Can You Wear Chelsea Boots With a Suit




Is it OK to wear Chelsea boots with a suit

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Do you have a pair of Chelsea boots and a suit that you aren’t sure what to do with? Are you looking for a way to mix up your workwear wardrobe without going too crazy? If so, keep reading. Today, we’re going to show you how to wear Chelsea boots with a suit. Trust us – it’s a look that you’re going to love. Read on for some tips and styling ideas!

Can You Wear Chelsea Boots With a Suit

What is a Chelsea Boot?

The Chelsea boot is a shoe that resembles an ankle boot but with elastic gussets on either side of the vamp. Made popular by British punk rockers in the 1970s, this boot style then became fashionable in the US during the hip-hop craze in the early 2000s. Today, it’s one of the most popular men’s shoe styles available.

Can You Wear Chelsea Boots With a Suit?

Now that you know the background, let’s answer the question on everyone’s mind: can you wear Chelsea boots with a suit? The short answer is yes. However, there are important things to consider before doing so. First of all, the boot needs to be clean and polished enough for dressier occasions. You should also keep in mind your style. If you’re a more conservative dresser, stick with something like the classic tan color. However, if you like to make bolder fashion statements, feel free to try out brighter hues or unique materials (e.g., crocodile-print leather). To help inspire your look for this menswear staple, we’ve put together a list of our favorite Chelsea boots paired with a suit below.

Style of Chelsea Boots that Goes Well With Suits

The shape of the boots

The Chelsea boot must have a clean and sleek shape that minimizes bulk to work with a suit. This is why we recommend purchasing a pair in either round- or square-toed styles. These contours will provide a smoother look when paired with dress pants. Meanwhile, you’ll want to avoid boots that are too pointy along the toe, as this shape will tend to decrease the sleekness of your look. You’ll also want to prevent excess detailing that might get in the way of a professional appearance.

The color of the boots

Darker colors are often best for pairing with suits. Black and brown are classic colors that will rarely go wrong when putting together an outfit. However, you can have some fun with other hues. For instance, if you’re looking for something bolder, consider tan or reddish-brown boots. These shades will add a unique flair while being accepted in more formal events.

The material of the boots

When deciding what material to wear with your suit, it’s important to keep the formality of your business dress in mind. For example, suiting material is always more formal than casual fabrics like suede or denim. With that being said, you’re free to wear any smooth material with suits for day-to-day office attire, and that includes materials like leather or calf hair boots.

The overall tone of your suit

When putting together an outfit, it’s important to coordinate all aspects. This means looking at the color and tonal value of each item you’re wearing. For instance, flat colors will create a more conservative look than items with high contrast hues (e.g., black boots with brown suit pants). However, you might have some fun with complementary color combinations. As long as the hues are somewhat close to one another on the color wheel, they’ll coordinate nicely in a business-casual setting. Just remember that if your suit is patterned or textured, it should be tonally different from your shoes.

Keep everything else minimal

The key to pulling off a successful men’s suit and Chelsea boots look is keeping everything else simple. For instance, you’ll want to wear a pair of slim-fit dress pants with your boots, and this type of trouser will provide the closest fit without being too tight or uncomfortable. As for your top half, stick with an untucked dress shirt and a slim-fitting blazer.

The height of your boots

When choosing Chelsea boots for men, you’ll need to consider the height of the shoe. Generally speaking, we recommend staying away from high styles that might get in the way of getting around and looking professional. For example, most workers will be fine with a 3-inch Chelsea boot. However, if you work in a profession where you’ll be standing for most of the day or need to quickly run from your car into the office, opt for a shorter style that’s just above the ankle.

The shape of your suit pants

The goal of pairing dressy boots and trouser legs is to create a clean and sleek look. Here, you’ll want to pair your suit pants with Chelsea boots that have smooth and slightly tapered legs (e.g., slim-fit styles). This will provide a polished appearance when wearing dress slacks while also being comfortable enough for an entire workday on your feet.

Avoid pairing contrasting colors

A common rule of thumb when pairing Chelsea boots and suit pants is to avoid contrasting colors. For instance, you’ll want to wear dark brown or black dress shoes with your business attire, and this will create a more polished and professional look than trying to coordinate lighter hues like tan and camel-colored boots and trouser legs.

Keep your Chelsea boots clean

The best way to avoid an improper look is to keep your Chelsea boots clean and in good condition. If you can, take them along with you when shopping for your suit so that you can make sure the colors match perfectly. And if your boots get scuffed or stained while wearing them off duty, it’s ok to bring them back to your local cobbler to be fixed up. That way, you can always look forward to putting on a great outfit for work the next day!

Is it OK to wear Chelsea boots with a suit

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you tuck jeans into Chelsea boots?

No, you should never tuck jeans into your Chelsea boots. This is because suit pants are much more formal than relaxed denim bottoms. You’ll also want to make sure that the hem of your trouser legs isn’t visible under the shoe’s opening. That way, all eyes will be drawn towards your polished dress shoes instead of an uneven break line.

Are Chelsea boots dressy?

Yes, a pair of well-made and polished Chelseas will be considered a formal shoe. They’re usually made from leather or calf hair and provide a sleek look worn with casual and formal outfits. Many office professionals wear this type of shoe to the office. Just remember that your pants (and not jeans) should always be tucked into your boots for the most polished look.

Do I need to match my Chelsea boot’s color?

No, there’s no need to match your Chelsea boot hues. Instead, you’ll want to make sure that the colors are similar enough, so they coordinate nicely. For example, you’ll want to wear dark brown or black Chelsea boots with your business attire, and this will create a professional look that’s polished enough for the office.

How do I properly lace my Chelsea boots?

There are two great methods for lacing up your favorite pair of Chelseas: traditional crisscrossing and single crisscrossing. With the traditional method, lace one boot over the other until you reach the top. Then, tie them off in a double knot to complete your look. If you prefer a more streamlined appearance, lace both boots together first before tying them off with a single knot at the top of the lacing.

Do I need to wear socks with my Chelsea boots?

No, you don’t need to wear dress socks with your Chelsea boots. Instead, it’s recommended that you go sockless so there’s no visible space between the top of the boot and the bottom of your trouser legs. This will create a sleek silhouette that can be both formal and comfortable at the same time.


While you can wear Chelsea boots with a suit, you’ll want to pay attention to the type of pants and footwear colors that are being coordinated. For instance, pair your dress slacks with dark brown or black shoes for a more formal appearance. You may also want to go sockless, so there’s no visible space between the top of the leather boot and the bottom of your trouser legs. This way, all of the attention will be drawn towards your polished dress shoes instead of an uneven hemline on your denim bottoms.

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