Do Slimming Belts Really Work?




do waist slimming belts really work

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Weight loss belts also known as slimming belts, are examples of products that help you lose weight. Having excess fat around your stomach area does not only make you look unattractive but also increases the chances of many health problems. Maybe you have heard or even come across many people who wear a slimming belt around their tummy while they’re working out or during the day. But do these tight belts really work? Enjoy the read through this article as we discover.

Do Slimming Belts Really Work?

Overweight is a global problem. This is because it changes your appearance and as a result your self-esteem gets undermined. Also, it has some negative implications for your health. Of course, there’re many ways you can use to lose weight but the most important is your health and movements you make. Without the two, weight loss can’t be achieved. However, there are additional methods worth your try, among them are the slimming belts which are widely used for the purposes of weight loss.

Maybe you have seen some advertisements about slimming belts to persuade you to purchase your belt. The advertisements show you pictures of people who have lost weight tremendously by just using these belts. You need to understand that they are highly scripted for commercial purposes. To be specific you really need to know how these slimming belts work in order to help you make a sound decision.

Well, these belts only work superficially and as a result they have a temporary effect. This is because when you wear the belt or something else which is thick on your waist, then you will sweat more around your abdomen. This means that you will lose water weight by sweating which will only make you slimmer temporarily. So, you will only lose the extra water weight but not the excess fat. As soon as you get rehydrated your tummy will definitely look the same as it was before and it will be sad because you will not have lost even an inch.

do waist slimming belts really work

Types of Slimming Belts

Modern manufacturers have designed several types of these tight belts. They include belts for massage purposes, which are well represented by the vibrating slimming belt which works when connected to batteries or electrical grid and releases electronic signals that leads to vibrations, and as a result, your muscles relax and fatigue is relieved. The other type of these belts is a neoprene belt which is also powered with batteries and they have a sauna effect. Last but not least is the combined belt, it is considered to be the most effective because it combines the vibrating effect together with heating effect and thus you are assured of the best possible outcome.

Choosing the right type of belt depends on personal goals. If your body fat has a thickness of more than three centimeters, then a massage belt is recommended. If you want to eliminate fats around your tummy then thermal belts are the best. Maybe you want a belt to use throughout the day then neoprene belts are the best. While still doing your usual tasks, sauna belts are recommended.

Maybe you are wondering what experts have to say about these slimming belts. Well, as to whether the belts help to remove excess abdominal fat, specialists agree that the belts on their own are not enough for the purposes of serious weight loss. Experts strongly insist that for you to lose weight, you must eat properly and also do a lot of exercise. However, if you use the belt when doing your physical exercises, then the belt will be more efficient. This is because it allows temperature raise in the problematic area of your body and as a result the muscle tissue gets heated to burn the excess fats.

Do Slimming Belts Reduce Belly Fat?

Slimming belt are used widely for the purposes of body shaping. But what the belt does is that it only loosens up your upper skin and reduces water weight in your body and not the belly fats. There is a difference between water and fats because water does not add up inside your belly in any case. Furthermore, it will varnish with a few exercises when you sweat, and when your body gets rehydrated the water gets back. For fat, there is no shortcut, you must check on your diet and also major on those workouts which increases your blood flow in the belly, and with that, be sure of an increased weight loss rate.

Belts are the least effective to burn fat compared to dieting and physical exercise. Of course dieting is the most effective way. If you really want to burn fats, then you must consume less or no sugar and oil products. Also, avoid packed and junk foods. Additionally, drink more water as well as consume a light dinner. Most importantly, never skip breakfast. After this, now do physical exercises with the right belt on. With doing that, then be sure of healthy weight loss.

Slimming Belt Benefits?

Below are six benefits you will experience by wearing a waist trimmer belt. They include:

  • Back support.

Health professionals give instructions to patients who are suffering from spine and back trauma to wear waist trimmers. This is particularly to give their backs the best ideal way to heal and correct their posture.

  • Slimming effects.

When you put on the tight belt on your waist, it gives you a slimming effect on your waist. Actually, what the waist trimmer does is that it acts as a corset thus enabling the weight loss.

  • Acts as a diet reminder.

A waist trimmer is a very good reminder that you must eat better and at the same time do thorough exercises. A waist trimmer will not effortlessly lose even a single pound of weight, you must push more for that natural weight loss.

  • You can wear it anytime, anywhere.

The other good thing about the waist trimmer is that the belt is made of nonporous synthetic neoprene rubber which helps to collect the sweat and with that you can use the belt anytime you want.

  • Reduce belly fat.

Getting rid of your midsection is a very tough thing. However, slimming belts indirectly help reduce tummy fat by wearing the belt when doing your exercises.

  • Improves posture.

A good posture builds your confidence, outlook, and personality. Wearing a waist belt is of great help to correct your body posture because the belt tightens your stomach forcing you to stand straight.

Is Sleeping With A Slimming Belt Okay?

Many supporters of waist training recommend that you wear the belt for about eight or more hours in a day. Some even propose that you should sleep when wearing one. Their justification stands that the additional hours in the belt maximizes slimming benefits. However, medical experts do not support wearing these belts while sleeping. This is because of the following reasons:

The practice has a potential impact on acid reflux, thus hindering proper digestion

It has a potential reduction in lung capacity and as a result, reducing your body oxygen intake

Lastly, there is the potential physical discomfort which will definitely interrupt your sleep.

Do Electric Slimming Belts Work?

Maybe you are feeling like your midsection is ‘standing out’ and you would like it to ‘stand back’. Considering that, you might have thought about trying the slimming belts because they claim to offer a simple solution. However, reports show that the use of electric muscle stimuli belts helps promote weight loss by stimulating the nerves and muscles in your stomach. This electrical slimming belt has vibration features or the so-called EMS features which only gives your muscles some relief but they cannot stimulate the digestive nerves and stomach muscles for them to pop out.

Many electric slimming belts manufacturers claim that the belts use EMS science to help in weight loss. Although, clinical research does not agree with the claim. The studies conducted by experts concluded that these electrical slimming belts are not effective tools for you to lose weight. Additionally, it is seen clearly that for the purposes of weight loss, they have no positive outcome.

Do Slimmer Belts Work For Bodybuilding?

As stated earlier, slimming belts help to reduce weight as a result of water loss which is not an efficient process. When it comes to bodybuilding purposes, there are a variety of these belts and each is believed to work differently as you are going to see. But all of these belts will not do much if you do not engage your muscles in a consistent workout and not leaving behind your diet. Below are the most popular belts and how they are deemed to work.

  • The Ab slimming belt.

This particular product works after you fasten it around your tummy and turn it on, it produces small electric shocks which are safe for an average person. Meaning that these electric shocks are not enough to help you work for bodybuilding.

  • The shake weights.

They are the newest on the market. However, these 2.5-pound weight is actually not enough weight to tone your arms, also the range of movement is too short and at the same time abrupt. Actually, you will feel a burn after using it but it is not assured that it will result in a positive outcome

  • The sauna belts.

These belts are supposed to heat up your tummy to lose water weight through sweating and not the oil. The water will actually get back when your body rehydrates. Besides, you can even take a hot shower into a physical sauna and get some results.

  • The Ab Glider.

You will feel your Abs working a little bit, but you will not get the best Abs result.

Do Vibrating Slimming Belts Work?

Vibrating slimming belts are electronic belts that perform their function under the theory of electric muscle stimulation (EMS). They shake your tummy for about 10-15 minutes and stimulate the muscles of your stomach. Additionally, some manufacturers claim that these belts can reduce the tummy volume by reducing your food intake. They also claim that the belts will produce heat and as a result you will sweat and lose body water. Continuously, you will lose weight but it will be temporarily.

Maybe you are considering using these belts. Below are the best steps you should follow for the best results. They include:

  • Wear the belt directly on your belly skin
  • Tie the belt around the waist so that it will contact your skin
  • Switch the power on and adjust the speed according to your desirability
  • Carry on your workout at the same time
  • Keep the tummy belt on check for 10-15 minutes then remove it

How Long Can You Wear A Slimming Belt?

If you want to wear your slimming belt on a daily basis, and also for the longest time with the goal to get the best results, trainers recommend that you should wear it for at least eight hours daily. Spending eight working hours with your belt on, derives some benefits to you like practicing good posture, good health, fitness, and at the same time a slimmer figure. It is recommended that you break the time into two equal sections. Also, you should not wear your belt for more than twelve hours. Because this is the only way to give your skin a great chance to breathe.


Having read the above information it is clear that wearing a slimming belt has a lot of benefits like acting as a reminder for you to eat healthy foods and as a result your stomach gets to be tightened. Additionally, it is advisable that you don’t wear the belt for more than twelve hours. What’s more, you should understand that the belt has a temporary outcome because it only helps relax your muscles and lose the excess body water causing dehydration. Therefore, use the belt during your workout routine for the best results. Take up the challenge now that you vividly understand slimming belts.

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