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Flip flops are worn outside most of the time as well as at home, everybody wears flip flops, you can wear them at home and even when going to the shopping centers. They come in different sizes and designs, some people need small sizes while others need large sizes.

Best Mens Flip Flops for Wide Feet

Best Men’s Flip Flops for Wide Feet

This article covers much about flip flops, if your feet is wide and you need flip flops that fit you, this article suits you it talks about flip flops for men with wide legs. You can wear flip flops all day and at home.

Reef Opener Flip Flops

These are the best flip flops that doubles as a bottle opener, you don’t have to carry a bottle opener when you have these sandals with you. Apart from doubling as a bottle opener, and also have a foot bed that acts as support for the flip flops.

The flip flops are water-resistant because not the fanning’s, so you don’t have to worry about visiting a pool or beach, these flip flops are shock absorbers. Its outsoles are made of rubber and you won’t slip even on slippery places.


  • Made of airbags and they won’t flatten out
  • They are water-resistant
  • Has an excellent arch support


  • The material is rough
  • They are heavy on your legs
  • The straps are way too tight

Phantom Flip Flops

These flip flops are made from leather, but they are water-resistant because they are made of synthetic nubuck. The lining is made of an air mesh, thus makes you comfortable without having to slip. These flip flops have molded outsoles and foot bed and arch support.

These features make the flip flops soft and you can walk for a long distance without having to strain. Apart from that, the flip flops have three layers of the medium-density midsole, high rubber density rubber outsoles and the soft contoured foam deck.


  • It has a synthetic sole
  • The lining is made of mesh and leather
  • The outsole is high-density
  • The foot bed is made of compression


  • It provides a good arch support
  • It has an Eva outsole made for traction
  • The Eva footbed makes it more comfortable for men


  • They squeak when walking around
  • They are narrow

Crocs Croc Flip Flops

The crocs are a type of flip flops that people can share, they can be worn by both men and women. It is available in so many colors, even more than 30. People with wider feet will love wearing crocs because of their width.

Crocs are made from materials known as croslite, which makes crocs lightweight, soft and flexible. Keep in mind that flexibility doesn’t affect the durability of the flip flops, but it is still durable.

Key features

  • They are human-made
  • It’s made of synthetic sole
  • It has a midsole racing stripe


  • Water-friendly
  • It comes in a wide variety of colors
  • It is light in weight
  • Upper straps are very comfortable


  • Might be too wide for narrow feet
  • They do not look so nice

Sketchers USA Flip Flops

It is a good pair for people who love exploring or travelling to rocky places, for instance, mountains. Sketcher flip flops are made from canvas fabrics that are very soft, the flip flops provide warmth on your legs, they are elegant because of the materials used to make them.


  • The memory foam is 360
  • The straps are stitched
  • The upper part is made of distressed canvas fabric


  • Lightweight
  • Provides a wonderful traction
  • It has a sturdy appeal
  • Has a rugged appeal


  • They are narrow and might not suit people with wide legs
  • The top strap can easily get loose

Teva Men’s Mush Black Flip Flops

This one is among the best men’s flip flops that you should consider buying, the flip flops are black, accompanied by other great features. These flip flops provide foot stamina and you can rarely slide on slippery places.


  • Has an EVA midsole
  • The straps are made from fabric
  • The sole is made of EVA foam


  • Soft and lightweight
  • Provides proper arch support
  • Has an excellent traction for wet surfaces


  • The foam padding can flatten easily

Quicksilver Suede Flip Flops

This flip flop is famous for sporting, quicksilver is perfect for adventures and beach outings. The flip flops are soft because they are made from suede leather, the midsoles are stitched and details are added on the suede straps.


  • Has a toe bear and heel contour that protects your feet against hitting sticks, rocks and stones.
  • The sole is made of rubber
  • It is made from leather
  • The stitching details are made of suede straps
  • It is imported


  • Provides good traction
  • Consists of arch support
  • Carver is lightweight


  • People with narrow fir cannot wear them
  • Does a lot of color transfer

Alpine Swiss Flip Flops

These are the type of flip flops that can be worn every day, they have various features that make them the most outstay flip flops on the market today. Alpine Swiss are very comfortable and great for walks on the beach, especially during summer.

These flip flops are not meant for mountain climbers because they have no arch support like the other types, but one thing about Swiss is that they are very comfortable and you can move easily when wearing them.


  • Have textile straps
  • The rubber foam has two layers
  • The treaded sole is ¾


  • It is very attractive because of the treaded sole
  • They are affordable
  • Great for narrow feet


  • They are best for those people with narrow feet
  • Has no arch support
  • Has a medium width

Anvil Men’s Flip Flop

These flip flops are fashionable and eye-catching, it has many comfort features that allow you to wear them for quite long. The floors are human-made, the outsole of this flip flop is treaded, meaning that they prevent you from sliding at any point.

These flip flops measure 5/8, the sole is soft and the flip flop is generally flexible. You can wear these flip flops for hours without feely uncomfortable. The manufacturer s of Anvil flip flops have given their users the freedom of choosing any color and size of the flip flops they like.


  • Made by human
  • Available in various colors and sizes
  • The soles are flexible


  • It does not fade
  • They are very stylish


  • They have a chemical smell that fades with time
  • They snap if worn continuously

Nautica Men’s Flip Flop

This is a very popular brand and has been there for over 30 years, apart from producing great flip flops, it delivers other things like apparels and clothing accessories. This company became popular after producing Nautica flip flops.


  • Made of terry cloth strap
  • The strap is made of canvas
  • The footbed is EVA


  • Clean contrast lines
  • The sole is durable


  • If you happen to order them online, be careful because not all sizes are available
  • The sole is flexible

What To Look for When Buying Men’s Flip Flops For Wide Feet


The most exciting thing about flip flops is you can quickly put them on and off. When purchasing the flip flops, ensure that the quality is durable, check the strap that fits your toes, it should not stretch and should be in a good position to hold your foot without causing wounds.

Ergonomic choice

Ensure that you buy up flops that fit you well I’m fact, it is important to look for flip flops whose soles extend for about a half-inch, the flip flops shout not squeeze any of your toes.

Breathable and lightweight

A good flip flop should be thick but not bend, look for a flip flop that has arch support, it is important, especially when you are walking for a long distance, maybe to the beach or elsewhere.

Wide section

The first place you need to look at is the wide section, if you want to find comfortable flip-flops, don’t fail to look at the wide section, if you happen to find flip flops whose wide section is narrow, consider asking someone for the same type but with a wider section.

Keep straps simple

Flip flop with many straps can be for people with narrow feet and now that you need one for wide feet, it should have at least one or two straps.

Look for adjustable features

You should for flip flops that can be adjusted to fit or adapt to your feet, they should have an adjustable buckle with extra elastic on the flip flops sides.

Know the designers and brands to look for

Look for brands that produce the best types of flip flops, you can look for them online or at the stores. Knowing the best brands helps you find the exact kind of flip flop you want.

A good idea when buying wide flip flops is by looking for retailers who deal specifically with the type of flip flops you want. You can find wide flip flops in almost any store nowadays, thus making your work of finding them easier.

You can find almost all types of wide shoes in stores and not only flip flops, you can buy from various brands. You should not worry because you will meet people willing to help you get the right flip flops for you.

You don’t have to go to the shoe store, order the flip flops online or check them online and when you are sure, buy them in the store to try them out and return them if they do not fit you.

Retailers will have various options for you and you will not lack a pair that suits your legs, you can also find bloggers from within your area, they will recommend you to the right places to buy flip flops.

Features to Look for in Men’s Flip Flop


Fit is a factor that you must consider when buying flip flops, you can’t find your perfect fit in most of the shoes. Each person has a different shoe size, that is why it is good to buy a comfortable shoe and fits you well.


Flip Flops are made from several materials. Modern flip flops are made with fabric, rubber, suede, foam and leather. The kind of material you choose depends on what you like, some people like rubber while others leather.


Durability is the first thing to consider, you don’t want to buy a shoe that doesn’t last long. The kind of material matters when it comes to durability.


The grip of your flip flop should be put into consideration, flip flops do not cover your entire feet and due to that, they can come off easily and that is, if they can’t grip your feet properly. So when buying flip flops, ensure that they grip your feet well for more comfort.


Most people ignore this because they think that flip flops are just meant for indoors, but it is okay to have stylish flip flops because you never know when you will need them.


Q. Can wearing flip flops damage feet?

A. They don’t they are the most useful type of footwear, which, even though some of them have cushioning for your feet, don’t provide shock absorption as well as arch support.

The only problem associated with flops is that it injures your sciatica, and this occurs because you curl your toes when putting on flip flops.

Q. What’s the best way to clean flip flops?

A. Before cleaning your flip flops look at the kind of material that it is made of. If you have plastic flip flops, you can wash them in a washing machine and let them dry well outside.

Cleaning by soaking works for rubber flip flops while cleaning by hand works better for decorative flip flops, and sandal type flops.

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