Are Sandals Business Casual?




Are open toed shoes okay for business casual

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Business formal footwear typically includes either dress shoes or suit-appropriate slacks with an entire shoe. However, in some climates, it is common to wear sandals when the weather gets warmer. In this case, are sandals appropriate for business casual footwear?

are sandals business casual

Are Sandals Business Casual? 

When the temperature gets warmer, many workers will opt to take their shoes off and go barefoot. In this case, it is appropriate to wear sandals as a business casual option. Many companies have different dress codes for summer that allow for more breathability, so employees will feel more comfortable in lighter clothing that does not include a suit jacket.

Sandals are an appropriate business casual option in warmer weather. However, it is important to always check your company’s specific dress code before wearing any shoes to work. Even for companies that do not permit open-toed shoes in the business formal dress code, they may still be acceptable if your office is hot.

Are Open Toed Shoes Okay for Business Casual? 

Open-toed shoes, such as sandals or flip-flops, are generally not considered appropriate for business casual environments. If your company is on the stricter side and demands business formal even in summer months, you will need to keep yourself shod with closed-toe footwear. Open-toed shoes may be acceptable if you work in a very casual, laid-back company. However, they are still best avoided if possible to avoid any potential complaints from customers or colleagues.

Are open toed shoes okay for business casual

What Kind of Sandals is Business Casual?

In the case of sandals, closed-toe styles are always more formal than open-toed. The French have a saying for this: don’t show your soles. Closed-toed shoes leave less of your dress exposed to others, so they are considered more professional.

Closed-toe sandals are generally preferred over open-toed sandals for business casual events. Sandals that include straps across the top of your foot are considered more professional than those that do not.

Do Sandals Count as Smart Casual?

This is entirely dependent on your company’s dress code. If it allows for sandals, then you are fine to wear them. However, some companies might consider their casual shoes and not appropriate for business attire.

If sandals are forbidden in the office, they would be considered too casual to count as smart casual. Sandals should never be worn with a business suit. However, it’s acceptable to wear them with a day or evening dress for more casual occasions. These shoes should always include closed toes and heels.

Types Of Male Sandals For Business Casual?

Male sandals are typically casual footwear, but there are certain exceptions. For example, athletic sandals can be acceptable in specific work environments because they’re considered sportswear. The most important thing to consider is the setting and purpose of the meeting or event for which you plan to wear sandals rather than whether they’re considered formal shoes or casual shoes.

The following male sandals are considered business casual:

•Formal or dressy sandals. These shoes typically have laces and resemble dress shoes, but they’re made of higher-quality material such as leather. The smooth soles of these types of sandals can be worn outside for appearing presentable in public places. Avoid wearing dressy sandals with shorts, khakis or cargo pants.

•Athletic sandals. These shoes are typically wide and flat, but some brands create athletic sandals that resemble dress shoes. If you’re considering wearing these types of male sandals for business casual events, choose ones that look like dress shoes instead of those resembling beach footwear. Avoid wearing athletic sandals with shorts, khakis or cargo pants.

•Beach or boat shoes. These types of male sandals can be appropriate for casual events if you’re attending a themed event such as a luau, cruise party or pool party where this attire is expected. However, avoid wearing these shoes to business-related events because they’re considered casual shoes.

Can Widges be Business Casual?

Widge shoes may be considered business casual, but they’re generally not appropriate.

Are Espadrille Sandals Business Casual?

Espadrille sandals usually aren’t appropriate for business casual events or formal occasions.

FAQs About Sandals For Business Casual

Can high-heeled sandals be business casual?

No, these shoes aren’t appropriate for business casual events. They’re considered formal shoes.

Are men’s leather flip flops casual or business casual?

Leather flip flops are usually considered informal footwear and aren’t appropriate for most business settings. However, they may be acceptable for casual events.

Can I wear men’s leather sandals with shorts?

No, these shoes aren’t appropriate for business casual settings or formal occasions. They’re considered informal footwear and should be worn during casual events.

Are Birkenstocks business casual?

No, Birkenstock sandals are usually considered to be leisure or outdoors attire. They’re not appropriate for business casual settings or formal occasions.

Can men’s suede sandals be business casual?

Suede sandals may be considered business casual, but it depends on the type of event you plan to attend. Choose shoes that are made of high-quality materials if you want to wear them in upscale events such as business meetings.

Can men wear sandals to interviews?

No, these shoes aren’t appropriate for job interviews or formal occasions such as business meetings. They’re considered casual footwear and should only be worn during casual events.

Are slippers considered formal shoes?

Slippers aren’t typically formal shoes and are generally regarded as informal footwear. They should only be worn for casual events and activities.


The most important thing to consider when deciding whether sandals are appropriate for your business casual event is the setting and purpose of the activities you plan to participate in. Make sure that you’re dressed appropriately according to your role and responsibilities.

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