Why Do I Get Infatuated So Easily




Why Do I Get Infatuated So Easily

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What is Infatuation?

Infatuation is a strong feeling of admiration and excitement for someone or something. It is typically brief, developing from a passing attraction to the more serious stages of attachment. Infatuation may also develop into a mature love.

Why Do I Get Infatuated So Easily

What’s The Difference Between Infatuated And In Love?

Infatuation is often confused with love. Though they may seem similar, infatuation lasts only a short amount of time, while love can last much longer.

The following are some differences between infatuation and love:

– Infatuated feelings are usually shallow. They aren’t always grounded in reality. Love feelings tend to be more thoughtful and mature.

– Infatuated feelings are often fleeting and may change suddenly. Love is more consistent and stable.

– When you’re infatuated with someone, you tend to idealize the relationship, which means that you only see the person’s good side and ignore their flaws. In love relationships, people accept each other for who they are.

– Infatuated people are often more preoccupied with the thought of being in love rather than being in a relationship. This may lead to infatuated people neglecting other areas of their life, which can be dangerous or unhealthy. In love relationships, people care about different things and make choices that add value to their lives.

– When infatuated with someone, you might often fantasize about the person and make up stories in your head about how great things could be with them. In love, you tend to focus on fundamental aspects of the other person and avoid exaggerating things that aren’t true.

Why Do I Get Infatuated So Easily?

Researchers have found that an estimated 90% of adults experienced a brief infatuation at some point in their lives. However, many people don’t understand why they get infatuated so fast and assume it is something wrong with them.

The truth is that infatuation might be the way we are wired. Researchers have found that 30 to 40% of people who experienced a brief infatuation were misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), schizophrenia, or other psychiatric condition.

Many researchers believe that the thrill and excitement of falling in love trigger the same brain chemicals as those activated when people suffer from mental disorders, such as OCD. This might explain why infatuation is so easy to confuse with other psychiatric conditions.

How do I stop getting infatuated easily

Tricks to Quickly Get Over Infatuation

Give Them a Silly Nickname

Call your crush a silly nickname and make plans to do something together. When you feel infatuated, it’s often hard to not obsess over your crush and build up all sorts of “what ifs” in your head about how things could be between the two of you.

Giving your crush a silly name helps to bring humor into your interactions with them. This can be a great way to quickly turn infatuation into feelings of love, which are much more fulfilling in the long run.

Stop Fantasizing

Stop fantasizing about how you two will live happily ever after. It’s easy to get caught up in fantasies about what might happen if you get together with your crush. However, this can be dangerous because it makes the feelings of infatuation grow more robust and more substantial instead of motivating you to seek out a real relationship.

The more you fantasize, the harder it is to see reality. You might even start holding back in conversations with your crush or accidentally say something that offends them.

Stop fantasizing and start living your life without them, especially if you know there’s no chance of a loving relationship between the two of you.

Talk to Your Crush as Little as Possible

Talking to your crush as little as possible can help turn feelings of infatuation into love. Remember that infatuation often grows stronger when people fantasize about their crush. The more you talk to your crush, the more likely it becomes that they will like you back. Instead of seeking out conversations with them, make sure you enjoy other activities and interests where they aren’t present.

If you want to avoid talking to them, consider blocking them on social media. It’s easy to develop feelings of infatuation (and even obsession) when you’re constantly checking your crush’s social media pages.

Don’t Talk Yourself Out of Love.

Don’t talk out of love or convince yourself that your feelings aren’t real just because they don’t feel the same way. Remember that infatuation is often confused with love, especially by the person who’s experiencing it. It can be easy to talk yourself out of falling in love because you don’t want to get hurt when your crush doesn’t like you back.

However, stop and think about whether or not their behavior towards you has changed. If they’re being kinder, more thoughtful, and more caring in their actions towards you, then it’s likely that they have developed strong feelings for you.

Get Started with Online Counseling!

Start chatting online to a therapist right now. It’s fast, convenient, and confidential. Just because someone doesn’t feel the same way about you doesn’t mean that you can’t work through your feelings and develop a healthy relationship together.

Do you want to learn how to stop obsessing over a crush? Do you need help staying motivated in your own life? You might find that getting started with an online counseling session is the best way to overcome infatuation quickly.

Online counseling provides you with all the benefits of regular counseling, giving you more flexibility and convenience.

Take a Break from Your Crush

Getting away from someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you is one of the best ways to get rid of feelings of infatuation. If you can’t avoid them or don’t want to, take a break from being around them.

Getting away can help put things in perspective by allowing you to focus on your interests and goals instead of obsessing over someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you.

Taking a break also gives you time to recover if this is an upsetting experience for you. When you come back, you might find that your feelings of infatuation have gone.

Utilize Your Social Network

Your social network can be a great way to ensure that you move on from infatuation with someone who doesn’t feel the same way. Whether it’s your friends or close family members, make sure that they know how you feel so they can remind you of your great qualities.

They might also be able to convince your crush to change their feelings for you or motivate you to move on and love yourself instead.


What are the signs that I’m experiencing infatuation?

Individuals experiencing infatuation become preoccupied with specific thoughts and feelings about the other person. They might spend a lot of time thinking about themselves, worrying about being rejected, or fantasizing about a relationship with that person.

Do most people who fall in love get over their infatuations?

No one can control when they fall in love, but most people can fall out of love. If you’re worried that your feelings for someone will never go away, then consider that there’s only a certain amount of time that infatuation can last.

How long does infatuation usually last?

Most individuals experience infatuation at some point in their life, but it usually goes away within a few weeks. If your infatuation has gone on for months and you still feel the same way, or if it’s negatively affecting your daily life, then you might want to consider getting help from a therapist.


Getting infatuated with someone can be painful and confusing. However, if the person doesn’t feel the same way about you, it might be best to focus on yourself. Utilize your social network and take a break from them to de-stress and recover from this challenging time in your life.

To get over infatuation, you need to remove yourself from the situation and focus on yourself. You must also speak with a counselor or therapist if these feelings do not go away in time.

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