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shoes to wear with denim shorts male

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Mens shoes have come a long way from the old-fashioned wingtip and lace up leather shoe. Today, they are made of many different materials, including canvas, suede, rubber soles, and even wood! But what is the best casual shoe to wear with your shorts? This blog post will explore some of our favorite options for summer footwear that looks great with your favorite pair of jeans or shorts.

shoes to wear with denim shorts male

Mens Casual Shoes to Wear with Shorts


Sneakers are some of the most versatile shoes you can own. There are many different types that look great with shorts that range from athletic sneakers, like Vans to stylish shoes like Chuck Taylors. A great place to start is Converse All-Stars which comes in many styles and colors. These particular shoes come in canvas, which is a breathable material that doesn’t overheat your feet in hot weather.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are another great shoe that look great with shorts. They were originally worn by sailors and have a nautical theme about them, but they’ve turned into a stylish staple for many men! Sperry makes some of the best boat shoes on the market right now because they take inspiration from classic styles while putting their own twist on them. They are perfect for a casual stroll on the beach, to the store, or even to work!


Espadrilles are another summer shoe option that looks great with shorts. We can’t forget to mention our favorite casual shoe, the espadrille! These shoes take inspiration from classic styles and have a unique twist on them. There’s a large variety of different colors, patterns, and even materials that you can choose from when you’re picking out the best espadrilles for you.

Espadrilles are actually very useful which was originally made from rope and worn by shepherds in Spain, but have now turned into a popular casual shoe all over the world! They’re great for wearing with shorts because they come in many styles and materials, such as canvas, rubber, and even leather.


Sandals are another great men’s casual shoe option that looks good with many different types of shorts. While sandals do vary in style, most look great as a clothing accessory to your favorite pair of shorts. Sperry Top-Sider makes seaside sandals which would go great with a nice pair of shorts for the beach.

Flip Flops

If you’re not into the more formal styles of summer footwear, flip flops are a fun and casual option for men to wear with their shorts. They come in many different colors and patterns that it’s easy to find one that matches your personality (and favorite pair of shorts). We would recommend Reef Men’s Sandals which would go well with any short.

Desert Boots

Desert boots are another great casual shoe option that matches well with shorts. Desert boots are a type of dress shoes that have been worn by people all over the world for many decades, but they’ve recently turned into a popular shoe style in recent years. Clarks makes some of the best desert boots around and they go perfect with any outfit!


Trainers, also known as running shoes, are another great type of casual shoe that matches wonderfully with shorts. A trainer is a type of shoe worn by athletes and sportsperson to help them train for their respective sports! They’re typically made out of breathable mesh to keep the foot well ventilated during activity. Puma and Adidas make great shoes that would look great with shorts.


If you want to keep the shoe game casual, loafers are a great option for summer. They’re typically very lightweight and easy to slip on because there are no laces or buckles! Crocs makes some of the best loafers out there due to their wide variety of different colors and patterns.


Brogues are a type of dress shoe that have been very popular in recent years, especially with the hipster subculture. They’re usually made from high quality leather and can come in many different colors (as well as patterns and designs). Clarks makes some great brogues which look great when paired up with more casual clothes like shorts.


Hi-tops are another type of casual shoe that can work well with shorts. They were originally made popular by professional basketball players and typically come in hard rubber (or other materials). Nike and Adidas make some great hi-tops that would look good with a nice pair of shorts.


Slippers are another type of casual shoe popular in many Summer outfits. They were originally worn by people inside their homes, but now they’ve become popular as a casual shoe option for many years now. Crocs makes some of the best slippers around and they would go great with shorts.

 FAQs about Casual Shoes to Wear with Shorts for Men

What casual shoes can I wear with shorts?

Casual shoes for men that go well with shorts are espadrilles, sandals, flip flops, desert boots, trainers, loafers, brogues, hi-tops, slippers and more.

Where can I buy cheap men’s casual shoes to wear with shorts?

You can buy cheap casual shoes for men to wear with shorts at stores like Target and Walmart.

Are there any brands of men’s casual shoes that look good with shorts?

Yes, many clothing brands make casual shoes for men that work well with shorts. Some popular brands are Crocs, Adidas Originals, Puma, Sperry Top-Sider, Nike, Clarks and more.

Are there any shoe companies that only make shoes for men to wear with shorts?

Yes, some shoe companies focus on making casual shoes that men can wear with shorts in the Summer time. The main brands are Crocs and Sperry Top-Sider which have been around for many years now.

Which casual shoes look good with jean shorts?

Shoes that look good with jean shorts may also work well with other types of shorts. Casual shoes like boat shoes, loafers, sneakers or boots are all great options. For example, sneakers and casual boots can both go very well with many different types of shorts including denim and athletic styles. Depending on the length, men’s loafers can work with short sports shorts or longer Bermuda shorts. Jordans (sneakers) look great when worn with dark denim jeans and shorts. Boat shoes, like Sperry’s and Sebagos, are also great casual options that go well with jean shorts, cargo shorts and khaki chinos.

Can I wear socks with shorts?

No. Men should never wear socks with shorts. Socks are only made to go with pants and shoes. Although it may be cold outside, it is summertime and your feet will thank you for giving them a breath of fresh air! If the temperature is extremely low or unbearable, men can opt to put on some ankle-length athletic socks.


The article provided different types of shoes to wear with shorts, which can be worn in any given weather. These include boat shoes, loafers, and other styles that are versatile enough for many occasions. There is no one shoe type that will work best for all situations you may find yourself when wearing shorts. For example, if the event you’re attending requires a more formal look than your typical day-to-day activities then it would make sense to go with a dressier style like oxfords or wingtips; while something like sandals might not be appropriate at such an occasion. But whatever decisions you make about what shoes to wear we hope these tips were helpful!

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