How To Fix a Shirt That is Too Big Without Sewing?




How to fix a shirt that is too big without sewing

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The style and fashion of wearing baggy clothes are swinging back. That can, however, be difficult for the millennial who grew up wearing figure-hugging and muscle-showing clothes. For shirts that are too big, finding the perfect way to make the fit can be hard. Maybe you bought an extra-large, or you have shed off some weight that your favorite shirt doesn’t fit anymore. This article seeks to give you a solution. Apart from taking it to the tailor, there are tricks that can be done to make that big shirt fit or accentuate its appearance.

How to fix a shirt that is too big without sewing

How to Fix a Shirt that is Too Big without Sewing

Oversized shirts can be so much trouble. They not only make you look bigger, but they also make a high-quality, elegant shirt look cheap and tired. Whether you are wearing it to the office or a casual function, a shirt that’s too big can ruin your otherwise perfect look. However, there are ways that you can fix that baggy shirt without sewing.
First, you can simply do hand-stitching in the comfort of your home. Here, just make sure you have the necessary equipment for the job like scissors, hem tape, ruler chalk or pencil, iron than a thread and needle. You then wear the oversized shirt inside out to determine the extra fabric. After marking the extra fabric, you remove the shirt, place it on a flat platform, and by use of a pencil or chalk, depending on the color of the fabric, draw a straight line with the help of a ruler. Now do your stitching and make it firm and close for a strong stitch. Cut off the extra layer with scissors.

Another option is to wear a t-shirt inside. This method works perfectly if the shirt in question is not too buggy.
You can also decide to carefully tuck in the shirt. Yes, you heard me right. Make sure all the extra fabric is carefully nipped in the pants to give you that fitting look of a buggy shirt.

Alternatively, you can be sure to fit your shirt before making a purchase. Buying one in haste because it looks immaculate in your eyes is what lands you in problems with fittings. Just because the number it’s the size number you wear doesn’t mean it will fit since different brands fit differently.

How Can a Man Wear a Shirt that is Too Big

If you have an oversized shirt, don’t fret because there are tricks to hammer that look. However, you have to consider the print of the shirt before as you match it up for breathtaking results. For instance, you can adorn a printed shirt with a plain T-shirt and pair it down with your favorite pair of denim.

For an oversized striped shirt, you can make it appealing by complementing it with a body-fitting jacket. To nail the look, have the jacket in simple plain color and match it with the pair of pants. This goes for a long oversized shirt.
Another trick is to make sure that the complementary pants are slim. This will make it known that this look is something you thought about and not a random mess. Wearing an oversized shirt with baggy bottoms spoils the elegance that would have been radiated with slimmer pants.

How to Make a Shirt Smaller by washing it

Do you know that you can make a shirt smaller by washing it? There are several alternatives of doing this like:
Washing the shirt with hot water. If you are using a washing machine, ensure it’s set to the maximum heat possible. You can repeat the procedure every time you are washing the shirt until you achieve the desired fit. Hot water works by shrinking the fibers.

Another option is to simply soak the shirt in hot water. Boil your water to the highest temperature, place it in a basin and submerge the baggy shirt for around thirty minutes. The higher the heat, the greater the results.
Having the shirt dry on the maximum heat possible also works the trick. For this choice, however, there will be no change for woolen products. The heat helps to tighten fibers in synthetic shirts, making them shrink a little.

How Do You Make a Buggy Shirt Tighter?

You don’t have to dispose of that buggy shirt of yours just because it doesn’t hug your body as you wish. There is a range of tricks that can be done to make buggy shirts tight. First, you can take them to your tailor so that the extra fabric can be removed. You will have to wear them so that the perfect measurements are taken. Before sewing, make sure that it’s not the too tight ad that an extra fabric has been left in case of more adjustments.

Apart from the tailor, you can do your own stitching at home. Just make sure you have the necessary equipment like scissors, pencil or chalk, ruler, hem tape, needle, and thread. The pencil and chalk are used for making lines before cutting. You use a ruler to make a streamlined cut. The stitching will then be done on the drawn lines, and to make it stronger, stitch at intervals of 2cm maximum. Iron the edges when done for an appealing finish.

Another way to make a buggy shirt tighter is by using hot water when washing. You do so by setting your washing machine at the maximum heat. For hand washing, you can soak the shirt in boiled water for thirty minutes after washing.

Tucking also helps alleviate the stress of having excess fabric in the shirt. To make it easier, pull all the excess material behind and push it in. The good thing with this is that no one will note the pile at the back. You can pair it with a jacket for a stylish look.

How can a man wear a shirt that is too big

How to Make an Oversized Shirt Cute Without Cutting

Cutting is not the only way of making an oversized shirt cute. You just need to be able to play around with the patterns and pairings to accentuate the look. For instance, wearing an extra-long shirt will look good if you wear it with a shorter jacket, jumper, or sweater over it. If the shirt is stripped, for instance, pair it with a plain jacket and complement the look with matching trousers.

For a printed shirt, you can wear a plain tee under it and unbutton the shirt for a casual look. To make it even more cheerful, throw in some denim. This also goes well with a checked shirt. You can embrace the school for a party, school, or when going on a date.

Don’t forget the denim jacket. It not only pops the structure of the baggy shirt, whatever print and design, but it also brings out the chick and elegance of a shirt. Another way to make it cute is to opt for a plain. Plain is clean, easy, and simple, and don’t accessorize it. Just grab your oversized plain shirt and pair it with jeans or slacks.

Do you have a sweater vest? It’s now time for you to take it out as it’s one of the trendiest looks at the moment. You can wear your oversized shirt beneath the vest with baggy jeans. For more appealing looks, wear a long-sleeved baggy shirt and go for a sweater vest that’s V-shaped. Then match it up with complimentary shoes according to your style.

How Do You Make a Shirt in The Dryer Smaller?

Have you ever felt your clothes getting tighter after drying them out in a dryer? If it’s an option you are considering for your oversized shirt, here are the tricks to make it work. Do not dry the shirt with clothes that would otherwise bleed. A dryer gives perfect results for stronger fabrics. What you have to do is place your oversized shirt by running it through the maximum heat in the dryer.

How Do You Make a Shirt Bigger with Conditioner?

For this method to work, place cool water in a basin or sink. Then take ¼ cup of conditioner and add in the water. Make sure the water is cool and not hot or extra cold for the easy dissolving of the conditioner. Also, there’s no specific conditioner that goes into this; any will kind will work even the cheapest in the market. The conditioner helps to soften the fibers on the shirt, allowing you to stretch it, making it bigger easily.

Once the above process is done, place the shirt in the standing conditioned water and make sure it’s submerged. Leave it there for around 15 minutes to properly trigger the loosening of the fibers. Afterward, replace the water with the conditioner with cleaner, cool water, and soak in your shirt for 5 minutes. Rinse until all the conditioner water is out and place it in between towels. Then place one hand at the neck area while gently stretching the lower part with the other hand. Repeat that process on both sides, left to right, up and down, to achieve results.

When stretching, ensure that both hands stretch at an even length. Allow the shirt to dry within the towels to maintain the newly acquired bigger size.

How Do You Cut an Oversized Shirt into a Tank Top

Are you in possession of an oversized shirt and thinking of turning it into a tank top? First, it has to be a shirt that you don’t mind interfering it. Maybe you have won it for years, and it’s time for it to serve you in other ways. A tank top could be worn on various occasions, like going to the beach or a party. All you’ll need is a pair of scissors and a shirt. Then, follow the steps below for a perfect tank top:
• Begin by laying the shirt on a flat surface, preferably a table or the floor.

• Then cut off the sleeve a few inches away from the seam.

• Cut in a semi-circle shape and move around 6 inches below the original sleeve.

• Then turn back to the neckline and note where you want the new neckline to reach.

• Then cut it down to the desired shape, either V-shaped or circular shape, and take it all the way to the mark you made.

• Make sure that you give an even cut to both sides.

For men, a tank top can be worn to the gym, the beach, or on a lazy day stroll around the neighborhood.
Oversized shirts can tamper with the look that you are trying to go for. They also make it difficult to pair them for a magnificent appearance. However, that shouldn’t be the reason to get rid of your large shirt just yet. Help is on the way, and with a little knowledge and some equipment, you can be the help that you are looking for to save that favorite shirt of yours—making it look alluring ranges from making a few stitches, heating it in hot water to knowing how to dress it down. For instance, if it’s a print or checked shirt, you can achieve a casual look by wearing a plain t-shirt underneath the big shirt and finish the look with a pair of denim.

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