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Foot and hand tattooing are fine art. In fact, that is why may tattoo artists refuse to design them. The spots are challenging due to their frequent use during the healing process. Not leaving behind that hands have uneven surfaces with delicate bone structures and skin which makes tattooing more difficult even for the experienced tattooist. Despite these difficulties, hand tattoos are still popular. However, without proper knowledge of tattoos, the final result can be poor and permanent. Start with the advantages and disadvantages of designing hand tattoos for you to make a sound decision.

pros and cons of hand tattoos in the workplace

Hand Tattoos Pros And Cons?

You should never decide hastily to tattoo your hands. Preparation, ample thoughts, and a skilled artist are necessities if you have to tattoo this area. Note that, tattoos on your hand can have both advantages and disadvantages as seen below.

Pros of Hand Tattoos

  • A hand tattoo is a form of self-expression. It is a great way to express yourself without saying a single word. The tattoo you wear at your hand will definitely have something to say about you. Although a tattoo could have many meanings, the most obvious meaning will be that you love art.
  • It will stay with you forever. If you get a hand tattoo for the right reason by the right artist and with the maintenance they need, then you will wear a meaningful piece of art for a lifetime.
  • A visible tattoo can help you get a job. Well, there has been a stigma against tattoos over the past but recently there’ve been a sea change and now some jobs actually prefer workers with visible tattoos. The main reason could be that the company wants to be associated with that image that is on the individual’s hand.
  • Hand tattoos provide self-esteem and confidence. Having fresh ink is really exciting and you will want to show it off. This is because it takes you to be certain that you really want to have a meaningful design on your hand. The more the tattoos you have the bigger the confidence boost. This is the case for people who had a history of depression.
  • It meets the aesthetic purpose. If you want a tattoo that is not too out there, then a hand tattoo is what to opt to. The reason could be that the tattoos is discrete, small, and fits very well. Thus, it is an interesting talking piece.

Cons of Hand Tattoos

  • It will hurt. Our hands are full of nerves and the skin rests right on the knuckle and bone. In general, your hand has less muscle or fat to cushion the sensation of a needle. So, if you are planning to have one, maybe find another body part, or if you’re committed then embrace the pain.
  • They fade quickly. The skin on your hand takes ink in a different way than most of the other body parts do. Some suggest that it is because of the active nature of the hands and the frequency at which you wash them. Therefore, if you decide to get a tattoo on your hand, then expect it to be touched up regularly.
  • A hand tattoo may limit your career path. Although the society is welcoming more tattoos each day, there is still a taboo that potentially affects the kind of job you get in life. Unfortunately, it is likely that a white-collar job won’t hire people with visible tattoos even if they’re qualified.
  • It is not a spot for perfectionists. The hand is probably not the correct place of putting your dream design. Because of the nature of the skin and tattoo lines tend to be a bit fuzzy, also the colors do not come out so bright.
  • It can put your body on display for the rest of the world. It will be annoying to be picked apart about your tattoos. When you start to get the designs, people will constantly ask you about each and every one of them.

side hand tattoo pros and cons

Are Hand Tattoos Acceptable?

Generally, it is acceptable. However, in some states like South Carolina it is illegal to ink-design your face and hands. Most places no longer have such laws and thus anyone and most shops have no standing reason not to design tattoos. Whilst some jobs might still have the policy in place, it is less common nowadays because many people are already tattooed and each and every day others are getting tattooed. Also, it is expected that you as a client get to know the dangers and risks of having a permanent tattoo before you pay for it. The fact that hand tattoos are visible they are becoming more socially accepted and thus it is less likely to be a topic of discussion than you would have been ten years ago.

Is It A Bad Idea To Get A Tattoo On Your Hand?

Not only hand but also head, face, and neck tattoos are repeatedly referred to as “job stoppers”. This is because they are in very visible areas that are hard to cover making it nearly impossible to get a professional job. Although some people are lucky to have hiring managers who are lenient towards tattoos, some other places visible tatts can lead to the loss of your job or even make you not to be considered for the position.

Excessive hand tattoos make you be seen as unprofessional and thus you will be forced to wear long sleeves to hide them. Not forgetting that it can limit your job opportunities for instance, in the doctor’s profession as they deal directly with patients. It is advisable to first think about the long-run effect of the tattoo before inserting the design on a visible body part.

Why You Shouldn’t Get A Hand Tattoo?

If you are looking forward to getting a hand tattoo, then you are probably going to get a hard time finding an artist to do that for you because of the so-called professional dilemma. You see, these professionals know that highly visible tattoos can cause the wearer to be subjected to ridicule if it is wrongly done or even impede the chances of getting employed. Even if your hand tattoos are perfectly done, it is still very hard to maintain them. The hands are taken through a lot of abuse in each and every day and as a result, the ink may be nudged out of place. Furthermore, the tattoo on your hand is a walking advertisement for the artist’s expertise to every other person who sees it. If you mess up your tattoo maybe by not maintaining it properly, the blame will be on to the artist and thus why some have a policy against hand tattooing as reputation matters to them.

How Painful Is A Hand Tattoo?

Because of the fact that hands are bony and are also covered in a thin layer of skin means that there is no cushioning to reduce the pain you will feel when getting tattooed. Out of all the various places you can design tattoos your hands will give you the most painful moments. A tattoo on this place is a breeze and also the aftermath of it is the worst thing to experience in your tattoo game. Be prepared physically and mentally for days of swelling, intense tingling, and extreme tightness as the blood rushes through your hand every time you move it. If your tattoo is symbolic, the pain is a good commitment thus go-ahead for it.

How Do You Cover Up A Tattoo On Your Hand?

While many people see tattoos as the work of art, some don’t. Also, many businesses require employees to cover the tattoos in the workplace. Additionally, there’re important ceremonies that you might consider covering the visible tattoos. Then below is how to go about it.

  • Use tattoo cover-up. There are many products in the markets which have heavy coverage and a wide selection of colors for you to pick the one that matches your skin tone such as tattoo camo, derma blend, and cover mark
  • Try stage makeup. It provides heavy and long-lasting coverage and is better for big tattoos. It is widely available for a variety of skin colors, some include Ben Nye and Killer Cover
  • Get an airbrush tan. This is good for small or light tattoos. These spray tans will darken your skin out of the skin tone while covering the imperfections

Can You Get A Job With A Hand Tattoo?

Even though jobs tend to care less about what people care about most, the hiring managers can have a say as to whether you will get the job. Jobs search for someone who is good at teamwork, communication, critical thing among other skills. You might be lucky if you have the above skills and the recruiters are lenient about the tattoos. However, if your visible tattoos are too much to the employers who care about them, then there is no doubt that you either have to cover it or miss the job. The good news is that there are still jobs which if you have visible tattoos are actually an added advantage. Jobs like fashion designing where creativity is key.

Can You Have Hand Tattoos In The Police?

There is no nationwide police policy on tattoos, but their policies of what is permitted changes across each country. Earlier before the year two thousand, you could not find any visible tattoo in the police forces due to the belief that they are associated with gangs. Nowadays you can find tattoos with the policemen depending on the rules in their department. Some require that visible tattoos should stay covered at the workplace while in other departments, you can show off the tattoo without any problem. Therefore, it only depends on the departmental policies.

Are Hand Tattoos Illegal In The U.S.?

Maybe you are wondering what is the legal status of tattooing in the United States? Well, there isn’t legal federal law to regulate the practice of tattooing. Although, all fifty states have statutory laws that require anyone who intends to have tattoos to be at least 2 years old. Most states permit a person aged below eighteen years to get a tattoos only if they have the permission of a guardian or parent, but some states prohibit tattooing regardless of the permission, under some age for medical purposes placed by radiation therapy.

Apart from the entire jurisdiction, individual tattooists may also decide to place more restrictions depending on their own moral feelings like refusing any client under a specific age even though it is legal. Also, the tattooist can refuse to design a certain type of tattoo if it is offensive or at a specific location that you were willing to tattoo.

Is Vaseline Good For Hand Tattoo?

Vaseline is not the best choice for tattoo maintenance or rather aftercare. Most tattooists recommend the use of an ointment known as A+D. This is because it contains a combination of petroleum and lanolin which protect your skin during the first several hours after getting your tattoo. The petroleum jelly will trap moisture and bacterial away from the tattoo to avoid scarring and infections caused when the tatt doesn’t get enough air while it is healing. Vaseline can’t do that to fresh tattoo but it can still be useful on old tatts when the skin is dry. Always feel free to consult with your tattooist in case you have any concerns. In case it gets infected don’t hesitate to see the doctor for treatment.


After the face and neck tattoos, hand tattoos are the second most visible. That means the choice of your artist is decisive. The best artist to handle the design should have a lot of experience, knowledge, and confidence. Be aware of both the pros and cons, healing challenges, and any touch-ups you will need before spending your hard-earned money on inking your hand. Lastly, consider your tattoo design as your hand serve as a greeting to the world, so if it is offensive you won’t be doing yourself a favor, it can even deny you job opportunities.

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