How to Put String Back in Hoodie




how to put string back in hoodie

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Hoodies are trendy and functional, but sometimes they fall victim to the dreaded string-hole. Don’t worry, we’re here to show you how to put a string back in your hoodie with no sewing needed! It’s all about knowing where the hole is and it may take some trial and error.

How do you fix a drawstring in a hoodie

How to Put String Back in Hoodie

Step 1: Put your hoodie on inside-out and find the string hole at the bottom of the hood. Once you’ve found it, turn your hoodie right-side out.

Step 2: Untwist (undo) some strings from the knotty loop, until it looks like a figure 8 with one side longer than the other.

Step 3: Plot your course from one loop to another, skipping over any unnecessary or loose strings in-between.

Step 4: Carefully pull your strings through until only a knot remains on both sides of your hoodie. Then, tie them together and cut off any excess string that may remain.

Step 5: If you can’t find a figure 8, try either of these steps: twist your string around itself and tie it so that the knot sits in between the two loops. Or, make a figure 8 then undo one side until it looks like you have three ends coming from the loop instead of 2. Then just pull the string through the hoodie until only a knot is left and tie it off.

Hoodie String Tie Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble getting your strings to go through your hoodies, try these tips for string tying:

Turn up the heat ! Take a blow dryer (on the highest heat setting) and hold it over the string for about 20 seconds to heat up the fabric. This will relax it so that when you go to pull the strings through, it should be much easier!

Use sturdy scissors . Make sure your scissor blades are nice and sharp so they can easily cut through the fabric of your hoodie.

Pull with purpose . If you are having trouble getting your strings to go through the fabric, try pulling with a little bit of force. It may take some strength but it will definitely be worth it!

Finally, don’t forget that patience will get you far when learning how to put string back in hoodie.

how to put string back in hoodie

FAQs about how to put string back in hoodie

Q: What if my strings are too short ?

A: You can buy extra string and tie the two ends together, or you can undo one of your loops until there are three ends instead of two.

Q: Can I use a sewing machine?

A: If you don’t mind having stitches in your hoodie, then do it! Sewing it is the quickest and most secure way to get your hoodie string-tied.

Q: How can I cover up the stitches?

A: As long as you don’t notice them when wearing your hoodie, then no need to cover them up. If the stitching bothers you, sew a fabric patch over top of where you sewed the string through. Or, use a fabric pen to write over top of it!

Q: How do I get rid of fraying ?

A: Use scissors and cut off any thread that may be sticking out or hanging loose. You could also seal it with an iron (on the lowest heat setting) by covering it over with a cloth first.

Q: How can I keep the strings from coming out?

A: Using a sewing machine or fabric pen, sew over the string to make sure it stays put.


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