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What does high maintenance mean in a woman

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What is High Maintenance?

High maintenance is a slang term used to describe a woman who requires lots of attention, expensive gifts, and other “extras” from her partner. She tends to have high standards for herself, so she expects the same from others.

What Does It Mean to Be High Maintenance

What Does It Mean to Be High Maintenance?

A high-maintenance woman has a variety of behaviors that indicate she thinks the world revolves around her. She may come across as stuck-up, vain, and even selfish at times, but in reality, it is just her lack of ability to relate to other people on an average level.

Types of High Maintenance Women

There are two types of high-maintenance women you are likely to come across in your lifetime.

Type 1: The first type of high-maintenance woman is at the opposite end of the spectrum from the low-maintenance girl. She is used to getting what she wants when she wants it. She has expensive tastes and expects her partner to keep up with them. She wants to be treated better than anyone else and craves the spotlight.

Type 2: The second type of high-maintenance woman is a little less demanding than the first, but only because she has learned that she isn’t going to get what she wants by acting otherwise. She may not have an expensive lifestyle or demand many material things. But she will take full advantage of a man willing to treat her well and provide the focus, time, and energy that she craves from those around her.

What Makes a Person High Maintenance

Sense of urgency

High Maintenance women tend to rush into things and feel an urgent need for attention. They don’t like waiting around, and any request they make should be met immediately.


It is not enough to give a High Maintenance woman the attention she craves once or twice; she needs it all the time and may snap at her partner if things don’t go her way.

Low self-esteem

High Maintenance women are often very insecure about themselves and the appearance they convey to the world. They crave compliments and love attention even though they can seldom accept it for what it is.


One of the many ways High Maintenance women manipulate men is by playing hard to get. They use their neediness and insecurities to try and tug at a man’s heartstrings so that he does things for them without even realizing it.


High Maintenance women become controlling of the relationship, what happens, and how often they see each other. They expect a man to put them first and check in with them constantly. They want him to listen to all they have to say and solve their problems even if he’s not the one causing them.


A High Maintenance woman will rarely think of anyone other than herself, including her partner. She may complain about never getting what she wants, even though she is unwilling to make an effort.


High Maintenance women can be very stubborn and expect their partner to put up with it because they often feel like they deserve special treatment.

Signs You are a “High-Maintenance

You’re extremely inflexible with your schedule

A high-maintenance person doesn’t like surprises or changes to their plans. They will expect you to always stick to the schedule, so it is best not to be too open about your time with them.

You have expensive taste

A high-maintenance woman has expensive tastes, and you should never expect her to settle for just any clothing brand, for instance. She will expect you always to dress well and afford whatever it is that she wants.

You’re very emotional

A high-maintenance woman does not express her feelings freely but instead shows them through displays of emotion like anger or sadness when things don’t go her way. It is best not to tempt her with something you know she likes explicitly as she will expect them all the time.

You’re overly critical

High-maintenance people often see themselves as deserving of special treatment and complain when something isn’t up to their standards. This means that you should never bring out your best just because they expect it, but also that you should never take their complaints too seriously.

You have unrealistic expectations

High-maintenance people will expect more than is reasonable from a partner, especially if they are in a relationship with someone who has little to offer them externally. Understanding what exactly she wants and why she thinks you can provide it can help you deal with her complaints more effectively.

What does high maintenance mean in a woman

You’re never satisfied with the way things are

A high-maintenance woman will always want more, whether with her partner or nicer gifts. Understanding why she has these might help you make her happier by giving her more of what she demands, but it could also be a sign that you should let go of this relationship if you cannot provide what she wants.

You have little understanding of others’ needs

A high-maintenance woman may never stop to think about how her demands will affect anyone else, which is why you should not be afraid to stand up for yourself when she’s being selfish or demanding. Having a more giving and flexible partner can help balance out the relationship and make you feel less like a maid.

You’re always going to extremes

A high-maintenance woman will often see things in particular ways and not accept anything outside that idea. Understanding this about her can help you be more open with yourself and challenge her a bit more when she’s being unrealistic, which might be a turn-off to her.

You’re always trying to one-up others

A high-maintenance woman will feel the need to be better than everyone else at everything, from relationships to gifts. If they have a partner in a higher social or economic class, she may try and match them in some way so that she does not get left behind. This can be a turn-off for people as it is always trying to one-up them in some way so they will never feel good enough.

You have very high standards

High-maintenance people expect the best from everyone and everything to not settle for anything less than what they want. Understanding that you are not the best just because you are trying hard enough can help with accepting when things do not go her way, which she will often have a hard time doing.

You have demanding expectations of others

High-maintenance people expect so much from their partners in terms of gifts, time, and affection that they are rarely satisfied when someone tries their best to give them all of the above. If you cannot provide what she is demanding from a partner, it is likely time to move on, seeing as she will never be happy with anything else.

How to Deal With Someone Who is High-Maintenance

Be independent

If you are in a relationship with someone who is high-maintenance, you must maintain your interests and try to be as independent as possible. You should never rely on them for things that you can easily do on your own and never feel that you have to ask for permission when it comes to your time alone.

Don’t take things too seriously

High-maintenance people often complain about minor things, and it is important not to get emotionally involved in their complaints. Instead, try and see them as small and unimportant, especially in the grand scheme of things.

Never try to change them

High-maintenance people are known for being inflexible, and it is important not to try to change them in any way. If you do so, they will only resent you more. Deal with their complaints by ignoring them most of the time and giving them small rewards to keep them happy.

Keep calm

High-maintenance people often push their partner’s buttons, and it is important not to give in to the temptation of lashing out at them for this reason. Even if they are constantly pushing you, try and remain as calm as possible. Their complaints will only make you angrier, so it is vital to avoid them when possible.

Give them space when needed

It is only natural for someone high-maintenance to want their space when they feel overwhelmed by their surroundings or have too many people in one place. If you are with them during this time, try not to take it personally, even if you feel like they are pushing you away. They will come back to you soon enough and make up for it with your next reward.


Understanding what it means to be high-maintenance can help you better deal with someone this way and avoid getting hurt by the unrealistic expectations they often have. Learning not to take their complaints personally and supporting them in whatever way you can, even if they complain about your efforts, will keep both of you happy in a mutually beneficial relationship.

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