How Much Should I Spend On A Suit?




How Much Should I Spend On A Suit

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There are several types of suits, their prices vary depending on the quality of material used. It is important to always be keen when purchasing suits to avoid getting the wrong thing. Knowing the difference between cheap and expensive suits helps you a lot when it comes to choosing suits.

Always go for quality no matter how expensive a suit is, remember that cheap is expensive and cheaper suits will cost you more than expensive suits as time goes by.

What Is Considered An Expensive Suit

How Much Should I Spend On A Suit?

A good suit should cost around $ 500, there are other options that are cheaper while others are expensive. Avoid buying cheap suits because they are mostly of low quality and will definitely look cheap when worn.

Purchase a suit that will last longer, not one that will tear after a few interviews. On the other hand, do not spend too much on your suits; buy suits worth your budget.

If you are buying a suit for an interview, don’t buy very expensive suits because an interviewer might assume that you have a lot of money and do not qualify for a job opportunity.

A tailored should costs between &895 to $5000 depending on its quality and craftsmanship. The price of suits depends on the quality used to make them, low-quality suits are, of course, cheap because they do not last long.

If you are yet to buy a suit, go for what you can afford don’t strain yourself. Stick to your budget and remember that apart from buying suits, you have other things to do.

You can as well buy ready-made suits if you can’t afford tailored ones, so long as you know that they won’t last long before you think of purchasing another pair of suits.

What Is Considered An Expensive Suit?

An expensive suit is considered to be long lasting and has a lot of features in which some are discussed below

Features of an Expensive Suit


Quality suits will always have a full or half-canvas lining, while low quality has a fused lining.


It doesn’t matter where you buy your suit because quality of the fabric is what matters. A good fabric is wool, so if you come across a tag with polyester, blend, or man-made, don’t buy the suit because it’s low quality.

Wool is the best identification of an expensive quality suit, apart from fabric, you should also look at its yearn. Where the suit comes from, if it’s from England, Italy, United States and France, go for it it is a good option.


A good suit should be well stitched, also look at the quality of the stitching, you don’t want to wear a suit that is jagged. Not only should you look at the material but also at the technique used and how it is sewn together.


When buying an expensive jacket, look at how pockets come together, the buttonholes, boutonniere and the drape. The small details matter a lot when it comes to your looks.

What Is A Good Suit Brand?

There several brands that are great, always consider picking the best and latest brands when it comes to suits. However, if you have never tried suits before, this article helps you know the best brands you should go for and in that case, some of the best suit brands are;

Brook brothers

It is a brand that has been providing suits for American presidents. Brook brothers have been there for a long and they probably produce the best ready-to-wear suits. Good materials such as lined, tropical woods, cotton, Escorial and wool are found in Italy or USA, suits are available in many modern styles.

Ermenegildo Zegna

Zegna is a brand of its own that produces expertly crafted suits. Unlike other brands, Zegna provides great suits and works hard to improve the quality of its product from the start to the finished product.

This brand is there to ensure that you get the most classic and sophisticated suits. Its headquarters is one of the leading fashion capital, it is the best place to get good suits that you will ever own.

Where Is The Best Place To Get Suit?

You can get your suits in various places but just ensure that the place you go sells quality suits. Some of the places you should get the suits are as follows.


This place is good for sweaters, house brands, terrific sales, splurges and of course nice suits. Their brands might be a bit expensive and you are going to spend a lot. Nordstrom doesn’t sell a lot, but with their discounts, you won’t regret it.


Is one of the best place to buy quality suits apart from suits, you can also get jewelry, Levi’s and dress shirts. Macy’s sells suits that you will definitely like and most of the people who visit Macy’s are those concerned about what they look like.


It is good for custom suits, if you haven’t tried their suits, it’s time you visit. They have a retailoring credit of up to $75 and you will get an excellent suit at around $400.

Crew factory

It sales suits, slim modern shirts, pants and classy suits. Their stores are mostly found at outlet of malls, crew factory is a collection that is great for picking or buying everything from pants and shirts to suits.

How Much Should I Spend On A Suit

How Can You Tell A Good Quality Suit?

You can easily tell a good quality suit from looking at various things, from the way it’s sewn to its price. However, you should be able to identify a high-quality suit from low quality.

Details matter when it comes to identifying a good quality suit, if there is a lot of handworks done on the suit, then the quality is absolutely the best and that is where the price shoots. Here are some things you to know when looking for a quality suit.

Smooth label roll

One of the features of a good quality suit is the smooth roll of the lapel. If you notice a rough one, then it is cheap and a low-quality suit.

Handmade buttonholes

The holes of the jacket must be handmade, if not, don’t go for the suit. The buttonholes are known as Milanese and are very sleek and sharp, it doesn’t take much to finish a single handmade buttonhole, but it’s worth spending a lot of time on the buttonholes because that is what brings out the desired look you want in a suit.

Genuine horn buttons

If you notice that a suit maker uses plastic buttons when finishing the garment, it’s a clear indication that all their products are cheap. A good suit must have horn buttons and, in that case, buffalo horns.

How Can You Tell A Cheap Suit From An Expensive Suit?

There are major differences between the two suits only if you are keen, most people buy suits without minding if they are cheap or expensive. When looking for a new suit, it is important to know the various features of cheap suit so as not to waste money on them. Here are the features of cheap suits.


A buttonhole determines how a suit looks like. It can tell where it was made, the main distinction here is machine sewn and handmade buttonholes. If the buttonholes are handmade, the suit is expensive and if its machine made it’s cheap.


Ensure that you check the suit collar by flipping it so that you can look at the seam below. The seam of a cheap suit is machine-made, you can tell a machine-made stitch because it’s regular, unlike a handmade stitch that is irregular.

Is It Worth Tailoring A Cheap Suit?

Yes, you can tailor a cheap suit, but you still can’t beat the look that the expensive suit gives you. There are several ways you can make a cheap suit look good, some of the ways are;

Adding a cuff at the ankle

Your tailor should make your trousers slip with no break at the hem, he or she can also add a cuff if you prefer it. It is a good detail and is rarely on budget suits, so it will definitely look expensive.

Take in the sleeves

You will have to spend at least $150 to have your tailor place some details on your suit so that it looks man-made. Your tailor should take in the sleeves, the sleeves should be tapered and barrow and tight enough to hug your arms.

Replace buttons

Cheap suits gave plastic buttons that can easily break, you need to ask your tailor to replace the plastic buttons to horn buttons.

How Long Does A Bespoke Suit Last?

A bespoke suit is not for anyone who is impatient because it takes as long as three months before it is ready, especially if it is your first time, but for regular customers, they won’t wait long because their patterns are already in the file.

Bespoke suits are expensive, meaning they are made of good quality materials, you will spend much, but the suit will serve you for about 20 to 30 years when taken care of. If you can afford this suit, then buy it because you will not be buying new suits soon.

How Much Does A Raymond Suit Cost?

This is a men’s suit that costs $5,999, it is the most expensive but long-lasting suit. Some of the Raymond suits are even more expensive since Raymond men’s black suit is $ 6499.

However, when you buy an expensive suit, don’t worry because it is worth the price. Raymond suit is not like other suits, it gives you the desired look and doesn’t wear out quickly.

Are Men’s Warehouse Suits a Good Quality?

They range from $300 to $ 600, meaning that it is a cheap suit and of a low quality. Cheap suits are of low quality and men’s warehouse is no exception. That doesn’t mean that these cheap suits are bad, they only serve you for a short period of time.

It is important to buy good quality suits, but if you can’t afford them, there is no option but to buy a low-quality suit, there is no offense in wearing low-quality suits. Know your budget and but what you can afford, you don’t want to buy expensive suits then you fail to take care of your basic needs.

Are Joseph Bank Suits Good?

Banks is a men’s clothing store, it is a good place to buy suits. You can either visit the place or buy the suits online. Joseph bank suits is a quality brand as compared to designer brands.

Joseph bank suits are not expensive they range between $1000 and $ 1500, while the lowest price of joseph Bank suits are mid-tier and executive. Bank suits do not use expensive interlining construction like other suits, their cheaper suits cost between 200 and $500.

What’s Wrong With Polyester Suits?

Polyester suits have both pros and cons and some of their pros are, polyester suits very strong and resistant to wrinkles, polyesters are designed to repel water. This suit can as well be washed by hand or dry cleaned since it is resistant to harmful temperatures.

While some pros of polyester are, the material is flammable on itself and even when combined with other materials like wool and fabric. A wool polyester fabric doesn’t also last long, it shows tear and wear sooner.

If you are more into suits, ensure that you know the various types of suits together with their prices so that you don’t stick to a single type of suit for long. At least be able to tell a cheap suit from an expensive one, whether you can tailor a cheap suit, pros of polyester suits, the longevity of bespoke suit and be able to tell a quality suit.

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