as well as watching.

There is no problem with drinking beer during this event because it’s a celebration and his fellow men want to support their friend in his new journey.

Everything has changed nowadays, and dads believe household tasks should be shared equally, so it’s not a bad idea when men come together to celebrate a new man joining father good. Men have just realized that they need to support each other before the baby arrives.

People tend to assume that men are strong and can handle everything, but truth be told, having a baby can be scary for guys, and at this particular time, they need friends more than anything else and especially because your partner is busy getting ready for the baby.

Guys don’t need a lot, so keep it simple just get a group of friends on a Saturday evening and meet up for your normal hangout events but this time round, make it about a dad to befriend.

You can also bring gifts, you should at least bring something that will help him through the first couple of weeks. Check for daddy survival kits to see what gifts you should buy for him.

Make the event lively by playing competitive but hilarious games, for instance, do competitions based on a real-life scenario like who can make a toddler lunch faster and who can wash dishes faster. The toddler lunch is best because you have to do a lot of things like cutting fruits to have and so many others.

You should also do the change diaper blindfold, this is necessary because changing diapers in the middle of the night is not simple. What you need is diapers and baby dolls, check how it’s done on youtube, then show it to your friends and try out its so much fun.

What Is The Male Version Of A Baby Shower

Who Pays For A Baby Shower?

The person hosting it is the one paying, however, she can decide to divide the responsibility with some of her friends and family members this is to help reduce the cost of hosting a baby shower. When asking for help, try using tactics, you can also create an online group to help you raise enough money for the event.

If you are called to chip in, kindly help your friend. Remember that she has a lot to do in the near future, and by helping her, you cut down the expenses, and she will even save some amount for the baby. Baby showers are not expensive, do one according to your potential, don’t struggle a lot, and don’t spend too much.

According to baby shower etiquette, the mom-to-be should not pay for the event. Let her enjoy it by surprising her, that’s the best idea. Make it simple and ensure you plan everything with her best friends if you want the whole thing to be interesting.

To make a successful baby shower, you should know the various baby shower etiquette so that you don’t mess around during the process. If you never knew about the etiquette, look at the following.

Baby Shower Etiquette

Children are welcome if the invite says so

Kids can attend baby showers, but that does not mean you assume they are welcome. You can take kids only if the invite allows or if the host approves. If an Rsvp is sent to you, make sure you respond immediately because if you don’t, you can’t send gifts, but you can still send them if you want.

Everybody’s welcome

Traditionally, men were not allowed to attend baby showers, but they can now. Everyone can attend baby showers, every parent deserves to attend the event.

Every baby gets celebrated

People always celebrate the first child, but after there it becomes a routine, and they don’t celebrate. It is good to celebrate all your babies, there is no rule that says only firstborns are celebrated.

Are Baby Showers On Saturday Or Sunday?

Weekends are ideal, especially on Saturday, this is a free day for most of the working people. The reason why not Sunday is because some go to church and you do not want them to miss your event.

The perfect day to have a baby shower is on Saturday, before you fix the day, consult everyone who is to attend to make sure they are free on that particular day. Tell them earlier so that they can get prepared to buy gifts.

Do not fix baby showers on weekdays, be fair because your friends have families and others are working, you can’t expect them to skip work so as to attend a baby shower. Sunday can also be okay; you can do it in the evening when everyone is free.

What Is The Best Time Of The Day For A Baby Shower?

The best time is in the afternoon between 1 to 4, this time is perfect because you have no rush, the mother has plenty of time as well as other members. A baby shower can’t be done during morning hours because people are busy and need time to complete morning tasks.

The perfect time is in the afternoon when everyone is ready and free, the length of a baby shower depends on your plans, if guests eat immediately, they show up and then open gifts at the same time, the process might only take 2 hours. If the baby shower includes games, then it might take as long as three to four hours.

When deciding the perfect time for a baby shower, you need to consider those who are attending are important people attending? You should also consider relatives and friends attending if your friends have little children you should have it early enough.

Is It Rude To Have A Second Baby Shower?

It’s not rude, and there is no rule that says no second baby showers should be done. You can even do a third and a fourth, so long as you are capable of doing it, then fine. Who doesn’t love babies anyway? Welcoming another member of the family deserves a celebration.

If you have enough money, then we’ll and good host the baby showers but if you know you depend on friends and relatives don’t because people are not willing to help all the time. Baby showers are not a must anyway, so you should not worry yourself a bit.

Most people prefer doing a baby shower for only their first children. It could be because they want it and if you want to have a second baby shower go for it, there is no offense.

Is It Rude Not To Open Gifts At A Baby Shower?

No, it’s not a must for someone to open gifts at a baby shower, as far as all the guests want to see their gifts opened, it is not right to ask her to open the presents. This is because, once you open one gift, everyone will want their gifts opened too.

It is okay to let the mom open the gifts at her own time, not unless she is willing to open them, it is good not to expect your gift to be opened immediately, after all, you know you gifted your friend, and that is what is important.

To know more about baby showers, you should know whether it’s rude to have a second baby shower, if men go to baby showers, who pays for the event, if it’s rude not to open gifts at a baby shower and how to plan a male version of a baby shower.

These help you know how to plan the next baby shower, that is, if you are a host, know the etiquette required so that you do not do the wrong things. It’s good to have a baby shower who does not love to celebrate their kids? During this time, men should not be forgotten, they can also host their own baby shower that only entails male friends.

When hosting a baby shower, don’t make it too expensive so that everyone can at least afford to help as well as buy gifts. Also, keep in mind that not everyone you invite will chip in, so don’t expect a lot. All the best in your journey to motherhood.

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