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Which Pair Of Shoes Fit Their Name Because They Don’t Make Noise While Working

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It’s your time to know how to distinguish between shoes that make noise and those that do not. You should not worry if you do not know because you will be able to learn everything you need to know about shoes that make noise.

How to Stop Shoes From Making Noise

How to Stop Shoes From Making Noise

Shoes are worn by everyone, but if you have a new or an old pair that makes noise, you must have been wondering how to stop them from making noise. For you to stop the shoes from making noise, you have to first know where it is coming from.

The sole is what makes noise most of the time, you should repair or replace the sole immediately it starts making noise, you can also add some dampening material to the bottom of the shoe. Apart from that, you can follow some of the following procedures.

Ways to Stop Shoes from Making Noise

Fix the insoles

Insoles can make noise when damaged and damaged insoles make your shoes lose. The noise from your shoes is because of the air on your feet together with the loose insoles movement. To fix your insoles, you should:

Put a paper under the insoles, but if they can’t be removed, place the paper along the seams

Stick the insoles with glue and make sure they bond well with the midsole

Sprinkle talcum powder along the seams and under the insoles because the powder help in softening insoles

If you have coconut oil, rub some under the sole

You can also use some kitchen paper under the insoles

Condition the leather

If the noise comes from outside, it could be because leather is rubbing on itself, this kind of problem is easy to fix. You just need to apply some leather conditioner on your shoes.

It is good to use a specific type of leather conditioner and if you can’t find one, use a good quality conditioner that is effective.

You should focus on the toe joints and along the laces, you can also apply the conditioner all over the shoe it’s not bad, in fact, it keeps the leather healthy.

Ensure that you apply the conditioner regularly, depending on how you often wear the shoes. If you wear them once, condition then once a month.

Fix Damage

If there is any kind of damage on your shoes, consider fixing it immediately it could be what makes noise. If there are any loose parts on your shoes, repair them with glue. You can do it yourself it’s not a tough task, while foam soled shoes and sneakers can’t be repaired.

Do your shoes fit better

If you do not want to change your old shoes, you can try improving them, but that depends on where the noise comes from. If your shoes slip at the back, consider using heel grips.

Reasons why shoes make noise

Before fixing the noise, the first thing you need to know is where the noise comes from and why they are noisy. Do the shoes squeak as you walk, or could it be the clicking noise from heels? The main reasons as to why your shoes make noise could be because;

How they fit on your feet

Shoes that don’t fit properly make a lot of noise, a shoe that doesn’t fit makes clapping noise as they slip off your heel, it can a times make a scraping sound and that is if it doesn’t lift up when you walk. In short, loose shoe is a major source of noise.

Both big and too small shoes make a lot of unique noises, when the shoes are too big, you can solve the issue easily, unlike on small shoes. It is always good to buy the right size of shoes.

Poor-fitting shoes tend to damage faster on your feet and on the shoe itself. It is important to find a well-fitting pair of shoes because it reduces the amount of noise they make.

The age of your shoes

Shoes go through too much stress over time, some shoes can last for years depending on their quality. But when worn for long, they can make a lot of noises.

The loose part caused by wear is what causes too much noise. Older shoes always make noise more than new shoes. New shoes can also make noise because rubber soles are smooth and can squeak. Stiff shoes like leather can also make noise.

If your shoes are damaged, they can also make noise, water damage causes shoes to squeak, the better idea is to dry out your shoes well before wearing.

How Do I Stop My Shoes From Squeaking On The Floor?

It could be disappointing when your favorite pair of shoes starts squeaking on floors, if it’s making you uncomfortable, you should make the right decision. You should not worry because you can stop the noise in so many different ways.

Applying baby powder

Your shoes could be making squeaky sounds when you wear them without socks or barefoot. Moisture builds up inside, thus causing squeaky noise. To get rid of this noise, you should wipe out or remove the moisture.

Most of the shoe soles nowadays are removable, take the sole out if the one in your shoe is removable. Once you have removed the insoles, you can now apply baby powder under the sole and put the insole back.

Baby powder is good at absorbing excess moisture inside the shoe as well as preventing the insole from becoming slippery, baby powder helps a lot in getting rid of the squeaky noise.

Find the source of the noise

Before finding a solution, find the source first, when you find the source, you can now decide the next step to take. You can decide to work on different floors and patterns to avoid the squeaky noise.

It is important to find the source of noise because it helps find the real cause of the squeaky noise. If you realize that the noise is not produced on the carpet but on plain carpets, it could be due to too much friction.

By using a paper towel or napkin

Friction is the major cause of your shoes making noise, to reduce friction, place napkins or paper towels between your shoes and the insole.

The paper towel should be small enough to fit the space between your shoes and the insole. Place the now-folded paper towel between them to prevent friction from occurring, with that done, there is no much noise produced thereafter.

The two materials tend to absorb sweat from your feet, sweat can cause a bad smell and changing the paper towels and napkins every time is necessary.

Apply lubricants under the insole

Friction is the main cause of shoe noises and to reduce friction, you can apply lubricants. Before applying lubricants, first, remove the insoles and then apply a small amount. Return the insole back when you are done return the insoles back.

Drying your shoe

Excess moisture can also lead to a lot of noise is excessive moisture, if you happened to wear shoes without socks for a long-distance or accidentally fall on water, your shoes might squeak when walking on hard floors so long as they are wet.

To avoid that, make sure you dry your shoes. To dry them faster, you should hang the insole in a dry place, it could be out in the sun or beside some fire. Apart from drying the insole, you can place a towel to absorb.

Applying rubber cement adhesive

This is an adhesive and can be applied and peeled off later. It doesn’t cause damage to your shoe and that is why you should use it in the front part of your shoe.

Sometimes the floor could be the problem and no matter what kind of shoe you wear on such a floor, it will still make noise, so to stop that apply cement adhesive in the front parts of your shoe. The adhesive prevents shoes from squeaking on hard floors this saving you from too much embarrassment.

Consider wearing socks

Your legs might sweat a lot if you do not put on socks and when walking, you realize that your shoes are making a certain type of noise. To be on the safe side, normalize wearing socks, after all, it costs you nothing and in that case, if you have sweaty legs, avoid black socks.

Be cautious of defects

You might have done everything to get rid of the squeaky noise, but it doesn’t go away. The problem is not you the company might have done something wrong during the production process and this is what makes shoes squeak.

If this happens, you can return them to the retailer you bought from. You can choose to be given another free pair, refunded, or given a new pair.

Visit a cobbler

In case you do not realize the source of noise in your shoes, visit a cobbler he or she will help you, they are professionals in this just b and they will not fail to help you.

Which Pair Of Shoes Fit Their Name Because They Don’t Make Noise While Working

Which Pair Of Shoes Fit Their Name Because They Don’t Make Noise While Working?


Sneakers are among the shoe pairs that got their name because their rubber soles don’t make noise at all. In the early days, people started calling these shoe sneakers because it enabled them to sneak without being heard or making a sound.


Loafers shoes do not make noise, their soles are perfect and the entire shoe is long-lasting. Who would not want to buy a comfortable show anyway.

If you have been wondering which shoe to go for after being disappointed by the one you have, go for loafers it is a great deal.

When you find shoes that do not make noise buy them because they are comfortable and do not capture people’s attention, imagine attending a meeting with shoes that squeak, it could be embarrassing, right?

You should know the type of shoes that don’t make noise but if the noise occurred may be due to sweating, or if they are new, look for an option to solve the issue.

Before buying shoes, you should at least know their features and the various types of shoes. As for women, if you love wearing heels but you can’t because they make noise, consider another shoe option or look for ways to stop them from squeaking or hitting the ground.

Sneakers and loafers are available nowadays in almost every market, you should get one of these. The price is affordable, while the shoe is long-lasting and comfortable.

There is nothing as awesome as wearing comfortable shoes, so if you haven’t tried loafers and sneakers before, it’s time you get them.

When buying any type of shoe, look at the sole. The sole material is very important because it is the part that comes in contact with surface, a good sole should be strong enough to sustain all the ups and downs on the road.

To add to that, it prevents your feet from harm, injuries, shock and so many other things. The sole material should therefore be very strong and durable. The materials you should choose when it comes to shoes are.

Rubber soles

Pick a shoe with an RB tag, this indicates that the sole is from recycled rubber. The rubber soles are categorized into two, that is.

Synthetic rubber

It is a cheap natural rubber classified into the following categories. Hard rubber, air rubber, natural rubber and sticky rubber.

Natural rubber

It’s one of the most comfortable materials to wear bit one thing about them is they do not last long.

Shoes are available in so many types and if you want to get a good type of shoes, be keen and careful when purchasing them. You should at least know how to stop shoe noise from making noise if, in case they do, know the pairs that don’t make noise while working and how to stop shoes from squeaking on the floor.

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