How to Fold a Shirt for Traveling




How to fold clothes for travel without wrinkles

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Nothing beats having a well-ironed shirt, especially when turning up for a meeting. It shows you are an organized person and adds points when it comes to respecting what you get from those around you. However, achieving that look is not always the case, particularly when travelling. Moving around means carrying your clothes in a bag or suitcase, and that could have catastrophic results for your clothes. They could end up with wrinkles as a result of the movements with the luggage, which result in friction that causes the creases. Should you fold or roll your clothes to avoid wrinkles? This article explores all that and a couple of other things to do to avoid wrinkled clothes as you travel.

How to fold a shirt for traveling

How to Fold a Shirt for Travelling

When travelling for a business trip, vacation or any other function, having your shirts folded keeps them in shape. It helps to avoid creases and save space by accommodating more staff. Otherwise, your shirt will look like they are straight from a cow’s mouth if you don’t fold them. You can choose to either fold or roll your clothes. Unlike folding, rolling leaves the clothes smoother and can fill up spaces that would otherwise be left out like corners.
Folding can be quite tricky, especially in cases of buttons. For amazing results, you need to:

• Make sure the shirt is properly buttoned up.

• Place the shirt on a flat surface with the buttons on the lower side and the arms spread out.

• Then fold one arm backwards, making sure the edge of the shirt aligns with the button line. Repeat the same for both sleeves.

• Then fold the hem of the shirt to meet the rest of the shirt 1/3 way. Fold the neck side backwards to sit on the folded portion.

In case your shirt is being packed with an entire suit, you will need to use a garment bag to keep your shirt in shape. Place the pair of trousers in the strap of the hanger and have your ironed shirt on top of the hanger and the coat over it. Then carefully place them in the garment bag, ready for travel.

How to Fold Clothes for Travel without Wrinkles

When travelling, how you package your clothes determines if they are going to have a smooth finish when you unpack them or if they will be badly creased. For starters, friction is the reason behind wrinkly clothes. The moment fabrics rub against each other. You can, however, avoid this by packing individual clothes in plastic bags. It ensures that there’s no friction between the clothes, leaving them smooth. Whether it’s a dress, jacket or shirt, this will work.
Another option is to roll your clothes instead of folding them up, especially for clothes made of soft fabric. For jeans and other casual wear, a fold before rolling them up will lead to a wrinkle-free affair. This will also help you create room for more pieces of clothes.

For clothes that are made of heavy material like sweaters, it would be better if you fold them up in a square design, making sure that the lines at the neck are aligned. Also, to avoid wrinkly clothes, you can opt to wear clothes made of hard fabrics like trench coats. Moreover, proper packing of all your personal items will help prevent creasing. Try and pack small items in smaller sections or tiny bags. Items like chargers, if carelessly thrown into the bag, may wedge on your packed clothes, leaving them with marks.

Another trick is to pack according to the shape and weight of the clothes. When placing the packed staff, start with clothes folded in square shape before proceeding to the folded ones. The folded ones create a perfect foundation for the folded items to lie on.

Moreover, you need to invest in packing cubes to make your travelling easier and clothes wrinkle-free. Here, you place clothes of the same category in the same packing cube. For instance, folded clothes go in one while rolled go in the other to avoid friction and rolling over each other.

How to fold clothes for travel without wrinkles

Is it better to Fold or Roll Clothes?

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to folding and rolling clothes. For folding, some may argue that it leaves lots of space that would rather have been filled with other clothing. Rolling, on the other hand, is said to have you pack as many clothes compared to the latter. However, there are some clothes that come out wrinkles with rolling and not with folding. For instance, skirts, socks, light T-shirts, tops and pants could come out well with rolling. Trench coats, sweaters and other heavy fabric clothes bilge out more when folded, taking more space.
Moreover, official clothes like buttoned shirts, going by the material used, can clump together when rolled up, leading to creases.

When it comes to folding, material like wool, linen, and cotton can withstand that. This is because they are susceptible to wrinkling, especially linen and cotton. For wool, on the other hand, tends to bulge more when rolled, taking lots of space. You also need to remember to appropriately place the fold lines since they will be conspicuous afterwards. For official clothes like buttoned shirts and a suit, invest in a garment folder for a smooth outcome.
Rolling can yield better results for clothes made of polyester or lycra since they won’t wrinkle.

Does Rolling Shirts Keep Them from Wrinkling

Rolling shirts can help prevent them from wrinkling. This will perfectly work if the shirt is made of either lycra or polyester. You can further prevent the creasing of your shirt by rolling through carefully arranging them in a packing cube. The good thing about rolling is that it helps avoid the hard edges that form after folding.

Does Rolling Your Clothes Make Your Suitcase Lighter?

Rolling clothes when packing is said to have tremendous results for travellers. It not only makes the lightweight clothes crease-free, but it also helps create extra room for more clothes. This happens because, for suitcases, rolling helps fit even to the end of the corner, making room for more items. This makes you have more clothes in the bag and therefore making it heavier.

However, at times it’s not the packing design that makes the luggage lighter. It may be the contents of the bag that are making it bearable. For instance, rolling a few pairs of t-shirts, pairs of casual pants, socks and a couple of dresses will leave you with a lighter suitcase. On the other hand, having luggage made of hard material is what puts a strain on the luggage.

The type of clothes significantly adds to the weight of the luggage. The heavier the fabric of the material, the lighter the luggage. Also, the more the clothes, the more weight they will have. Rolling your clothes can, however, make a suitcase light if they are just a few pieces and made of lighter fabrics. Also, it technically makes your luggage by reducing the number of bags to carry around since it helps create room for more items.

Is There a Spray to Get Wrinkles out of Clothes?

Yes. There are multiple sprays in the market that could help you get rid of those stubborn wrinkles on your clothes. This can be best applicable when travelling or when you can’t just get hold of an iron box. Some of the best to try out include:


Once you have your downy wrinkle remover, you get a full package. You will not just be having a formula that helps to alleviate creases; you gut yourself a spray that rids your clothes of odors as well. Besides, if you plan to iron your shirt afterwards, the process will be faster.

What happens is that it makes the fiber in your clothes relax. It only takes a few minutes for you to experience the results. In addition, it leaves an amazing smell on your clothes. You can use it on any fabric in your space, from pillowcases to curtains.


Just like the name suggests, the spray is real when it comes to getting rid of wrinkles in your creased clothes. It has a citrus scent that hovers on your clothes after you are done with the process. The good thing about this particular spray is that it has no phosphates, fragrances or synthetic dyes. Its bio-degradable. It’s good for those who love working with natural products and essential oils. Real Simple can be used on any fabric and piece of clothing.


This one takes a standing ovation for those in search of a scent-free wrinkle remover spray. It’s free of any fragrance. All you need is spray on the piece of cloth that you want to be strengthened and hang it to dry. The only ingredients used here are plant-based.


For travellers and vacation lovers, Grandmas secret wrinkle remover spray favors you in lots of ways. If your clothes sound stale, then this is the medicine. If the creases are unbearable, the spray will magic in a few hours with multiple strays. The full package entails three bottles that can be carried anywhere are their design hinders spillage. The bottles are slow for easy packing and can be used on any type of fabric. It also has neither bleach nor chlorine.


If you love the smell of Mojito, then this spray will entice you all the way. It removes wrinkles from your clothes in a span of minutes. It’s good on the skin as the products used are all-natural from plants. Cn is used on various fabrics from denim to canvas, wool to cotton.

With the sprays, you don’t have to worry about them having any effects on your skin. You can wear the clothes a few minutes after spraying as most of the ingredients are actually environmental and, therefore, human friendly. Another reason you should have a spray is that they work very fast. Despite taking measures like using compression sacks to keep your clothes safe from wrinkles, it’s usually not guaranteed and spray like down wrinkle release spray could save the day.

Travelling doesn’t have to be tedious, especially when moving around with luggage. Whether it’s a vacation or business trip, you can have your clothes intact just the way you packed them. Having compression packs could help a big deal, especially for the woolen fabrics that tend to bulge. For the debate about whether to roll or fold your clothes to avoid wrinkling, there can be a middle ground. They both work perfectly depending on the type of fabric in question. While some like cotton and are best suited to be folded, lighter items like socks, light-weight t-shirts are perfect for rolling. Rolling not only saves space it also makes the luggage lighter. In case you end up with wrinkled clothes anyway, you can opt for a wrinkle-releaser releaser of your choice.

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