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What does it mean when a woman sends you pictures of herself

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Some people think there are specific rules about when it is or isn’t appropriate to send a picture of yourself, but in reality, these rules aren’t written down anywhere. If you want to know what guys like when you send them pictures of yourself without breaking any unspoken rules, this article will help you out.

Do Guys Like When You Send Them Pictures of Yourself

Do Guys Like When You Send Them Pictures Of Yourself?

Yes, guys do like it when you send them pictures of yourself. It’s a foolish idea to think that guys would only want to see professional photos or even generic selfies because if you care about someone, you desire to show them who you are and share what you’re experiencing in life.

Why Do Guys Want You To Send Them Pictures Of Yourself?

He likes you a lot

You should never send a photo of yourself if you don’t like the guy because sending pictures can be risky, and it’s important to make sure that the person you’re sending them to is someone worth taking risks for. However, if you care about him, there’s nothing better than letting him know your true self through your photos, which is why men like it when you send them pictures of yourself.

He believes you are attractive

When you send a guy pictures of yourself, and he still doesn’t believe that he’s lucky to be with you, then things aren’t going to go very well. If sending photos is something that you want upfront and not just when he asks for them, then your pictures should always show him how attractive you are to reinforce his belief that he’s an extremely fortunate man.

He wants to see your latest adventures

One of the best reasons why guys like it when you send them pictures of yourself is because it allows him to be a part of your life. He’ll be able to share each of your experiences with you, and this makes him feel closer than ever. If you want to give him the chance to see your life through your eyes, then sending photos of yourself is an excellent way to go.

He wants to extol your beauty

The number one reason guys like it when you send them pictures of yourself is that it allows him to extol your beauty. Men are always looking for great things in life, and no matter how hard he is working, receiving photos of your incredible self can make his day. Don’t worry about sending too many or sending ones that aren’t perfect, because every guy likes when you send him photos.

He can get to know your personality

Another reason why men like it when you send them pictures of yourself is because it allows them to understand better who you are. No matter how much time he spends with you, there’s a small part that remains a mystery, and with your photos, he’ll be able to see how you smile, the way you move, and everything that makes your personality so incredible.

He can show everyone that he’s dating a gorgeous girl

Sending pictures is also something that every guy likes because it allows him to tell all of his friends about what an amazing girl he has. Every guy wants to claim that he’s dating one of the prettiest girls around because it makes him feel better about himself. If you’re going to give your guy the ability to show everyone how happy he is, then sending pictures of yourself is an excellent way to do so.

He wants to be more than a friend

When you like someone, then it’s important to tell him how you feel. A guy will never ask for pictures of your incredible self because he doesn’t want to come on too strong, but he would love receiving them if they’re sent in the right way. If you care about him and want more than just a friendship with him, then sending photos is a great way to let him know how you feel.

Trust and intimacy

One of the main reasons men like it when you send them pictures of yourself is that it allows them to see the more sexual side of things. While men love their women, they also want someone up for anything in bed, and if seeing your incredible body in photos doesn’t make him feel this way, then nothing will.

Feels special

If you feel that every guy would love to receive photos from his girl, then you’re wrong. While a few guys might think this way, sending pictures is something that only the special guy in your life will enjoy and appreciate. If you want him to feel like he’s the most important person in your life, then sending pictures of yourself is a great way to go.

It’s innocent flirting

Innocent flirting is something that can open up many doors between you and your guy if he knows the right things to say in response. By sending him pictures of yourself, you’ll be able to flirt with him without worrying about how it will make him feel. He’ll appreciate the photos, and if he wants to flirt with you in return, it will be a simple task.

Show him what you’ve got

Without question, getting some pictures of yourself is a difficult task for any woman. However, once you get through the fear of sending your incredible body through a photo, you’ll be surprised by how much your guy will appreciate it. Whether you want to do this as a way to flirt with him or break the ice, pictures show a great deal of trust and intimacy between the two of you.

What does it mean when a woman sends you pictures of herself

What to Consider Before You Send Guys a Picture of Yourself

Know what will happen to the picture

The first thing you need to think about before you send someone a picture is what will happen to the image after sending it. If he doesn’t care about your feelings and he wants everyone else to see what an incredible girl like you looks like, then there’s nothing stopping him from doing so. You don’t want images of yourself going around the village or being saved to a computer that others might check out later.

Does he care about your feelings?

You need to know whether or not this guy cares enough about you and your feelings to do the right thing with the images. If he’s been giving you mixed signals from the beginning, then there’s no telling what he might do with the photos. It’s better to hold off on sending photos until you know how reliable this guy is.

What about breakups?

If you think that this guy is the one for you, it’s important to know what would happen if things went wrong. What will he do with the pictures? Would he be willing to delete them or give them back to you? If not, then don’t send anything at all because there are no guarantees that he’ll always be thinking about you.

Sending doesn’t mean ‘have sex’

One of the most important things to remember is that sending pictures does not mean that you’re willing to have sex with him right away. If he thinks this is what it means, then he’s only going to be interested in getting images until the bedroom part comes up.

Are you comfortable sending pictures of yourself to a guy?

Many women worry about sending pictures of themselves because what if he shares them with others or gets mad and decides to break up with you. But, many girls these days are sending one another photos and videos of each other, so it’s important to see this as flirting. If you don’t want to send these kinds of things, then don’t. If you do, then there isn’t much that could go wrong, as long as the guy is trustworthy and you’re both comfortable.

What if he wants to see more of you?

One of the best parts about sending pictures of yourself is that it’s a great way to flirt with him without putting out too much effort. If he wants to see more of you, he can ask for it and know that you’re willing to show him. However, if you don’t want him to see more of you and you think that the pictures might lead to something that will be bad for your relationship, then all you’ll need to do is say no.

What Does Sending Pictures of Yourself to a Guy Mean to Them?

Sending your guy pictures of yourself is one of the best ways to get closer to him, allowing you both to flirt without putting too much effort into it. However, keep in mind that sending photos is only a small part of flirting and that slowing down or stopping can have major effects on his feelings toward you.

What Type of Pictures of Yourself You Should Send to a Guy

Don’t send filtered pictures!

There can be a temptation to send pictures that have been edited or made a bit more attractive. But guys want real girls, and if you’re only sending them filtered images, then it’s pointless because he’ll see you in person eventually.

Don’t take selfies

Sending a selfie is kind of like telling the guy that you only want to be friends with him because who else would want all of your pictures? You don’t have any shot at flirting when you only give them one picture to look at, so make sure that you provide them with some variety and keep the selfie pictures to yourself.

Send them when you’re together, not when you’re apart

If there’s another guy in your life that you want to send some photos to, then make sure that they aren’t images of yourself when you’re with your boyfriend or husband. If he sees a picture of his woman in her underwear on someone else’s phone, then he might get a bit upset.

Don’t send supermodel poses!

Acting like a supermodel or trying to take sexy pictures for him will only make you seem insecure. You don’t need to do anything special, just be yourself and let him fall in love with you instead of some character you’re pretending to be.

Don’t open your mouth wide or stick your tongue out!

These kinds of pictures are tacky, and no matter how good you might look, they’re not going to win over your man. Instead, let him see the real you, and he’ll fall in love with that person.

Don’t be fake.

You don’t need to send your guy some pose that you think he’ll like because you can guarantee that it won’t be as sexy as you were trying to make it seem. You might also scare him away with too much skin and photos where it’s evident that you’re faking the shot!

Don’t send dirty pictures!

Sending a guy dirty pictures is never okay because it can ruin your relationships and give him the wrong impression of you. If he wants to see those kinds of things, then he’ll have to be patient and wait until you’re together or ask for them. Anything outside of innocent photos will make him want to back off a bit.

Keep them private

If you’re going to send the guy some pictures of yourself, then you need to make sure that he’ll keep them just between the two of you. You can’t trust everyone, so you don’t want him showing all of his friends or letting others see your photos by mistake.

Include some cute outfits

If you’re going to send the guy some photos of yourself, then you should include some of your clothes, especially if he likes you in a particular pair of jeans or something. It’s easier for him to picture what it would be like to see you dressed up in specific ways, so make sure that you include some cute outfits in your photos.

Don’t send bathroom pics!

Photos of you in the bathroom or taking a bath might be hot, but they’re going to make him think that you don’t have your life together. If he wanted a photo of a girl who’s insecure and doesn’t know how to take care of herself, then he’d probably go out with someone else!

Don’t crop out your friends!

If you’re going to send a sexy picture of yourself to him, then make sure that it’s just the two of you and not including some other people in the shot. Sharing photos is sweet, but he needs to know that there will be no competition or third wheels ruining things between the two of you.

Don’t send anything that you’re uncomfortable with!

Sending photos of yourself is great, but don’t do it if you aren’t entirely comfortable. If you hate some parts of your body, then make sure to cover them up or include an adorable outfit for him to look at instead. You should be doing this for yourself and not impress anyone else, so make sure that you keep your photos positive.


Sending pictures of yourself is a great way to flirt with your guy or keep the flirting going if you’ve already started. However, you need to know how serious he is about the relationship and whether or not he’s trustworthy with photos before you do so. If all things check out, then go ahead and send away!

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