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How do I stop walking on eggshells in my relationship

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Relationships can be complicated. So complicated that one might wonder how two people can have a successful relationship at all, let alone a healthy one? The answer is not so simple. A successful relationship entails communication and compromise, and that’s just the tip of the metaphorical iceberg. That is not to say that a relationship can’t be worth it or fulfilling somehow. Even if it is difficult, trying your best to make a relationship work is important because those who love each other will try their hardest to make things work.

Walking On Eggshells in a Relationship

What Does Walking On Eggshells in a Relationship Mean?

For those who may not know, eggshells are delicate and break easily. They are not the most durable things in the world, and that is why it can be difficult to walk on them barefoot since they might crack under your weight. This analogy is used when talking about relationships because, in a way, it’s like you’re walking on eggshells trying your best not to irritate the other party and make things worse. Essentially, this means that there is a lot of caution when in a relationship because you’re dealing with someone fragile and easily affected by what people say and do around them.

Signs of Walking On Eggshells in a Relationship

Tension in the Air

The people in a relationship will inevitably have those moments where they fight. After all, it can be difficult to avoid conflict at times. However, there is no reason for it to be tense and awkward when you’re not fighting because of how uncomfortable it can make everyone involved. If you look around, you’ll notice tension in the air, and it’s not a pleasant thing to experience. You might want to ask yourself if something has happened. Lately, that would make things like this, like an argument about something trivial.


Another sign of walking on eggshells in a relationship is silence when there should be noise. There are times when it’s okay for people not to talk when they’re mad or upset with one another. However, that does not mean it becomes silent around them because there is just no talking or very minimal conversation of things that don’t matter. If both parties aren’t speaking, then the chances are high that something must have happened between them recently.

Being Careful of What You Say

Of course, this is a bit related to the previous point. In any case, you might realize that you’re being more mindful of what you say around your significant other. It’s not that you’re too scared to talk or anything like that; it’s just that there is a nervousness present in some way. You aren’t sure if they’re going to take something the wrong way and get offended by it or if they’ll make things worse because of how they respond to it. This means that tension is high, and walking on eggshells in a relationship isn’t out of the ordinary for them right now.

Turning Down Your Emotions

It should be easy for people in a relationship to express their emotions, no matter how small or large they may be. That includes crying, laughing and even having fun together. However, you might notice that your significant other isn’t doing these things around you because of how awkward they feel doing so. Since there is tension in the air between the two parties involved, this means that it’s hard to be carefree and comfortable when you know that something must have happened recently.

Feeling Anxious Around Them

Being anxious is not a pleasant thing. It consists of feeling nervous about what might happen in the future and worrying about what has already gone on before. When walking on eggshells in a relationship happens, this anxiety becomes worse than usual because of all the discomfort between both people involved. If you feel anxious and nervous around them, then the chances are high that there is tension between the two parties and they’re not at their best.

You Start to Minimize Your Own Mistakes

It can be easy for people in a relationship to blame themselves for things even when it’s not their fault. However, if you find yourself minimizing your own mistakes more than usual, then that can be a bit telling as well. When both parties want to avoid conflict as much as possible and tensions are high, those who end up doing wrong will try to shield themselves by pointing fingers at others and making themselves look like the victim. That only happens with those who aren’t responsible for what went wrong or what went down.

They Don’t Need You as Much

One of the biggest signs that are walking on eggshells in a relationship involves one party not needing the other as much. If you notice that they’re not talking to you or sharing things with you, even when it’s something they would normally do, then the chances are high that there is some tension between them, and they want to avoid it so badly. It could be because of an argument that went down recently or perhaps something else. Even so, this is a sign of walking on eggshells in a relationship being present between both parties involved.

They Try to Get Away from You

When someone does something wrong, they might try to get away from those who matter most to them in a bid to avoid conflict. Even if they don’t leave the house, going about their business while trying to ignore what happened is a way of avoiding you and owning up to their actions. If your significant other seems like they’re more interested in doing something else rather than staying at home with you, then the chances are high that they want nothing to do with you right now because of whatever went down recently.

They Seem Distant

After walking on eggshells in a relationship, most people tend to retreat and become distant from one another for a little while. This happens because there is so much tension between them, and neither wants to do or say anything, which might worsen or lead to an argument breaking out again. With that in mind, if your significant other seems to be a bit distant from you and nothing you do or say is bringing them back, then the chances are high that there’s tension between both parties.

You Don’t Hear From Them Much

When walking on eggshells in a relationship goes on for too long, at some point, one party might decide to cut off all ties with the other. It could be because they don’t want to hear from them ever again or perhaps because they feel like it’s what is best for them at this time. If you notice your significant other coming up with every excuse under the sun not to speak to you anymore, even when it’s something they normally look forward to doing together, then chances are high that this is a sign of walking on eggshells in a relationship.

They’re More Reserved and It’s Not Like Them

Another way to tell if walking on eggshells in a relationship is happening is by noting how reserved they’ve become around you lately. If they don’t want to go out with you like they normally would, or perhaps they aren’t as talkative as usual, then the chances are high that something has them feeling uncomfortable, and there’s tension between the two parties because of it. Even so, if your significant other seems like they’re more distant than ever and not as much fun to be around anymore, then chances are high that walking on eggshells in a relationship has taken over their thoughts and wants for now.

They’re More Jealous of Your Friends

If someone is insecure in a relationship or wants to be with you, then they might make an effort to try and get between you and your friends. If your significant other is doing this even when it’s not like them, then the chances are high that they want the relationship to be more one-on-one because walking on eggshells in a relationship has made them feel this way. Even if their behavior towards your friends isn’t terrible, it might come off as overly aggressive and possessive, which can drive a wedge between everyone involved.

They Try to Deflect the Blame onto Others

When it comes time for taking responsibility for mistakes or making things right within a relationship, someone who’s walking on eggshells will try to deflect the blame onto others. This behavior is especially destructive because it can make the other party feel like they’re not getting anywhere when trying to talk about their feelings and work things out together. Suppose your significant other tends to lash out whenever you bring up how you feel or perhaps scream at someone else for no reason. In that case, the chances are high that there’s tension between both parties since walking on eggshells in a relationship is present.

What Are The Causes Of Eggshell Relationships?

The causes of walking on eggshells in a relationship can vary depending upon which parties are involved. This is because it’s not always the result of one person trying to take advantage or get the upper hand. Sometimes both sides are responsible for this behavior, so knowing why it starts will help you avoid repeating these issues down the road.

They’re Passive Aggressive

If someone is passive-aggressive, they often say or do things that lead to tension within a relationship without directly speaking up about what’s bothering them. Suppose your significant other tends to lash out at others by showing their displeasure through very subtle means, like rolling their eyes whenever you speak or muttering something under their breath when asked to do something simple. In that case, the chances are high that they’re trying to avoid a fight by doing this. Even so, it’s going to make things uncomfortable, and it will likely drive a wedge between you and your friends if they feel like their needs aren’t being met.

How do I stop walking on eggshells in my relationship

They Think By Avoiding You or Listening, It Will Be Easy

People who walk on eggshells often believe that avoiding the other party at all costs is the answer to not dealing with their feelings and emotions. While taking some time apart can be healthy for both parties involved, sometimes it goes too far where there isn’t any contact between either one or very little of it because walking on eggshells in a relationship has made them feel this way. If your significant other tries to keep as much distance as possible to avoid tension, then there’s a very good chance that they’re trying to protect themselves from the need to communicate about their feelings and work things out with you.

They Want You All To Themselves

People walking on eggshells in a relationship often try to make things easier for themselves by taking away other people from the equation. This is especially destructive because it can lead to a fight between everyone involved if it becomes too difficult or one person feels like they should be treated differently. Suppose your significant other does this by ignoring others, blocking them from their life, lashing out at friends and family, or being physically aggressive towards those they don’t agree with. In that case, the chances are high that walking on eggshells puts strain on your relationship.

They Constantly Have to “Check-In” With You

Being overly clingy or possessive can mean that someone is walking on eggshells in a relationship because they feel like they need to make sure you’re there with them at all times for fear of something bad happening. This behavior goes beyond the normal need for communication, and sometimes it’s used as an excuse to get angry whenever you don’t answer their calls or come home when expected, even if it has nothing to do with them. People afraid of being left alone often resort to this kind of destructive behavior without realizing how hard it makes things on others.

It Kills Your Self-Esteem

If you’re being made to feel unwanted, unappreciated, or as if you’re doing something wrong by another person, then it’s going to hurt your self-esteem. Even so, feeling as if you’re not good enough for someone else is very common, and learning how to move past these issues will help you avoid walking on eggshells in the future.

They Blame You For Their Mistakes 

If your significant other tells you that they didn’t do something because of what you did, then the chances are high that they’re trying to shift responsibility away from themselves. This is often done when they know they’ve said or done something wrong and don’t want to take any initiative to fix their mistakes because walking on eggshells means they don’t have to.

They’re Always Hurt, Resenting You, or Angry

People walking on eggshells in a relationship often do so because they feel like they’re the cause for everything that’s gone wrong between you and them. This can include someone getting fired from their job, losing touch with friends and family members, not having any time to come home, or even something as simple as your significant other hearing about an argument you had with another person if it relates to them in some way. Being made to feel guilty may seem like something innocent, but it has devastating effects when used repeatedly because it causes people to break down mentally if they allow themselves to believe this is true.

Ways To Improve Your Relationship And Stop Walking On Eggshells

Start by working on yourself

The first step to getting rid of walking on eggshells in a relationship is understanding that it’s not your fault. It may seem like something you’re doing has pushed someone away and made them treat you this way, but more often than not, this blame is misplaced, and your significant other are looking for an excuse to give up. Learning how to improve yourself and make changes within will help you control things and keep destructive behavior from interfering with what you have.

Attend relationship therapy

People living with the consequences of walking on eggshells in a relationship may need guidance from a therapist or counselor who can work through these issues with them. Suppose your significant other wants nothing to do with it. In that case, attending counseling sessions without their knowledge is a good way to start learning how to address problems without letting someone else influence your decisions.

Take responsibility for your relationship

Not being willing to step up and take responsibility for what’s happening in your relationship is another reason why so many people wind up walking on eggshells when they should be focused on finding positive ways of solving conflicts. If you’re constantly made to feel like the problem is all about you, then it means that you haven’t taken enough control over things because each new argument brings with it the fear of making matters worse without meaning to. Taking charge will help you find solutions outside of having another person constantly checking in on you or trying to keep tabs on everything you do.

Improve your communication skills

Talking to a person who is always making you feel wrong or under attack can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to remain this way. Figuring out how to ask for things without sounding demanding, listening without passing judgment, and expressing yourself in ways that other people will understand are all part of healthy communication habits. This will help you avoid walking on eggshells because it means that there’s less room for guilt trips, unnecessary feelings of obligation, or misunderstandings that lead to destructive behaviors.

Respect other people’s opinions

One reason why so many relationships fall apart involves the inability of one party to feel as if they’re not getting their point across properly. At the same time, the other continues putting them down every chance they get because they make an effort to understand. Learning how to put your feelings aside and listen without jumping down someone’s throat will give you the chance to work things through together instead of trying to manipulate them into doing what you want because it leads to resentment.

Learn how to let go

Walking on eggshells in a relationship is about constantly feeling like something is wrong even when it isn’t so that one person can try fixing things which usually leads to worse problems than before. This kind of behavior creates an endless cycle that makes people feel as if they’re never good enough or that they always need someone else around not to wind up alone again. It also means dealing with the stress of feeling like nothing less than perfection will make someone stay, constantly trying to please them, and never feeling like you can give up or let go, which is needed when wanting to break this cycle.

Set boundaries

When both parties walk on eggshells in a relationship, it means that one person never feels as if they have the right to do anything without being punished. At the same time, the other continues drawing lines in the sand, so people will know how far their privileges extend. For someone to stop walking on eggshells also means taking away some of these privileges because allowing others to get too comfortable with dominating your life is one of the things that wind up causing drama later on. Setting boundaries helps people find a healthy balance where neither sidewalks all over each other but instead respects what needs to be done in each situation.

Know when to walk away

Sometimes walking on eggshells is about people’s inability to walk away from a bad relationship no matter how unhappy they are, how destructive the other person has become, or what kind of problems it brings with it, such as co-dependency. All relationships will have their fair share of issues but knowing when enough is enough and that you’re better off alone until things change an important part of not feeling like you’re stuck in a dead-end. If people hold onto toxic ties, they’ll never find out who they can trust and depend on, so having your own back is one of those instances where it pays to be selfish instead of trying to please everyone else at the cost of your mental stability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What does it mean to walk on eggshells around someone? 

Walking on eggshells around someone means always feeling like you’re wrong, under attack, or about to get in trouble – even when it isn’t so. It’s a matter of putting up with someone else’s behavior and tolerating toxic ties that could wind up causing stress-related illnesses or mental health problems further down the road if people don’t find a way to resolve them or walk away from the situation for good.

What does walking on eggshells have to do with being in a relationship? 

There are times when walking on eggshells has nothing to do with being in a relationship, but it’s important to know that there’s a difference between someone going through rough patches and having a toxic presence in their life. One of the signs that someone is walking on eggshells around another person is because they’re afraid to say something, need space after spending time together, or don’t know how to ask for what they want and need without feeling guilty about it because they feel as though their needs aren’t important.

What are the three C’s in a healthy relationship? 

There are three C’s in a healthy relationship: commitment, communication, and compromise. People should be able to trust in themselves and their partners when it comes to being committed to solving issues. They should also feel like they can communicate what they’re feeling without negative repercussions if the other person finds out that they’re upset or hurt about something while knowing that they can also come to their partner when they need support or help with something. More importantly, the three C’s are about both people being willing to compromise instead of one person trying to get what they want while disregarding their partner in the process.

What does walking on eggshells have to do with self-care? 

When you feel like you’re walking on eggshells around someone else, it’s a sign that it’s time to take care of yourself. Whether this means ending the relationship or setting boundaries with that person so that they won’t wind up making your life miserable by playing games or acting immaturely, self-care is important to learn how to balance yourself so that you won’t feel taken advantage of or drained by another person’s toxic presence in your life.

Why is walking on eggshells around someone unhealthy? 

Walking on eggshells around someone isn’t always bad, but it can be stressful to always worry about what they’re going to think about the things you say or do, feel like you can’t trust them, and never know when they’ll explode at you for something that you didn’t even do. It’s a sign that something isn’t right in the relationship, which means putting up with it is only prolonging the inevitable because there’s always going to be tension between the two of you until one person walks away, makes up an excuse to cover their tracks, or starts projecting instead of telling you what’s wrong.


Walking on eggshells around someone means dealing with unnecessary amounts of stress or anxiety that make it impossible to relax, unwind, and feel good about yourself. It’s important to love yourself enough to know when you’re being mistreated by another person who doesn’t have the decency to treat you right while also having the strength to walk away if you feel like you’re being taken advantage of. In a healthy relationship, both people can communicate their needs and boundaries without walking on eggshells around each other out of fear or obligation while trying their best to reach a compromise to make the relationship work.

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