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best beard trimmer for stubble

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Facial hair can have a great effect on a man’s facial appearance. Mustaches, beards and other means of showing off men’s look have fallen and risen in popularity over the years. This usually depends on what is trendy in the market as far as stubble stylish is concerned.

In this century, the handsomeness of men is at times determined on how they take care of their beards. With this regard, most celebrities have decided to take the initiative of showing off their well-trimmed beards so that they become the center of attention to their loyal fans. This has also made many people adapt to this kind of style while shaving off their beards so that they can emulate their superstars.

best beard trimmer for stubble

Stubble beards as a style offer the benefit of emphasizing angles and creating shadows on the face of a man. Additionally, it also allows a man’s stubble to grow and to a great extent enabling your skin to be free from irritation that is normally caused by daily shaving on your face.

Note that the stubble beard is a facial appearance that needs careful and proper attention. You need to keep it at its perfect length and above all, you are required to keep it clean. Therefore, you need the right trimmer to allow you to accomplish your goals effectively.

Things to Put in Mind When Buying a Stubble Trimmer

Before purchasing any stubble trimmer, there are things to put into considerations. This will allow you to meet your needs in a better way and also enable you to accomplish your objectives. These things that you need to put in mind when buying a stubble trimmer is not limited to the following.

  • Length settings

Length settings in a trimmer are important as it allows you to trim your stubble beards in various ways including shorter styles and/or leaving it to remain long for some time depending on your needs. They always make the user maintain their beards well for a longer time.

  • Power

If you are that guy who loves to frequently trim your beards then it is crucial for you to always check whether your trimmer has power or not. This will consequently allow you to save time and also enable you to accomplish the look that you all want. Power is crucial in a trimmer as it makes your work easier.

  • Cordless or corded

You should note that stubble trimmers consist of either battery-powered or a power cord. Your lifestyle usually determines the type of trimmer that best suits you. Cordless trimmers suit people who love traveling because they are convenient and portable. Power cords, on the other hand, are always important if you consistently plan to use them while you are at home.

  • Accessories

Your priorities as a buyer will always determine the type of trimmer you intend to purchase from a shop. For example, you can decide to purchase a trimmer that has whistles and bells. Always prioritize a trimmer that will enable you to enhance your facial look.

  • Battery life

It is important to choose a trimmer that has a longer battery life so that it can serve your needs and demands to your satisfactory.

  • Dry/Wet

Depending on your needs, you can decide to purchase a trimmer that is waterproof so that it can allow you to trim your beards irrespective of your surroundings.

  • Size and design

Size plays a key role in trimmers because it allows you to choose an item that best suits your needs. For instance, a smaller trimmer is easy and convenient to use. They are portable and therefore travel-friendly. For objectivity, a trimmer that has an ergonomic button design will help you accomplish your goals. Their buttons are easy to find and full of intuition.

best stubble trimmer 2017

Best Stubble Trimmers

Top stubble trimmers that we have include the following.

  1. Philips Norelco (Series 3500)

An important feature of this brand is that it is budget-friendly and very affordable. It is convenient for trimming both stubble and beard. Its battery is powerful and amazing.

Not to mention, this trimmer features self-sharpening blades formed from titanium. They are usually rounded to avoid tugging and scrapping that can easily ruin an ideal trim. Interestingly, the titanium blades of this machine usually remain sharp without being oiled. They also encompass a convenient grip that makes it easy to maneuver on one’s beards and stubble.

Just to add, this trimmer is associated with 20 in-built length settings which are an increment in 0.5 mm. It also comes with an extraordinary locking character that makes it simple and convenient to use. Another crucial feature of this trimmer is that you can get a unique trimming experience with it minus separate attachments bunch. Its locking system ensures that the user acquires an evenly distributed trim each time he uses it.

Its battery life is amazing as it takes about one hundred and twenty minutes of consistent run time while in use after just an hour of charging it.


  • It exhibits a lengthy and reliable battery power
  • It has a wide range of budget-friendly features
  • Its compact size and design ensures that it is a simple user interface during trimming experience


  • It lacks versatility properties unlike its competitors

  1. Conair Man 1-Stubble Trimmer

This stubble trimmer is associated with blades that are electrochemically formed and extremely durable, sharp and accurate. It has a unique head that enhances precise contouring. It features an outstanding design that makes it comfortable to use and maneuver.

Additionally, this stubble trimmer has fifteen settings that make it unique from other trimmers. It is also both cordless and cord. The interesting part about it is that its battery life runs for about forty-five minutes when in use and requires about 4 hours to be fully charged.


  • It features electro-chemically formed sharp blades
  • It is cost-friendly
  • It has a simple user interface making it a reliable brand


  • Its battery life is unreliable because it doesn’t run for too long
  • Lacks waterproof properties hence can’t be used in a shower

  1. Remington MB4040

This type of trimmer has a wide range of features inclusive of its durability and versatility. It also comes with sharp blades that offer smooth cut, durable and sharp trims. Besides, the interchangeable heads allow the user to trim their stubble into several styles.

Its versatility properties ensure that the user can comfortably use it to trim their mustache and to a great extent allows you to shave other body parts.

Furthermore, this trimmer comes with a lithium-ion powered battery that has an outstanding battery life. It can run continuously for about 2 hours cordlessly. Also, this trimmer exhibits fast release options on its head and this makes it simple to use and easy to remove for cleaning.


  • It has a lengthy battery power
  • It encompasses durable and sharp titanium blades that are sharp
  • It is versatile
  • It has easy and simple lengthy adjustments


  • It is not waterproof

  1. Wahl lithium ion clipper

This trimmer is associated with four different attachments of the blade. It is sharp and features unique cuttings for the user. It has a powerful battery that allows you to shave clean and meet your trimming goals.


  • It exhibits sharp and precise cuttings for the user
  • It has a warranty of five years
  • It has an amazing battery power


  • Has a loud motor
  • Inconvenient when its battery is empty

  1. Conair Man Stubble Trimmer

This brand has unique blades that are long-lasting and sharp. The blades are electro-chemically formed (advanced technology). Being a top brand, it features various lengths. This stubble trimmer also contains a lengthy memory feature which reminds it of the length settings that you previously used.

The trimmer also encompasses a flexible head that conveniently tracks the crannies and curves of one’s face while at the same time offering quality shave. It is also versatile as it can comfortably allow you to trim your neck, sideburns, and mustache.

As if that is not enough, the trimmer also has a comb guide that offers a trim that is consistent to the user. It is also easy to clean because it is easy to remove. It’s waterproof and therefore you can easily wash it by rinsing it underwater. You can also use shaving creams, gels, foams or soaps to minimize irritation when using it.

The long-lasting power and performance that this trimmer exhibits are usually aided by its powerful battery that provides reliable battery life throughout its usage. It offers a battery life of up to seventy minutes when in use.

Moreover, this trimmer has a unique ergonomic design. It has a sleek and long body that is easy to maneuver and grip. It also features speed levels that are easy to adjust and this makes it comfortable to use.


  • It comes with blade technology that is at a higher level
  • It exhibits ergonomic design
  • It features a protective comb guide that brings better performance.


  • People claim that its battery life becomes obsolete after many months of its usage

What is the Best Stubble Length?

Stubble is normally about 0.5 mm to 5 mm in length, anything beyond this is usually considered as a beard. It is always advisable to choose ideal length settings when you intend to trim your stubble depending on your preference. Also, ensure that you check either the beard or stubble-specific length settings. This is because most of the trimmers usually have a wide range for both hair and beard trimming. For instance, if you attempt the 3rd-day stubble style, you will have to get a trimmer that cuts close to your skin for the lower side of your face. You are encouraged to choose a trimmer that has a length setting that ranges between 0.4 mm to 5 mm.

Best Stubble Facial Hair Styles

The different types of facial hairstyles include:

  • Rugged stubble

It is a combination of elegant and classic stubble. Here, you have to shave your neck up to jawline and then leave the other parts of your stubble natural.

  • Third-day stubble

Here, you allow your beard to grow then instead of going a step further to shave your neck entirely, you just leave it. Thereafter, you use several length settings and combs to cut the lower part of your beard on your neck to almost nothing. You then leave it to grow a bit longer up to the point it blends well at your jawline.

  • Elegant stubble

This one always looks refined, groomed and professional when it’s done properly. To achieve this, you have to shave your neck up to the jawline area. You also need to clean up the edges around your cheeks and the bottom of your ears.

  • Classic stubble

It is the most basic facial hairstyle. Here, there are no edges or shaping to keep, your stubble generally covers your whole neck and face. You only do maintenance when the whole area of the beard on your stubble becomes longer than it is required.

Shopping for a stubble trimmer can be challenging than you think. There are a lot of brands in the market today and selecting the best is difficult. However, there are features that you should look for in a stubble trimmer. Ensure that the battery of the stubble trimmer lasts for an extended period. Also, ensure that your stubble trimmer has a powerful trimmer.

Sometimes you may want to trim your facial hair in the shower. A waterproof stubble trimmer will be effective in such scenarios.  Also, you must consider the trimmer’s design and size. A small mistake can destroy the hard work that you’ve put on your stubble. Ensure that you buy a trimmer that is easy to use and comfortable in your hands. I recommend you to also buy the right nose trimmers for your nasal hairs. A clean nose complements well with stylish stubble.




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