What to Wear with Grey Chinos




What to Wear with Grey Chinos

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Grey is a classic color for chinos and one that works well with many different colors.

If you’re not sure what to wear with grey chinos, take a look at this guide for ideas on matching chinos with different outfit colors.

What to Wear with Grey Chinos

What to Wear with Grey Chinos

Color Combinations 

A good place to start when considering what to wear with grey chinos is to think about color. The easiest way to do this is by asking yourself what colors you feel comfortable in and then thinking about which hues go well together.

To help you out, here are some quick tips for pairing your grey chinos with different colors:

Bright Colors 

First up are bright colors – these are going to be the easiest colors to wear with grey chinos because they pop off a neutral background.

You can wear white, yellow, and other light-colored shirts for casual outfits, or pair your chinos with a dress shirt in color such as pink or blue for smart-casual outfits.

Pick up a pair of white or tan leather shoes to finish off the look in terms of footwear.

Mid-Tones Colors 

If you’re feeling more adventurous, consider wearing mid-tone colors with your chinos instead. It’s easy to match mid-tones by choosing one color that has orange or blue in it.

For example, you could wear a navy shirt with your chinos for a business casual look or a deep purple button-down if you’re going for something more formal.

When it comes to the shoes, you can either match them with your outfit color or keep things neutral by going with black shoes instead.

Colors with Red 

If you want to pair your grey chinos with a darker or patterned outfit, try wearing colors with a hint of red in them.

These hues are easy to find and can go well together because they contrast each other nicely without being too overwhelming.

If you want to keep things subtle, for example, wear navy pants with a maroon shirt – you can also go for a more understated look by pairing your chinos with an olive green top.

For shoes, slip into brown leather sneakers or rustic boots, and you’ll be good to go!

What Not to Wear 

Finally, here are some tips on what not to wear with grey chinos:

Try to avoid wearing colors that are too close in hue because this could make your overall outfit look a bit odd and uncoordinated.

Instead, choose outfits that have a defined color line running through them for a better-blended ensemble.

What do you wear over grey chinos

What to Wear with Grey Chinos for Casual Occasions

For casual occasions, pair your grey chinos with a plain-colored shirt for smart-casual outfits.

You also have the option of wearing a patterned top in one of these shades if you want to make more of an impact.

As for footwear, opt for white or tan leather sneakers or boat shoes – this is an easy way to add a laid-back vibe to your outfit.

As for the bottom half of your body, you can complete this part of your look by wearing grey sweats or joggers.

For a more rustic and relaxed outfit, consider going for an all-gray ensemble with black sneakers and a bomber jacket thrown over the top.

This look is perfect for hanging out with friends or keeping things casual at work.

What to Wear with Grey Chinos for Smart Casual Occasions

If you’re heading to a casual event but want to look smart, then go for a button-down shirt with your chinos.

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns by pairing this top with plaid or gingham print trousers – make sure both are in the same color family.

For example, choose an orange shirt and pair it with brown or olive green chinos.

If you want to go for something more formal, consider wearing a light blue, white, or pink shirt in it.

Make your outfit pop even more by opting for footwear that’s either tan or red-colored. This kind of shoe is perfect if you plan lots of outdoor activities because it won’t get too dirty.

What to Wear with Grey Chinos for Formal Occasions

Last but not least, you have the option of wearing a shirt that has a hint of pattern or subtle color in it for smart-casual outfits.

For example, match your grey chinos with a white polo shirt and a dark blue or black sweater for a sophisticated look appropriate for formal occasions.

To add a bit of contrast, wear brown leather shoes with this ensemble.

What Color Shirt Goes with Grey Chinos Pants?

Black Shirt with Grey Chinos 

For the black shirt, pair your grey trousers with a white top. Then on top of that, add either a navy blue or brown belt (depending on the shade of your chinos) and then finish it off with brown shoes.

Blue Shirt with Grey Chinos

If you like bright colors, you can mix your grey chinos with a royal blue shirt. Just remember the brighter the color, the easier it is to match up, so make sure you do not add too many colors to what you wear. For example, try leaving out accessories such as ties and belts when wearing this combination.

Another option is to leave out the blue-colored shirt altogether and wear a white dress shirt with your grey chinos. You can even leave the top two buttons undone to reveal more of your chest.

White Shirt with Grey Chinos

The best way to make this combination work is to keep the rest of your outfit toned down. Avoid adding accessories like ties and belts. If you want to add a little bit of color, you can wear a red printed scarf.

Grey Shirt with Grey Chinos

Lighter-colored shirts are easier to match with your grey chinos. Pair them with either brown or white shoes for the best look. You can also try adding in one or two accessories like ties, belts, and scarves.

What Shoes to Wear with Grey Chinos Pants

Brown Shoes

– Brown shoes are always a safe bet, especially if your chinos are tan-colored. It’s always better to have colors that contrast with or complement each other, so brown is a great choice for its versatility.

Burgundy Shoes

– Burgundy shoes add a touch of class and sophistication. This is great if your grey chinos are dark in color, like charcoal or slate blue.


Q: How to wear grey chinos with a brown belt?

A: The contrast between the two items should be subtle. There’s no need for them to look like they’re from different sets. What you can do is choose a leather or suede belt in either black or dark brown, so it doesn’t stand out too much.

Q: How to wear grey chinos with white shoes?

A: Wearing white shoes is easier than you think. When wearing grey pants with a white top, the colors compliment each other well and brightness as your look.


With so many colors to choose from, there’s no excuse not to have a wardrobe filled with grey chinos. They’re essential for everyone looking to create stylish outfits that are versatile and can be worn on special occasions. Pair them with the right shoes, and you’ll have countless combinations that will have people asking where you shop. You can even wear them with the right shirt to look great in any business environment. Grey pants are a modern alternative to black dress pants that can be worn almost anywhere, making them one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe.

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