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ex wants to be friends after no contact

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Are you someone who has gone through a difficult breakup yet still maintains hope of having your ex in your life? It can be challenging to end all contact with an ex after a relationship ends, especially if the feelings are still strong. However, there may come a time when your ex reaches out, wanting to start over as friends. While it may be tempting to accept this offer and try for renewed friendship, there are things you should consider first before deciding whether or not staying friends is the best option for both of you.

In this blog post, we’ll help you navigate what happens when an ex wants to be friends after no contact and shed some light on how exploring that offer might work out.

ex wants to be friends after no contact

Ex Wants to Be Friends After No Contact – The Rules to Follow

Take some time to reflect 

When deciding if exes can be friends, taking some personal time to reflect on the relationship and its potential outcomes is essential; after having no contact, both parties need to think critically about their emotions and situation before engaging in a new friendship. Considering the duration and intensity of the previous relationship is important when determining if forming a friendly connection with an old flame is desirable.

While it’s certainly possible for exes to be friends, setting boundaries beforehand can make all the difference. Reflecting allows individuals to stay true to themselves and their ideal relationships.

Be honest with yourself

When handling your ex wanting to remain friends after a difficult breakup, the best rule of thumb is, to be honest with yourself. This could mean letting go and accepting that they were an important part of your life but no longer are. It could also refer to allowing yourself time to grieve the loss in whatever way feels necessary for you.

Being honest with yourself is hard, but the long-term payoff can be worth it. You may find it easier to look ahead and focus on building new relationships far away from the turbulent coast of having your ex as a friend. Taking control of the situation and being honest with your feelings will give you more control over the outcome than any other route.

Set expectations 

Setting expectations when an ex wants to be friends after no contact is a great way to keep things civil and amicable. It can be challenging to handle this situation, especially when there were strong emotions in the past relationship. Before engaging in any friendship, it’s best for both parties to discuss what kind of friendly relationship they seek. This allows both individuals to ensure that the other understands and is comfortable with the proposed boundaries and expectations.

Having clear expectations helps ensure honesty and transparency on both sides of the equation, leading to a healthy post-relationship friendship moving forward.

Be clear

When having an ex-partner reach out to be friends after no contact, being clear is a rule that must be followed. It can be challenging to handle, but both parties must remember the importance of communication. If you’re not ready, you should never let them pressure you into a friendship.

On the other hand, if you do want to pursue a friendship with your ex, making sure everyone is on the same page should always be a priority. Clear in these situations can prevent misunderstandings and uncomfortable feelings, which could further damage the relationship. Ultimately, both people should respect each other’s perspectives while maintaining open dialogue throughout this process.

Practice self-care 

It can be confusing when an ex wants to be friends after no contact. To ensure that you make the right decision for yourself, practice self-care. Listen to your heart and mind before reacting and try not to get swept away by feelings of nostalgia or sentimentality – staying neutral is critical!

Acknowledge how you’re feeling without committing one way or the other. Put your needs first, and remember that all relationships should improve your life, big or small. Take the time to think about the implications before deciding how to proceed.

Let go of the past 

Letting go of the past can be difficult, especially if an ex wants to be friends after no contact. It is important to remember that memories of the past make us who we are today, but also that they should not dictate how we live our lives in the present.

Taking time and space away from each other allows both people to heal and clarify where their relationship stands or if it will continue. If the decision is made to move forward and be friends, understanding that things may have changed over time and letting go of expectations for continuation can help create a healthier dynamic where both people can truly enjoy one another’s company.

Respect their boundaries 

Respect is essential to any relationship, and having a boundary with an ex-partner is no different. Although it may feel challenging at first, when an ex wants to be friends after no contact, it’s important to remember that boundaries must be maintained for the friendship to be successful.

Even if you have romantic feelings for or a strong attachment to your ex-partner, respect their wishes and determine what kind of boundaries are necessary to make the situation comfortable – this could mean reducing the amount of communication or refraining from discussing specific topics. Engaging in a healthy friendship will require both parties to show mutual respect, boundaries, and interest in prioritizing your comfort levels equally.

Don’t take it personally 

It’s a natural inclination to take it personally when an ex reaches out to be friends, especially after no contact. But these situations don’t have anything to do with us, and it’s important to remember that. As difficult as it may be, try to address your emotions and accept that trying to stay friends might not yield the same level of intimacy you once had; a relationship is fluid and evolves.

Keeping our expectations realistic in this situation lets us approach it maturely rather than allowing our emotions to dictate our actions. Learning how to separate our feelings from that of our ex is essential if we want friendship to work.

Focus on your own needs 

Just because an ex wants to rekindle a post-breakup friendship doesn’t necessarily mean that it is something you need to pursue. After all, one of the main rules to follow when someone wants to be friends after no contact is to focus on your own needs and well-being first.

Evaluate how staying in their life would genuinely make you feel, what the positive and negative aspects may come with it, and decide whether remaining trapped in turmoil benefits your life. Taking the time to focus on what best serves you can help bring clarity and understanding as to which path to take regarding this type of situation.

Stay positive and upbeat 

Establishing a friendship with an ex after no contact can be tricky, so staying positive and upbeat might help keep the peace. Maintaining optimism and good cheer in conversations with your ex may help to avoid stirring up resentments from the past.

Additionally, remaining upbeat in interactions could diffuse any potential for arguments or hurt feelings due to unresolved matters that had developed in the relationship. Making an honest effort to stay positive around your ex can also create a welcoming environment to work out any issues that may have been left unaddressed.

Recognize what you can control 

When going through a breakup and feeling especially vulnerable, it can be hard to resist the temptation of wanting to reconcile and stay friends on good terms. However, when an ex is attempting a reconnection after no contact, it is essential to recognize what you can control to make a healthy decision for yourself.

Your mental health should always come first. It may be best to recognize that any interaction with your ex could reinstate your previous relationship and emotions, potentially leaving you in an even more fragile state than before. Reestablishing contact could benefit both parties, but it’s important to remember that your welfare is ultimately the top priority when making a decision.

Give yourself room to breathe

Taking a break from contact with an ex is often tricky, but it can also be beneficial. Giving yourself room to breathe allows you to step back and think about what’s best for you and your body. Plus, this space allows emotions to simmer down and relationships to be re-evaluated. When considering reestablishing contact with someone, it’s essential to think carefully before attempting anything, especially if the relationship ended amicably.

Despite the temptation to rush into reconnecting, slow down and give yourself time to figure out how you feel. After all, being satisfied with any decision requires understanding oneself first – give yourself room to breathe! 

Be patient in rebuilding trust 

When getting back in touch with an ex, preceding no contact and trying to reestablish a friendship can be challenging. Often, pride or insecurity can taint our judgment when making such decisions, so it is vital to take the time to reflect on the situation and allow trust to heal before diving into anything new. It is essential for both parties involved to approach the friendship with patience; take things slow, listen and communicate openly to rebuild trust before earnestly attempting a friendship.

Being patient allows for forgiveness and understanding on both ends; giving each other space and allowing yourselves time will enable an environment where genuine friendship can form and last.

Be honest with your intentions 

When maintaining a friendship with an ex, being honest is critical. It’s essential to be mindful of our intentions and to make sure that we are respectfully honest about them when reaching out for reconciliation. With mutual understanding and trust, the place of friendship might last.

If a past relationship did not end on good terms, it’s equally important to communicate openly to ensure both parties maintain boundaries and respect each other’s decisions. Establishing these foundations early can ensure that the “friendship” aspect of the relationship is enjoyable and enriching for both parties.

What to do if your ex wants to be friends after no contact

Be consistent and communicative 

Being consistent and communicative is critical when an ex wants to be friends after no contact. If you decide that pursuing a friendship is the best course of action, then maintaining a steady, measured approach will help establish a successful relationship. This includes setting clear boundaries and expectations for the future so that both parties understand what a friendship entails.

As for communication, openness and honesty are vital as it helps to foster trust and connection by creating an environment where both ex’s can comfortably express their feelings and opinions openly and respectfully. Effective communication combined with consistency enables both people to benefit from the positive experience of being friends while providing them with enough space to cope with any unresolved issues or emotions.


If you want to be friends with your ex, that’s great! But if you still need to get ready, don’t worry. You can still show them that you’re doing just fine without them. Remember, the no-contact rule is critical here. Don’t reach out to them first; give yourself some time to heal before reestablishing a friendship. Good luck!

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